TCPS – TechnoConcepts Acquired Assets

TechnoConcepts Acquired Assets, But looks Unworthy

TechnoConcepts, Inc. (OTC: TCPS), as of late reported that it has marked a Letter of Intent to obtain the advantages and continuous business of another organization.
“The Company is pleased to report this Letter of Intent. We have been searching for a decent, reasonable business to bring into our crease. This business has resources, no liabilities, and enormous upside for our speculators. Furthermore, we will have the capacity to help this organization with securing more business very quickly,” said Company President Jose Suarez.

TCPS haven’t documented any reports with the SEC from December 2007 and they don’t record reports with the OTC Markets. Moreover you can’t see any accounting reports in Yahoo! Back or anyplace else that are more current than 2007.

Likewise the way that they have no site, no official statements, at the end of the day no freely accessible news about the organization drives one to surmise that they are a dead ticker whose development must be ascribed to individuals who tricked themselves into purchasing the stock or got it deliberately at the low of $0.002 and are presently making an executioner benefit touting this dead ticker themselves and offering at the present costs extending from $0.030 to $0.040.

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