Investors choose penny stocks as they are cheap and can be purchased in larger numbers. These stocks are vulnerable to a high risk of losing money due to low liquidity level and high volatility. The trader who is familiar with penny stocks can get high returns over the stocks but before knowing the platforms to buy them, it is essential to understand what these stocks really are. Some people get into the trap of marketers in undertaking the stock opportunities and ultimately run into losses.

Penny stocks don’t have their place on the major stock exchanges and are listed on Over-the-Counter boards (OTC) or pink sheets. These stocks are highly volatile and their prices go up and down rapidly. The investors planning to buy stocks need to make sure about the right places to buy them. There are two important requirements for the same:

Stockbroker: It is always preferable for the beginners as there is much to learn from the market through the stockbrokers. They know the right places to look for while picking up the stocks at all times. The broker uses the Internet to find reputable services. There are some brokerage forms having high reliability and others are just useless. So, it depends on the investors to look out for the right option and choose the right broker as an intermediate to make an investment. Gather several options and make the right choice for the brokerage service having valued quality.

Trading capital: There is practically no business requiring no starting investment. Penny stocks are cheap and if you’re thinking about associating with a new company through its stocks, the potential trader needs to have a capital income. There is a sum required for investors to survive in the market. It is necessary to find out the difference between being a part of the new company and getting associated with a false company.

Once the stockholders are ready for a purchase, it is important to check out the sources of trading. Over the Counter Bulletin Board is the primary place to look for the penny stocks. The quotations offered on pink sheets are actually an idea about the company’s collection of capitalization for getting the stocks and collection money. The investor has to make use to these sources to buy the stocks for long-time success. The investor has to make use of these sources to find out the stocks to buy. Once a stock is found, the investor can make research about it.

The role of the broker is to execute the orders of the investor and act as an intermediate between them and the stock exchanges. The answer to ‘where to buy penny stocks’ depends on the country. Canadian penny stocks are available for USA residents as well. The trader can go to TSX Venture Exchange markets and Toronto Stock Exchange to start investing. It is important for the researchers to check the stocks and its history before making the investment.

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