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Advanced Course

We recommend that our members use our premium chat room partner True Trading Group.


There are many trading platforms and some of them cost anywhere between 4k-10K to join.  If you click the link below you can gain  Full access to True Trading Group with a 7-day free trial then after that only $99 a month which you can cancel at any time. Give it a try today. I know they plan on raising the price soon, so make sure you lock in the low price today.

Click here for 7-day free trial

With True Trading Group, you will get

  • Full Access to Our Chatroom (mobile ready)
    Where You’ll Trade with & Learn from Real Pro Traders!
  • Real Time Email/SMS Stock Alerts!
  • Profitable Trades Daily!
  • Learn to Trade & Become TTG Certified!
  • Unlimited Access to our TTG Educational Video Library!
  • Access to All Premium Trading & Entrepreneurial Webinars!
  • Access & Opportunity to Supercharge Your TTG Membership by adding our Premium Niche Newsletters from TTG Certified Mentors!

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