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Windstream Technologies Inc. – WSTI

Windstream Technologies Inc. is a company with the stock symbol WSTI and came into operations one decade ago. The major goal of the company is to design and manufacture cheap and scalable renewable energy technologies for global market. There is an exclusive testing developed by the company which consists of the hybrid energy solutions with integrated products. Windstream Technologies is presently marketing and selling its products globally to SolarMills.

The company initiated its R&D facilities in New Albany, Indiana and accumulated a grant from the state for their project. The facilities were designed in alliance with the Purdue Research Center with the engineers hired for their expertise in the following segments:

  • Electro-mechanical engineering
  • Power electronic concepts
  • Turbine designing
  • Fluid dynamics

The company has its exclusive products focusing mainly on the efficient design meant for the high-end techniques for mass production environments. The testing was done on the laboratories in the research center and even passed on to the real world environments to seek out the results. WindStream has its manufacturing unit in North Vernon, Indiana (2011). At present, the company spreads the products to the customers all over the world.

The recent set up of the company is in India for South Asian Operations with the trade name of WindStream Energy Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The products are manufactured in India and closely inspected with WindStream US. The company is entrusted and granted US patents for the technology for different prosecution stages in the domestic and global niche. The products are basically designed and manufactured in Indiana and the shipments are left from Indiana facility on weekly basis. The hybrid energy (sun & wind) are used to manufacture the devices producing the highest energy density of the products on the world-level market.

Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

Energy needs are growing throughout the world with the expanding growth of the emerging economies for the best tools. Windstream Technologies is dealing with the worldwide explosion of the technologies including personal electronics, conveniences and mobile devices to get a greater demand or supplied energy sources. The clean renewable energy resources will provide the energy for efficient usage of today’s worldly needs. The hybrid solution (SolarMill) is the integrated natural resource solution to get the most required answer and deal with the most suitable energy systems.

Products offered: SolarMill, MobileMill, TowerMill, PowerMill, My SolarMill

The 52-week range of the stocks of WSTI is $0.00-0.0028. The advancement of solar technologies is leading step towards the need of strong hybrid energy segment based on modular, scalable and renewable energy systems designed for different installation schemes. The energy generation is consistent than the general case of wind or solar systems. WindStream Technology is the primary producer of the hybrid product incorporating the blend of two natural resources of energy for the generation of power. The hybrid concept of SolarMill is unique and utilizes both sun and wind as the primary sources for generation of energy. The product focuses to give the higher returns over the investment and aims at giving a productive approach to the natural resources of energy generation.


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