Tradevue was founded by Greg Reinacker as a platform to trade stocks, forex, option, and future. It has provided a smart way to plan stock performances, journals and learn about the stocks. The traders can build their own strategies and the right ways to ensure better profits. It is feasible to make mistakes and get ahead with the most fruitful ways to gain better returns over investment.

Tradervue can make you a better trader and the company provides improved risk management for the stocks to work well in all the aspects. There are many social platforms for the traders to discuss various stocks and the new strategies, this one gives the best ways to improve the actual trade ideas. These ideas include making the right entry and exits throughout the process of trading. This has helped to fill the real trade strategies to actual traders. Many new traders use Tradervue to understand the concepts in more systematic way.

Tradervue Products

Tradervue provides the best opportunities for traders to improve their trading pattern and do profitable investments. As the powerful online trading journal, there are the following features in Tradervue:

  • Trading Journal: Traders can import the traders directly from any trading platform or broker. The files can be imported in Excel or text form. You need to understand that Tradevue doesn’t support all the brokers and to know the list of the brokers it supports; you can check out the website.
  • Tagging and Filtering: This feature allows the selection of particular trades by filtering the requirements. You can use tags, symbols, date range and duration for viewing as journals or reports.
  • Trading and Daily Notes: Users can make notes about their trades with the daily notes’ features. There can be notes made for traded and non-traded days.
  • P&L Charts: Traders can study the charts including the moving average rates. You can check out the comparison charts with other stocks or index. The highlights about the trading can also be viewed through these charts.
  • Reporting: Users can analyze their performance with the major aim of improvement in the trades. There are chances to view the daily and cumulative P&L with the volume changes.

Apart from this, the system even allows the advanced comparisons, liquidity reports and traders are able to view their volume, duration and other factors as per their requirement.

Trader Sharing

Traders can share ideas and trades with the community. It will help them to learn and get feedback for work. The platform will allow them to share all information as per your own requirements. There are three plans included for the Tradervue pricing: Free, Silver and Gold. The trader can choose their appropriate plan as per the investor requirements. Your trading performance can improve with the fast, simple and powerful tools. The wide range of features will include trading sharing, journal, and reports. You can visit Tradervue to get the whole information about it. Learn more and implement the best strategies floated by Tradervue to implement trading in a smart way.

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