Be Consistent and Earn Good with Penny Stocks

Everyone knows somehow that there is a rapid potential to earn profits in penny stocks than the other methods. It is seen that these stocks reach to a pretty good levels of 20-400% increase within a few days time. It is thrilling for a few people to take risks and get the best profits by investing in penny stocks but on the other side, there are many people who’ve seen worst affects of penny stock trading. There is never ending research for the ‘best stock pick’ by them and almost every decision is made unfairly giving partial or complete loss to the owners.

Quick money is loved by everyone and the fraudulent dealers look for the emotionally weak people to attract in their traps. The desire of most of the people is to actively get good money and become rich within no time. There are many stocks which have attained a rapid soaring of even 1000%. It happens in the rarest cases and the constancy of time for which it becomes matters the most. Penny stock winners usually focus on the financial stats and management of the company to make the final decision about them. The mindset of some people is that the hyped product can only do well. However, it is false in the present times. Only the products or services in high demand can attract people towards making the right choice.

Look for Consistency in Stocks

People looking at big techniques usually lose up as they become inconsistent and greedy for money. They ride high on one day and cry out during the next day. It is very important to remain balanced to make REAL money with penny stocks. It is essential for the penny stock owners to find the consistent stocks which can get good profit for you. Getting rich doesn’t matter but how you are doing it actually makes the difference. You don’t have to look for highest profits in the quickest time, but find out the strategies to select the companies having capability to give most reputed results in the long run.

It is not easy to pick up the best stocks for investment and your search for the most rewarding picks should be done on consistent basis. The fundamentals of a company should be understood and the easiest way is to find the stream of stocks suggested by the experts. There are thousands of penny stocks on the pink sheets or OTCBB. Your aim should be to find out a resource, which can help you to give you a list of the good stocks and from that list, you can filter out the stocks of your own choice after doing the in depth study. You can’t waste your investments into the non researched stocks as it won’t lead you anywhere in your investment levels. It is mandatory to do your own search and find out the financial stats, ideas, approach and stock leads turning towards the rewarding responses. There is never 100% guarantee about the growth of any particular stock pick, but most of them can be worked upon by making fair efforts for doing full fledge analysis.

Present Trends

The current turmoil in the stock market is making many people wait for the right approach and time for making investments. If you are not investing, it will certainly help you in NOT losing your money. On the same time, you will most likely miss out some incredible stock deals on penny stocks. These stocks are below $5 per share value and if you are almost sure about the upcoming success of any company, these stocks shouldn’t be missed in any way.

Most penny stocks offer the products and services, which no one in the industry can. The investors get into a unique situation of getting their chance to proceed on the ground floor with the company having probability to do a lot on the big scene. The major point is to tell if the company in which investments are made would be next Microsoft or not. It is hard to believe that the giant like Microsoft was once a penny stock and now, it is one of the preeminent companies in the whole world. There are only 2% of the reliable companies in pink sheets listing and your focus has to be finding out those rarest stocks having probability to earn you better ROI.

Many people prefer penny stocks because the initial investment pricing is too low. You can buy hundreds of stocks with a small investment and get best responses by investing in some of the efficient groups. Your penny stock portfolio should be well diversified to avoid uncertain economic conditions. It is never difficult to hit the jackpot with your own stock. Owning the right stock will always reap best results for penny stock owners.

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Trading Penny Stocks Efficiently

Trading in stocks is always fascinating as most of us would like to earn by making regular investments. Some people prefer day trades and others might like long term investments. Mostly, people are aware of the risks of penny stock trading and generally, it would be wise to invest only with the money which you can afford to lose.

Online stock trading is thrilling and you can follow up with the investment progresses by maintaining a gap between your thoughts and adrenalin rush, which is a risky factor. The first rule should be to invest only a fixed amount of money even if you get greed in your mind to earn good with any particular stock after utilizing your own fixed amount. There are some important factors to consider while learning about the ways to trade penny stocks. You should understand the facts related to penny stocks as people have their own descriptions for these nano stocks.

