Top 10 Penny Stock List

Top Ten Penny Stock List

You see them online everywhere: lists containing pink sheet information on the top penny stock companies, and you probably wonder what it means.  Well, the significance of the list may be seen in two perspectives: the company and the trader.

As we analyze these perspectives, know that you will not expect to see company rankings here.  The list changes every few minutes, so it is best to focus our discussion on how the information found on these rankings will help you.  Here is a guide to using the information offered by top 10 penny stocks lists.

On the company perspective.  Initially, companies make it to the penny stock exchange list by initial public offering or IPO.  This is the start of the company’s life in trading. It is safe to say then that a company’s financial strength and longevity in the industry it’s under can be determined from its performance in rankings.

In this case, it really does not matter if it continues to be on the top 10.  What matters is its consistency in keeping its place as among the best companies to trade with.  So apart from giving a startup company the boost it needs, it also tells investors about how it is moving positively based on its business plan.  The same principle applies to a company being bought by another larger company.  Note here that penny stocks are held by publicly traded companies where most of them are just starting out as businesses.

On the investor perspective.  Most traders would always want to trade with reputable companies.  These are big companies whose names are already popular.  However, because penny stocks are traded over the counter, it will probably be difficult to do that unless an investor moves to the customary manner of trading regular stocks in the stock exchange market itself.  So when investors participate in penny stock exchange, they will be exposed to start-up companies or those that have just emerged in the market.

Since consumers drive the direction of a business, investors will not expect a definite business plan.  This is where the risk comes in. Until such time that a company stabilizes, it can then define its business goals.  So the advantage of looking at the top penny stocks list is it boosts investor confidence.  This is with the knowledge that the investor will have a way of accumulating capital by trading with a new company who holds promise in terms of financial merits.

So how will you know who’s making its position in the list?  You can simply put a search online for the top 10 penny stock lists.  If you are doubtful, you can set your email up to receive daily newsletters containing updated information about the stock market.  If not, forums dedicated to penny stock exchange are also an option.  Now remember, because the stock market is highly volatile, the information you see may change all of a sudden just when you are about to execute a trade, so keeping yourself updated is a must.

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