Marijuana stocks to watch

What are marijuana penny stocks?

What are marijuana penny stocks?

Marijuana penny stocks belong to the beginner companies or the small-segment companies having a presence in legal marijuana industry. It might be associated with marijuana segment in any way: cultivation, marketing, stocking, retailing, medical-usage, transportation, and many other streams.

After Canada legalized marijuana for recreational and medical use, many US states came up with the concept of legalization of pot for growing the state economy. Many companies were associated with the weed boom by getting associated with the industry in any way. The expansion of many development companies mounting with the pot segment has given a fair chance for their growth. There are some great price moves seen in the marijuana stocks that give an opportunity to the investors to expand their investment portfolio.

With the rapid expansion and the massive price movements, there is a lot of pump-and-dump action associated with the marijuana sector which gives an option to rethink about the choices to make. The skillful traders make it a point to select the most trusted companies for trading in weed stocks.

Marijuana market growth

The marijuana industry is expected to become the hottest segment within a few years. It is still the most prominent segment and many new companies are thinking about the ways to get inside it in some or the other way. For example, the companies marketing carbonated drinks are including marijuana content in their drinks and making their new products trendy as per the present trend.

Many states have permitted recreational marijuana and the places like California, which have been a great spot of weed markets, have been given a legal signal for the purchase of weed. The market has become huge and people are coming to CA for enjoying the green weed in different forms. The impact of legalization of weed in Canada has also made a large impact on the US marijuana industry. Gold, natural gas and other lucrative stocks appear nowhere in terms of the pot companies. The size of the marijuana industry is going much beyond the expectation of the shareholders.

Benefits of investing in marijuana penny stocks

Stock investments are best to be made in the sector which is expected to have huge growth potential. Check out the news on regular basis and find out the stocks which can actually give you profits in the long run. The excitement levels should be high for the industry you’re choosing to invest in and marijuana stocks are among those fascinating stocks for the investors at present.

The second thing is to look out for the companies which are benefiting from the hottest sectors in which the trading is done in huge amounts. The marijuana industry is trendy and the investors are looking forward to their investments in the sector to attain profits in high number.

Finding the best marijuana penny stocks

Marijuana penny stocks are looked by many potential investors and there are a few strategies to follow to find out the most promising penny stocks in the pot segment:

  • Make your watchlist for the marijuana stocks to grab

Your first aim should be to create your own watchlist and find out the stocks which can fetch you high-profits in the coming future. Check out the volatility of the stocks as the stocks with no price changes will have low chances of getting the required results. It is important to see the number of stocks being traded every day. The buying and selling numbers should move smoothly which mean that you should be able to make any transactions without any limits.

  • Look out for charts and technical readings

There are many platforms to research for the stocks and the trader must be aware of these locations to put their cash away from the risk. ‘It is all in the charts’ and you need to understand that they are the best indicators to get the price variations, trends and technical analysis of the stocks.

  • Fundamental analysis

There are no strong fundamentals involved in penny marijuana stocks and they are hyped beyond limits. You have to remember that you don’t ride into the general predictions or news about the stocks. The actual data has to be collected to get the real earnings, financing, regulatory and contracts of the marijuana companies you’ll deal with. It will give you a fair review of the companies in which you are thinking to invest.

  • Trade hot stocks and grab profits

The stocks you are trading in need to be quite famous. If people are talking about them on forums, news or blogs; and the charts appear clean, go for those options. These hypes don’t last forever. So, be a good buyer as well as a smart seller of the stocks.

  • Track your watchlist

Your watchlist should be handy and easily analyzed whenever you want. Subscribe to any good alerting applications and get regular updates on the stocks on your watchlist. You will get real-time updates and get an idea about onboarding on the profit trend.


Marijuana penny stocks provide endless opportunities for the investors looking forward to investing in the trending pot sector. There are some huge fortunes expected to be made and lost in weed stocks in the upcoming years.

You need to follow the right track of the hype and remain open in choosing the profitable moves to get higher profits. Research is the key to get profits in stocks and the traders need to make sure that they go through the newsfeeds, charts, and watchlists to give the propitious returns over your investments.

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