Wall Street Survivor

Wall Street Survivor is an online stock trading platform to try the stock trading without paying off any charges. This fantasy stock trading platform gives realistic paper-trading experience and educates the investor in the best way. It works for demystification investing and personal financing through comprehensive education and interactive sessions. The concepts need to be broken into easy and understandable training for the most promising results. There are the best courses having a scope to learn the stock market virtually. Wall Street Survivor program helps in learning the stock trading concept in the most rewarding way to manage finances. There are many personal investment courses designed to teach the basics to set up stable finances with proper stock management strategies.

The aim of Wall Street Survivor is to give the right platform for practicing stock trading and participation in cash prizes. The concept of this platform is to keep discipline and practice with the fake money first before creeping into the world of real trading.

Opening an Account

Wall Street Survivor account is easy and quick to open. There will be only a few questions to answer and it even allows anonymous accounts. If you don’t want to get spammed, it will be required to get uncheck the boxes asking you for the same. The next steps will ask you if you are interested to take up their ‘special offers’ and if you don’t want them, click on ‘no thanks’ option. The website supports itself from the advertisements and you’ll get many of them in the account opening process.

After opening the account, you can log into the platform with $100,000 virtual money in it. You can buy stocks or ETF virtually on the stocks on major stock exchanges (NASDAQ, AMEX or NYSE). The platform allows you to look for the stock symbols easily. The usual information about stocks with their last price, bid, open, volume, P/E ratio, Earnings per share and other important details are given with the real-time quotations for a fantasy trading experience. There is a ‘Stock Talk’ section for each stock in which the members can post their comments about that particular stock. It is just like commenting on a particular blog post. There is a sense of community for the interactive experience of the stock analysts. The details about each stock are illustrated for making the right decisions for trading. These tools have the potential to invest in the most successful plan for investment. There is charting for each stock with many options you would expect from the charting platform.

To conclude, Wall Street Survivor is an appropriate platform for learning. This virtual trading software with the community feel has made it easy to come across the interactive sessions. The advertisements will be a bit of problem for the viewers but ultimately, the website will be good to make money and learn the right techniques of trading. The virtual learning experience gives a full feeling of real-time understanding of the trading methodologies and concepts.