Warrior trading review

Warrior trading was once a blog initiated by Ross Cameron in 2012. The mission of the blog is to create 50K freedom traders who aim at living their life independently by 2020. The company has over 5000 premium members with 500K active traders at the moment. This is a very good platform for active day traders requiring trading education. Warrior Pro service offers group-wise trader mentoring. It is the best option for people looking to work on their personal terms and seeking supplemental income. There are a large number of traders on the warring trading platform. The website provides structured training methods with extensive educative techniques for trading. However, the trading strategies discussed are mainly short-term and unsuitable for investors with lower risk tolerance.

Warrior Trading was nominated for Best Educator in 2016, 17 and 18 at Benzinga Fintech Awards. Warrior Trading’s position is the education industry leader and if you’re thinking about getting the best-paid education and mentoring services, Warrior Trading could be the best option you’ll be looking for.

Warrior Trading is an investment research platform focusing on imparting educational resources, chat rooms, stock market stimulators, and potential day traders. There are various courses like group mentoring, online courses, webinars and other resources designed to make you the perfect short-term trader. Warrior trading might be an option for supplemental income for the people doing any business or job as it would be a way to work on your own terms.

There are valuable guidance and education for teaching the traders about the pattern of trading. The style of successful trading can be learned with Warrior Trading through a chatroom discussion area during the market hours. It includes swing trading, scalping, and short-term day trading. The basics to advanced level techniques can be developed by using your own trading plan on trading successful formulas used by the expert traders. The courses offered by Warrior Trading require upfront cash to learn investment in the right way. You need to pay a regular fee to continue the use of Warrior Trading services after the initial learning phase is over. There is fair price included for checking out the webinars, online workshops and e-books.

Product offerings

The quality and extensiveness of the trading courses are the major benefits of the content of the trading courses. The course section has featured videos and teaching material with the downloadable transcripts. Once you are confident about the mastering of material, there is a quiz available to check out your knowledge. The material is created by the mentors and experienced traders having expertise in short-term marketing swings.

Starter Course: The starter course of Warrior trading gives an opportunity to learn to trade at your own pace. You will be able to check the online community and sophisticated tools, such as real-time trading stimulator. There are several topics included with fundamental and technical analysis.

Warrior Pro: There is a specialized 90-days trading educational plan to match the needs of traders having different experience levels. There are new learning programs aimed at getting the traders to move towards the expert path. This will include the Warrior Starter program features and access to masterclass courses, group mentoring sessions, chat rooms and scanner settings.