Where to trade Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are considered to be very tentative and are usually not regarded as a good choice for making an investment or trading. Despite of the associated flaws, some people buy and trade these owing to their low price. This is the main reason why people get attracted to purchase these. Hence, for those who want to trade these micro-cap stocks, here is a list of a few companies which are quite reliable for doing this business.


This brokerage company trades at a rate of $ 0.005 per share. This brokerage company has received a few awards for its work in this field. This company provides low commissions and real-time streaming data which are some of its benefits.


The importance of trading in this company is that one can even cancel one’s trade if they want. It has also received awards for being the Best Overall Online Brokers and for the Best Day Trading group. This company uses a brilliant technology to handle its online business and give attractive deals.


This company provides the best and cheap costs for buying/selling of stocks. Their cost per trade is $3 proves to be the reason for their success in this area. The working web platform is very speedy and one can do their work without any hassle.


Just like the companies mentioned above, Fidelity investments have also received awards in various sectors of its field. Doing business with this online brokerage company is dependable and consistent.


This platform is best for those who are going to try their hand for the first time in this business. It has received multiple awards including one for being the Best Trading Apps. It offers trouble-free digital accessibility which is something attracting the customers to a great extent.


It is among the best major online brokerage platforms. Though, not the cheapest, but still offers low prices for trading. ‘Thinkorswim’ is the well-known platform of this company for making trades is open for 24 hours, five days a week for certain securities. Trading with this online platform is definitely a worthy deal.


This app has a good technical platform that works on web, desktop, and smartphones. It is a famous medium for those who are active traders. One can easily save their money by dealing with this online brokerage.


Robinhood does not trade on Pink Sheets or Over-the-Counter (OTC) stocks. It supports only major stock exchanges. Although this limits the choice for penny stock traders, it offers no fee or commission trading. This quality works as a plus point and attracts various customers.


This online brokerage is also good for active traders. Another benefit is that it provides live broker also and is a great option for those who want to trade on foreign exchanges. Their stock trading cost is minimal is a popular choice for doing this business.

These are the best trading apps for making deals in the field of penny stocks. Penny stock trading is a highly speculative business which may bring wonderful gains to the investors if successful.

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