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Was AMLH a pump and dump?

American Leisure  Holdings Inc. OTCMRKTS:AMLH

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AMLH is an extremely hot stock right now. It is currently number #2 on IHUB breakout boards just falling short in popularity to BVTK.

So the main question is AMLH just a quick pump and dump or does it have room to run? If you look at the featured chart, it is too early to tell. The chart still looks healthy, and if it holds support and fills the gap, you very well could see another nice bounce.

Why are investors excited about AMLH?

American Leisure Holds is focused on the Electronic Games Industry. They have a specialized niche focus with Game tournaments. This up and coming niche sells out arenas and is very trendy with younger generations players. Some of the top video game players have even become millionaires.  This industry is growing so rapidly that the NBA in 2018 will host tournaments in NBA arenas.  This market has a lot of potential and AMLH has a lot of enthusiastic investors.

AMLH share structure

As of March 29th, there are 4 billion Authorized shares and 2.2 Billion Outstanding shares. The Market Value of the outstanding shares is around 10.5 million.  AMLH currently has a stop sign on OTCmarkets which means the company has failed to keep up with their SEC filings current.


  • AMLH has a lot of excited shareholders
  • GGstudios, one of AMLH’s partner companies, has a passionate management team that has a played an active role in the gaming industry for over a decade.
  • CEO Christain Bishop is a young, motivated entrepreneur that is active on Twitter and engages with shareholders
  • Supplemental filing with old CEO transferring shares to new management.
  • Rumored big contract in the works
  • Rumored potential Share Structure reduction
  • Rumored significant connections and possible deals made at Dreamhack event
  • Some investors believe most notes have been paid off and dilution may be over. 
  • Has submitted an updated annual report as well as an Attorney letter to become current.


  • AMLH is not current and currently, has a stop sign on OTC markets
  • AMLH has 4 Billion Authorized shares
  • No SEC Fillings since 2008
  • In 2016 generated 200,000 in revenue and had 841,086 in expenses. Its Officers and Management were paid twice as much as the company was bringing in.
  • As of December 31st, 2016 company has $410,343 of long-term debt


The rest of May will be an important month for AMLH. If the momentum carries through you could see some more Awesome Breakouts!


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