Penny stocks are traded outside the major stock exchanges and hence, the behavior of these stocks is highly volatile, temperamental and unpredictable. The ability to predict the future of these stocks can make successful investors and even increase your chances to earn good money. There is a lot of risk involved in penny stocks and with regard to their purchase, the trader needs to make sure that  these cheap stocks are high priced while selling; and low while purchasing them. Caution must be implemented when you think about selecting the appropriate time for purchase/sale of these penny stocks.

Penny stocks can soon give you losses due to the Pump and Dump scheme followed by some fake resources to get all the money from innocent investors. However, your focus should be to find out the real companies with authentic terms to fetch success in increasing ROI.

Article 3:

Choosing Penny stocks or Blue chips for making money

Can you make money with penny stocks or other major stocks? This debate arises a lot in stock exchange groups and forums. The experience and skills matter the most in this case and people who’ve been in many years in stock exchange believe that blue stocks are more reliable. There is no doubt about this fact that penny stocks are less reliable, more risky, high volatility and have less liquidity rate. You can gain high money with penny stocks than other stocks and it is a reality.

Investment with stock market is differently defined by everyone. Listening to wrong suggestions might lead towards worst impacts on your investment patterns. You might get tremendous gains in the primary phases, but ultimately, there comes greed in the mind to earn higher amount within least time. Life gives new lesson and stock market deals are not any different. People acclaim that they’ve made many new assets and a perfect living with stocks, but it is not true always. The profits can go higher but your consistency and analyzing ability has to grow to higher levels for generating better results.

There are many people who avoid penny stocks with the potential to make more money. Penny stocks are risky and require too much research. This is probably the reason for people to skip them over their resisted temptation. In penny stock trades, your little seed money can raise into big money only if the company in which you are making investment gives best results. The quickest ways to make money online with penny stocks can be attained only with the company’s about which you’ve actually made research on your own. Checking out online help does matter but you have to do your own homework to find out the appropriate stocks to invest your hard earned money.

Article 4:

Earn Easy Cash with Penny Stocks Online

In present times, penny stock trading has become very popular. The evolution of internet made it easier for the people to trade penny stocks at the comfort of their home or workplace. Penny stock trading is done for the stocks having per share value of $5 and lesser and the companies fall in low market capitalization level. Penny stocks usually begin from small cap companies and these beginners can grow on to become high end with time.

To become successful trader in penny stocks, it is important to understand these stocks well and avoid purchasing the stocks about which you have no information at all. Internet is the best resource for penny stock traders and there are many online platforms giving information about these stocks in detail. Knowledge about penny stocks market is important to make the important decision about your investments.

People can master the art of anticipating and projecting the trends by experience and interest in penny stocks. If your interest is high on these stocks, you can get immense of knowledge about them. You can get updated market movements and trends with the experience and skills provided by the accurate advice from the resources. Online research about the probably growing stocks can help in making best predictions about them. Penny stock trading is an exciting endeavor and it includes the serious amounts of cash to be traded in the pennies. If you are a newbie in the world of stocks, hiring the stock broker or taking help from forums can be beneficial. Penny stock software is available to get information about these stocks in detail and earn by the best benefits by investing in new companies. You can check out the various resources online to get the most out of your efforts and make the best money.

Article 5:

Secret of making Penny Stocks Money

Penny stocks have different descriptions from people. Some people are totally against investing in them and others might trust them in the best way. These stocks have different responses with regard to day trades or long term investments. Holding them for a long period of time might be a great option if you are aware of the company’s financial statistics in which you are making the move. However, if you are unsure then it is good to earn a few cents by investing your money for a few days time. The majority of penny stocks don’t hold the value for the very long time. There are many stocks revealing the increase in price over a long period of time.

Money can be attained by day trading and purchase & selling of shares on the same day. It is the shortest interval in which money can be made by these stocks. However, you can even lose all your money in one day by investing in a wrong company. In some cases, the money can be purchased in the shortest amount of time; but those are the rarest times. Penny stocks display the daily percentage gains than the blue chip stocks. However, it happens with not many stocks.

