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Tim Grittani is famous for the creation of the trading course Trading Tickers. It is a perfect study having a feat of turning $1500 into over 6 million dollars in three years. Grittani is termed as one of the famous ‘millionaire students’ written by Timothy Sykes. Grittani made used of the small accounts teaching himself to trade and found penny stocks through Tim Sykes study material. He shortlisted OTC stocks that were victims of pump-and-dump schemes. At present, Grittani has moved towards NASDAQ stocks from the OTC stocks.

Grittani shares all the trades on the trading journal website (profile name: kroyrunner) which is run by Tim Sykes, his mentor. There are no audited brokerage records given but he gives the winning and losing trades to his YouTube channel. Grittani is considered to be a transparent teacher in the industry.


Tim’s trading philosophy is ‘trade the ticker, not the company’ and all the strategies defined by Tim are on the basis of this quote by Nate Michaud. The pace of every trader might vary in this case and they might take several hours in building their psychology for the personal trading journey. Tim’s suggestions can give you an idea to trade strategically but live trading will illustrate the actual mode to do the same.

Tim’s trading pattern makes him a unique trader. There are hundreds of trading courses available on the web and some of them would be stock promotions for the new traders. The trading pattern by Tim will revolve around OTC pump-and-dump schemes and tracking down the promoters to find out the ways to determine the long and short version. Tim can help you to walk through his methods for promotion of the trading concepts by a throwaway email or Google AdWords promotion.

After compilation of a large list of penny stock promoters, Tim tests each of them by checking their past records. The technical trading strategy is very clear: Look for the volume of the stocks traded, look to enter with the block trades and never trust a promotor for buying the stocks of their recommendation.

The trading of penny stocks will include most breakout strategies. Penny stocks are worth trading only when they are illiquid and trading in a particular range. Tim’s trading strategy is based on the penny stock breakout trading (trading and fading with the breakout).

Multi-day breakouts

This is a setup established by tip which includes a stock breaking out of a long-term ranging, consolidating for a few days and breaking off aggressively towards the upside level. The tips used are:

  • Buying into the strength at the breakout period of the stock.
  • Waiting for dips for the establishment of full position.
  • Dipping below the breakout level and not comprehending it as a failed breakout. It happens often in the OTC market.
  • Stop losses taken as an intraday support level.

When you hear about Tim Sykes, a lot of trading motivation comes inside and you will be prepared to see a rich figure. Grittani is no less than a dream seller and his specialization in OTC stocks is worth your understanding.

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Started investing in 2013 with $8,500 I turned that into 180k within a few months. Every year since I have increased the amount of money made from micro cap stocks and stock options.

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