What is a penny stock

What is A Penny Stock?

Why I like Penny Stocks and How Penny Stock Egghead Can Help Me

Exactly what is a penny stock? A penny stock is essentially a lower priced stock that is trading at five dollars or less. Penny Stocks usually are not traded in the major stock markets like NYSE, NASDAQ or AMEX. They are usually traded “over the counter” (OTC). As penny stocks are low priced, they can offer an amazing upside potential for small time buyers and investors.

Since these shares are offered at really low prices, they are often good opportunities for small time investors and especially first time investors who are concerned or worried about burning large sums of cash. Because you are only investing small amounts of money. you can check out new markets, without jeopardizing an excessive amount of money. Even if the stocks go down or go totally wrong, you will not have lost an excessive amount. That is why I like penny stocks.

One more reason why folks want to invest in penny stocks is that these stocks are easy and straight forward to buy. They are offered as common shares, and are easily available to the community. They are also listed in the stock exchange markets so that they are obtainable to the general public and investors.

The primary appeal of penny stocks is that there is an opportunity for high profits on your investment. This is especially appealing for small time traders or those with limited budget. It is not unusual for a few penny stocks to double or triple in value within short intervals of time. This is one thing that is almost impossible for the typical stock.

For those purchasing penny stocks, attempting to find the stocks that may be worthwhile in the future may possibly appear like a rather tricky and daunting task but it need not be so. You can get support and information from other people who have done a lot of analysis on penny stocks.

Nathan Gold from Penny Stock Egghead for example, provides great choices every 7 days so that all you need to do is to adhere to his advice. At most you only require to validate his claims. It cuts down a lot of the work that you would have to do trying to go through large number of penny stocks to find those that are promising.

Penny Stock Egghead is a useful membership for anyone intending to invest in penny stocks as it not only provides some useful advice pertaining to penny stock investing, it actually makes a stock pick every 7 days with all the relevant particulars for you to study so that you can decide whether to invest in that particular stock or not. Of course, with all the investigation done going through hundreds of stocks to choose one, it would suggest that every penny stock featured has a significantly greater potential than others to do very well.

Actually, Penny Stock Egghead’s results over the past two years have been amazing and astounding. With this Penny Stock Egghead to guide me in my choices on what to purchase, I’ve had many good gains consistently with some stocks giving me over 500% profit. I would never have been able to achieve that with bigger cap stocks.

Since this Penny Stock Egghead has made many successful picks before, It is having a growing and expanding subscribers base with many devoted fans. I, for one, am a dedicated fan as I have had numerous profitable deals using their picks. If you’re thinking about getting involved with penny stock investing and hope to get these high-potential penny stock picks, do check this out.

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