The secret of making money from the penny stocks is to sell them at higher prices and make profit out of it. Many people are blind towards penny stocks and don’t even investigate in the right way to make money. Those who keep their mind and eyes open learn more about penny stocks in detail and attain enormous profits from the stocks in the most relevant way.

It is not easy to choose the best stocks as there are numerous factors to consider while watching out for the traps by some fraudulent dealers. The studies about penny stocks will make you gain experience and money for making profits.

Bull Flag Pattern

A chart pattern indicating that the market will probably move higher is called a Bull Flag Pattern. There is a bear flag pattern also which shows just the opposite of bull flag pattern. It is a general trend that when one flag pattern is going strong, the other one gets automatically subsided. A trader has to remain very calm and composed because flag patterns need time to completely form the trend lines which show the upper and lower positions of the current status of the market.

Bull signifies the rise in stock prices. The bull patterns help the trader to comprehend the profitability of investing in any stock because this flag pattern brings the real thing in front of the dealers and they are able to make better decisions. Some of the bull flag patterns can also fool a person. It is advisable to patiently react to these flags.

A regular chart reader is a person who has the capability to take the correct decision. The very small and fast flag fluctuations need deep technical analysis so that a trader does not make a foolish mistake because even if these charts show the truth, a newbie can easily be fooled.

If one wants to trade bull flag patterns and make a good amount of money, one can go through the candlestick patterns because these are the best ones when it comes to the ease of their comprehension. There are a few types of flag pattern generally observed in the bullish flag pattern. These are stated as follows-

  • Horizontal Rectangle Flags

When the pattern follows a relatively straight line, it is known as a horizontal rectangle flag. The resistance and support points have negligible variation.

  • Horizontal Rectangle Angled Down Away (Flag Pattern)

When there is a dip in the pattern before it shoots up between the resistance and support points which gives the pattern a flag like a shape, is the horizontal rectangle angled down away pattern. It usually looks s if it is a drooping flag.

  • Bullish Pennants: Symmetrical Triangle

When initially in the pattern, there is a large distance between the resistance and support points which soon minimizes before shooting up again giving the pattern a triangular shape is known as bullish pennants.

The knowledge of these patterns helps the trader to understand everything. These shapes work like analysts for any new trader and help the trader realize the ups and downs of the stock market via these tricky but useful lines.

A very important word in the bull flag pattern trading is patience. Without patience, it can take one down in no time. Patience bears fruit and if any trader will patiently understand and analyze the charts, he/she is sure to get fair gains. Watching for resistance on the bull flag pattern is vital because it can prevent the stock from rallying for a second time. Continuation patterns are considered reliable because they repeat their pattern.

Therefore, bull flag patterns are useful but if studied generously for an ample amount of time. These can give good profits to the one who waits and then takes any action.

How to day trade for a living?

There are many day traders out there and all of them have different ways of handling their stock portfolios. The reality is that there are many people who utilize their day-trading skills for their living. It might sound weird to many people but the reality is to understand that many people do the trading in their own way and are sure about earning from it that they do it for their living.

There is no universal law behind doing successful trading but it is important to build your own strategies to make up your day trading experience as an amazing one. It requires hard work and an intense understanding of the concepts. The main aim of a day trader is to make the appropriate move in buying and selling of the stocks without keeping them for a particular duration. It requires staring at computer screens for a long time and making efforts in understanding the short-term gains from the stock(s).

Perquisites for Day Trading

Training: Before considering your leap towards becoming a full-time stockbroker, it is important to see if you’re properly equipped for the trading. You need proper training and apply the right logic to understand the things in a better way. Your chances of succeeding would depend on the hard work you do for understanding the things. There are free and paid resources available online for increasing your chances of succeeding in day-trading.

Experience: Nothing can teach a trader better than the experience. You can read hundreds of books or material on day trading but could fail for months after starting it. It is essential to spend some actual time on trading before getting the real feeling for the markets. There is no definition of the number of years of the experience required as the traders will learn at a different pace. One trader might become an expert in one year and the others might take a few years to learn the skills.

