Wow FERL!!!

FERL has almost double since our alert! We called a bottom bouncer and this low float stock has been doing great! What is shocking is so many people see a low float stock bouncing from the bottom and fail to take action. Last year several fence sitters watched as our alerts ran thousands of percent.

Guess how many people make money with the wait and see approach? Zero!!!

We have people asking if .15 is too late to get in…. We have people asking if .18 is too late to get in…. Then those same fence sitters asking is .20 to late to get in. Now those same people asking if .22 is too late to get in…… While they are sitting on their hands too scare to get in and make money others are killing it!!

Does FERL have room to run???? With a 52 week high of $3.28 what do you think?

The streaming industry is a booming industry. 18 year ago NFLX was under .50 a share. People were asking at .75 is it too late to get in….. Again at $1 is it too late to get in…. Then again at $2 is it too late to get in…… Now NFLX is at $339 a share…… Guess how much those indecisive fence sitters made??

You don’t have to fall in love and marry a stock to make money but you sure as hell won’t make a dime sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else make money.

Take 2 mins of your time and read about FERL. On the page listed below

Take 30 seconds of your time and look at the chart below. This is a bottom bouncer!!!

5 Key Points on Fearless Films (FERL)

  1. Fearless Films (FERL) is operating in the global video streaming market which is expected to reach a value of USD $124.57 billion by 2025 according to Grand View Research & providers will need to up their spending to offer new, diverse & original entertainment options for their customers.
  2. Companies like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc… are spending upwards of $40 billion towards new original content, creating massive opportunities for companies like Fearless Films (FERL) to meet the demand of these industry powerhouses.
  3. The latest agreement with Fearless Films (FERL) Co-Founder could put assets that could be licensed immediately under the control of the company just as Apple, Disney, NBC and others launch their new streaming services.
  4. Fearless Films (FERL) has an experienced and successful management team that will help to further expand its product offerings.
  5. The demand for new & original streaming content from quality production companies is on the rise. As more companies release their streaming services more and more content will be needed. Companies like Fearless Films (FERL) have a real chance to claim their piece of the “$40 Billion Dollar Content Gold Rush!”

Pursuant to an agreement between Market News LLC and Midam Ventures LLC who has been previously hired by Fearless Films Inc. (FERL), Market News LLC has been paid $5,000 MIDAM for a period from Jan 14, 2020 to Jan 20, 2020. We may buy or sell additional shares of Fearless Films Inc. (FERL) in the open market at any time, including before, during or after the Website and Information, to provide public dissemination of favorable Information about Fearless Films Inc. (FERL) Please read our full disclaimer

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