Consistent Approach: Consistent trading would make you a full-time trader. It is required to get realistic expectations for the future and develop the applicable skillset for the future. There is more long-term value in making a regular income per month than making a big amount in the first month and getting nothing in the rest of the year. The higher short-term monetary value is essential for the day traders and there are better aspects to grow with the consistent approach being followed by the traders. Consistent trading is important to move ahead with the apprehensive approach.

Becoming a full-time day trader

Full-time day trading or a job?

Both are beneficial for the investments of their own kind. The conventional job guarantees a fixed salary and other benefits but the day trading has better scalability and allows you to become your own boss. Full-time day traders can love the challenges offered by their jobs and it might sound appealing to go ahead with the work that constantly challenges you. A full-time day trader will have less stability in the beginning. You might have great months, bad months or exhausting phases and this roller coaster of emotions will make you a different person than you are now. It can be stressful if you keep on getting failures in your career.

Financial Considerations: Build a Safety net

Leaving your job will mean that your guaranteed source of income is no more available. A day-trader has no salary and you have to make your own moves in getting the tasks done perfectly. There has to be a customized financial plan created by the day traders and it must include the saving of money for the next 2 years. This will reduce stress and enable proper financial management in all the ways. You can make smart decisions by calculating your expenses and planning to pay them in the right mode. It is better to overestimate the expenses than undervaluing them. A day trader has to account for food, rent, toiletries, utilities, bills, entertainment, insurance, taxes and everything on their own. Don’t reduce your needs as it will make you live in suffocation. If you have a budget of $3000 for yourself, stick to it and make efforts to achieve it through day trading. If you’re thinking to reduce the budget to $2500, it will become burdensome and completely vague. Be realistic and accurate to plan in the best way. The end goal of a day trader or doing a job is just the same: to earn and spend.

Stock Trading Account

The importance of saving money to invest in the next step and cover your expenses is very important. You will need enough money to trade regularly (According to Pattern Day Trader rule: $25000). Choose a number to set up the accounts and give the best chance to yourself by investing in the right strategies. Sizing up the account too early before the learning consistency can put you at the risk of losing rapidly. Your expense account and brokerage account have to be separate in every way to make the perfect investment move.

When you become a full-time trader, there will be 100% accountability for every activity. You will be your own boss and doing every transaction on your own will. Make sure that you keep the proper organizational skills to make the most of the process. If you enjoy doing everything with your personalized ideas, then day trading will be the best for you. Financial planning involves the indulging of every task to make the leap. Day trading is a rewarding career having a big list of perks and benefits. People can prepare well for the transition in their life and do exciting tasks by getting in there. This brings you on the right track and takes a realistic approach to get towards a better move with the most appropriate day trading strategies. Day traders have earned millions with their smart work. It depends on your own wit to apply the right techniques to earn in the most rewarding way.


John Carter, who has authored Mastering the Trade, started simpler options in 2010. Simpler options is an online trading society in which John Carter and other professional traders tell their online community about the real-time market analysis, superfluity of the educational sources and actionable ideas of trade. This platform allows the traders to form trading schemes, analyze the market and then make decisions accordingly. The new traders in the stock market can learn many tricks from professional and experienced traders.

Simpler Options is a very famous online trade learning platform and the mastermind behind it is a person who has specialized in trading in options for about 25 years. John Carter also trades in stocks and futures along with options. It is not easy to trade alone when new in this business. Training is required so that the trader can take the right decisions at the right time. It helps the trader to gather confidence because that is very necessary to earn gains.

This platform is paid. There are a few packages offered to the customers based on their discretion to choose the right one amongst them. Listed below are the packages offered-

  • The Silver Package

This package is available to the customers at a price of $79 per month. The user will have the right to use trading room archive, premium nightly video and the community of options trading forum.

  • The Gold Package

Available at the price of $147 per month, the user is accessible to all the facilities stated in the Silver package with a few additions such as receiving live trader alerts through email or SMS and live chat room openness. There are some other features that can be easily used. Maximum learning comes from the chat room and it is recommended to go for the Gold package in place of the Silver one.

There are other packages too and some of them are really expensive. It depends how much money someone wants to spend on these sessions. “Ultimate Guide to Trading a Portfolio Margin Account” is the most expensive package with a time duration of 1,145 minutes and is available at the rate of $1,999. In these sessions, John explains in depth and gives strategies and the ways to implement them when using portfolio margin and also how to earn the additional benefit.

These trading sessions are basically for options trading and include interactions with highly skilled traders and also lessons from other sources such as trading books and even Mark Douglas who has authored Trading in the Zone. All this makes joining Simpler Options a worthwhile experience.

This website is for all kinds of traders, from economical to rich. The initial prices are not too high. It is a complete educational program for all those people who dream of becoming thriving traders but do not know which the right path is for them. Over and above, this is a beautiful platform to enhance one, trading skills and become a dignified and accomplished trader in less amount of time.

Pre-Market Trading

Pre-market trading is defined as the buying and selling in the share market before the regular trading session begins. It starts from 04:00 am in the morning and has its peak time between 08:00 am and 09:30 am and it closes at 09:30 am from when the regular trading session starts. Examining the main points, strategies and effectiveness of the market is usually the main purpose of professionals fulfilled in this session. Also, this market is used by stock aspirants who are looking for better options and stocks in the hope of earning gains.

This trading is for the ones who have the patience to tolerate the delays and volatility of the prices. If there are pros of trading in the pre-market sessions, they definitely come with some cons too. It has very limited stocks to choose from and sometimes, even the quotes for several stocks are unavailable. Contrary to this, some companies make various important proclamations in such sessions. People can take the maximum benefit of such news in a session where less competition and better opportunities are there. Generally, the stocks of big and well-established companies get their trades in the pre-market session very easily. The reason is that people trust these companies and there are very rare chances that their prices will show any sort of fluctuation.

Pre-market trading bears the real fruit for a trader who knows all the tricks and has the tact of dealing in this industry. A trader experienced in the field of stock market trading is the right person to deal in this session. One has to stay all through active and alert during such sessions because different brokers open at different times in the pre-market. Looking for the best can take some time because one account may open at 04:00 am and another at 08:00 am. Therefore, constantly looking for better options is the best way to earn profits in pre-market trading.

Mentioned below are some sample stocks that can be traded in the pre-market sessions


Dealing in the field of the semiconductor memory industry, this company was founded forty years back on 5 October 1978. It produces and markets all sorts of computer memory and computer data storage devices. Its headquarters are located in Boise, Idaho, United States. Sanjay Mehrotra is the current President and CEO of the company with David Zinsner as the Senior VP and CFO.


This is a food and processing company which has two business units namely Consumer and Flavor Solutions. It deals in the production, marketing, and distribution of all kinds of spices, seasonings, condiments, etc. 130 years ago, in 1889, Willoughby M. McCormick laid the foundation of this company in Baltimore, Maryland, United States and is presently headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland, United States. Lawrence E. Kurzius (Chairman, President, and CEO) and Mike Smith (EVP and CFO) are the current key people of this company.


SureTrader is a Bahamas-based broking company regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. It is an option for the traders who are willing to trade below the PDT level of $25,000 and those with the less amount in their hand can trade as much as they want. SureTrader has an issue with some platform glitches and customer service department and it depends on each individual to undertake these bugs in their own way.

SureTrader even allows international investors to trade and the people having experience and low money can actually benefit from it. The company offers low brokerage with a minimum deposit of $500. There are sophisticated trading rules allowing Instant access to real-time market data and multiple chart features. It also gives $50 for the new accounts as a trading bonus.

Use of SureTrader


This could be an encouraging platform for the beginners as they can learn the trading concepts with a free demo and a nominal account without bearing any losses before making a trial for the real world. The account minimum levels are low and the new day traders can flexibly begin and get the idea about day trading. A section of the website is dedicated to the new day traders.

Advanced Traders

Any advance trader will understand the value of the no-pattern day trading rules but on hitting the $25,000 mark, they will be gone. SureTrader Pro/SureTrader Desktop will be run by the professional traders. There are advanced charts and features to assist the seasoned dry trader in a better way. Shares of pink sheet stocks will even make the traders fall in love with SureTrader.

Three trading platforms

  • SureTrader Web-based trading: Free of Cost
  • SureTrader Mobile (iOS and Android app): $25/month
  • SureTrader Desktop: $49/month

The software comes with a fully integrated point and clicks trading for customized market views. The overall glance of the web trader can be viewed on these platforms and they can have easy access to the PL reports.

Customer Service

The customer service of the company is a little on the controversial side. The reviews suggest that live help is slow and phone lines have long waiting or no-response. There are controversial comments of the people regarding the response of the customer service department of the company.

Easy-to-use platform

This is the major factor for which the money-makers become inclined towards SureTrader. The customers have found a user-friendly approach for the platform. The new account can be opened by providing the scanned identification and utility bills. It takes only a couple of days to approve the account by the trader.

SureTrader offers Options, ETFs and Equities at the moment and there are no commodities, forex or mutual funds traded at present. The traders need to understand every aspect before diving into the world of trading with SureTrader. The US clients need to comply with IRS rules to trade with SureTrader. It is a great option for newcomers to get to the world of easy trading and attain the best possible experience.


Tradevue was founded by Greg Reinacker as a platform to trade stocks, forex, option, and future. It has provided a smart way to plan stock performances, journals and learn about the stocks. The traders can build their own strategies and the right ways to ensure better profits. It is feasible to make mistakes and get ahead with the most fruitful ways to gain better returns over investment.

Tradervue can make you a better trader and the company provides improved risk management for the stocks to work well in all the aspects. There are many social platforms for the traders to discuss various stocks and the new strategies, this one gives the best ways to improve the actual trade ideas. These ideas include making the right entry and exits throughout the process of trading. This has helped to fill the real trade strategies to actual traders. Many new traders use Tradervue to understand the concepts in more systematic way.

Tradervue Products

Tradervue provides the best opportunities for traders to improve their trading pattern and do profitable investments. As the powerful online trading journal, there are the following features in Tradervue:

  • Trading Journal: Traders can import the traders directly from any trading platform or broker. The files can be imported in Excel or text form. You need to understand that Tradevue doesn’t support all the brokers and to know the list of the brokers it supports; you can check out the website.
  • Tagging and Filtering: This feature allows the selection of particular trades by filtering the requirements. You can use tags, symbols, date range and duration for viewing as journals or reports.
  • Trading and Daily Notes: Users can make notes about their trades with the daily notes’ features. There can be notes made for traded and non-traded days.
  • P&L Charts: Traders can study the charts including the moving average rates. You can check out the comparison charts with other stocks or index. The highlights about the trading can also be viewed through these charts.
  • Reporting: Users can analyze their performance with the major aim of improvement in the trades. There are chances to view the daily and cumulative P&L with the volume changes.

Apart from this, the system even allows the advanced comparisons, liquidity reports and traders are able to view their volume, duration and other factors as per their requirement.

Trader Sharing

Traders can share ideas and trades with the community. It will help them to learn and get feedback for work. The platform will allow them to share all information as per your own requirements. There are three plans included for the Tradervue pricing: Free, Silver and Gold. The trader can choose their appropriate plan as per the investor requirements. Your trading performance can improve with the fast, simple and powerful tools. The wide range of features will include trading sharing, journal, and reports. You can visit Tradervue to get the whole information about it. Learn more and implement the best strategies floated by Tradervue to implement trading in a smart way.

Where to trade Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are considered to be very tentative and are usually not regarded as a good choice for making an investment or trading. Despite of the associated flaws, some people buy and trade these owing to their low price. This is the main reason why people get attracted to purchase these. Hence, for those who want to trade these micro-cap stocks, here is a list of a few companies which are quite reliable for doing this business.


This brokerage company trades at a rate of $ 0.005 per share. This brokerage company has received a few awards for its work in this field. This company provides low commissions and real-time streaming data which are some of its benefits.


The importance of trading in this company is that one can even cancel one’s trade if they want. It has also received awards for being the Best Overall Online Brokers and for the Best Day Trading group. This company uses a brilliant technology to handle its online business and give attractive deals.


This company provides the best and cheap costs for buying/selling of stocks. Their cost per trade is $3 proves to be the reason for their success in this area. The working web platform is very speedy and one can do their work without any hassle.


Just like the companies mentioned above, Fidelity investments have also received awards in various sectors of its field. Doing business with this online brokerage company is dependable and consistent.


This platform is best for those who are going to try their hand for the first time in this business. It has received multiple awards including one for being the Best Trading Apps. It offers trouble-free digital accessibility which is something attracting the customers to a great extent.


It is among the best major online brokerage platforms. Though, not the cheapest, but still offers low prices for trading. ‘Thinkorswim’ is the well-known platform of this company for making trades is open for 24 hours, five days a week for certain securities. Trading with this online platform is definitely a worthy deal.


This app has a good technical platform that works on web, desktop, and smartphones. It is a famous medium for those who are active traders. One can easily save their money by dealing with this online brokerage.


Robinhood does not trade on Pink Sheets or Over-the-Counter (OTC) stocks. It supports only major stock exchanges. Although this limits the choice for penny stock traders, it offers no fee or commission trading. This quality works as a plus point and attracts various customers.


This online brokerage is also good for active traders. Another benefit is that it provides live broker also and is a great option for those who want to trade on foreign exchanges. Their stock trading cost is minimal is a popular choice for doing this business.

These are the best trading apps for making deals in the field of penny stocks. Penny stock trading is a highly speculative business which may bring wonderful gains to the investors if successful.

Finding Popular Penny Stocks for Day trading

Day trading the stocks is a dynamic process. Some stocks are easy to buy and sell due to their large volumes being traded on the various stock exchanges. The technology is making the market readily accessible and the liquid markets correspond to speculating the prices for short term gains. Stocks having straightforward concept require the ways to judge the next position of the companies and it is feasible only with the intensive research you can put into the stocks in your list. Day trading is a complex word and may keep your head scratching with the victories and pitfalls associated with them. The identification of stocks is challenging. The smart investors take them as important ways to move ahead in the most adequate way to get the things done rightly.

Day Trading Concepts

Before starting with day trading, you need to consider if it matches your requirements. Day trading would require at least a few hours of your time on a daily basis. As the market opens, the investor has to become vigilant and check out the fluctuations in the stock. Intra-day trading of stocks requires consistent time to get successful. Long term stock investments, on the other hand, normally don’t require checking of the stocks and their movements so often.

Day trading can even make you a millionaire within no time. The stocks allow you to borrow money for capitalizing on the opportunities and can even have better trading returns than the long-term investments. There are more losses associated with the day trading stocks and the investors need to be careful about making the appropriate investments. The investment of time is more important in day trading than the amount in this case. You can argue on short-term trading only if you have an idea about dealing with them. You don’t have to rush out to make decisions as intraday trading requires better selling techniques than the buying times.

There is no answer with regard to the better approach for trading: day trading or long-term stocks. The major thing to look for is to find out how the investors are dealing with the variable approach of day-trading and long-term investments. It has been reviewed that day trading brings brighter returns but the important aspect is to understand that it could even give higher loss percentage.

Trading Stocks appropriately

The best day trading stock lists can be prepared as per the trending stocks. You can day-trade in 1-4 stocks and keep a close watch on the companies associated with these stocks. This will enable you to make swift entry and exit from the stock. You might have heard about the volatility in the stocks but analyzing it is quite essential. Volume is the total number of stocks traded in a specific period of time. Volume is an indicator of the market movement of the stocks. The greater volume indicates the significant move of the stocks. You need to have significant stocks to consider to broaden your search for the stock trading. Next thing to look for is volatility which is the unpredictability in the size of the changes in the value of stocks. The security of the stocks remains steady with a lesser rate of volatility.