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Cannabis and Marijuana News


By Amanda Morrall – Thu, 10 Dec 1998 – Edmonton Sun, A chronic pot smoker was jailed for five months yesterday despite claims he needs his daily takes for health reasons. A provincial court judge told Kenneth Kirk that he was compelled by law to send the 37-year-old marijuana advocate to jail and that finding him would be inappropriate. “I don’t make the laws,” Judge David Tilley told Kirk as he delivered the sentence. “My sole purpose is to interpret them. The best I can do in light of your medical condition is to impose a sentence I consider the rock bottom of the range,” he said. Kirk suffers from epilepsy and other ailments including bipolar disorder and chronic inflammation of his lower back. Crown prosecutor Larry Acker had asked that Kirk – the Pope of the Church of Reform Druids – be jailed for nine months and a year for the drug offenses. He pleaded guilty earlier to two counts each of trafficking and possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. One of the sets of charges was laid while Kirk was out on bail for the first offense in December 1996. Tilley said Kirk’s actions were an aggravating factor that had to be taken into account along with the fact that some of the drug sales involved minors. “It would be immoral and against community standards to try to change the laws so minors can buy hemp,” Kirk remarked. ┬áBut Tilley said he wouldn’t hold it against Kirk that he was a staunch advocate for the legalization of marijuana and that he wanted to make a political statement with his actions.Kirk’s lawyer Mike Furman said his client wasn’t trying to profit from selling drugs and that he was doing it only to support his 22-year-old habit. He asked Tilley to consider an intermittent sentence that would allow Kirk to serve the time on weekends to minimize any potential injury that could befall him in jail. Tilley rejected the proposal but asked that Kirk’s medical condition be made known to corrections officials.


A Brief History of Ken Kirk

A Brief Autobiography of Kenneth-Leonard: Kirk


Born in Edmonton, I was raised in rural Alberta with strong social, moral and work ethics. I’ve lived in Edmonton most of my adult life.


I have three children, a beautiful daughter Mackenzie (22) a handsome son Jason (21), and an ultra-cute baby daughter named Astarte who is three. Astarte’s mother is Avril Magara, a wonderful, talented and beautiful woman who I adore. I have two sisters and one brother.


My Mom is Irish and my father is a retired self-employed gasfitter, gas systems inspector, horseman and Equestrian judge who owns a small cattle and horse farm near Nevis, Alberta. His brother was a WWII veteran who served with the Royal Canadian Commando in the Dieppe raid and finally died in 1973 when I was twelve from wounds he sustained in the raid. He was a hero in my eyes because he fought against fascism.


My mother is a Jehovah’s Witness who’s trained as a mental health nurse and retired a bookkeeper. When I was eight years old mom taught me that we all are the only true ministers of our own faiths in accord with the Bible and the law. Now I’m an adult I understand what this means, and how our being ministers protects our real rights of conscience, belief, and assembly.


My mother’s father was a Mulatto/Irish farmer and jazz/swing saxophonist in Delburne, Alberta who dodged the draft in world war one. Before hemp was illegal Grandpa smoked hemp and grew hemp for windbreaks, seed grain, medicine and fiber like his grandparents did. He was part of the 1919 One Big Union coal miners strike in Alberta which was violently put down by the army. He told me of his co-workers who were rounded up like cattle and shot down like dogs. Grandpa also supported the Social Credit Party of Alberta while the party actually wanted to socialize the credit system, but he quit in disgust when that party sold out to the financiers and ultra-conservative religious extremists.


I have a confession to make. When I was fifteen I smoked my first joint in the basement of the Stettler home of Mr. & Mrs. Harle (the Solicitor General of Alberta and his wife) with their son and a couple of other friends, and I didn’t exhale. Hey, it was the seventies, and we wanted to be cool. I smoked pot for several years after that.


Eventually, I grew out of smoking it in the middle-late eighties and thought it the stuff of my rebellious youth. In 89 I found out that cannabis (from the Hebrew Kane boss) is in the original Hebrew text of the old testament in the list of ingredients for a sacred anointing oil mentioned in Exodus 30:22-33 while reading Zondervan’s Hebrew-English Old Testament Interlinear. Since, I’ve learned that cannabis appears four more times (Song of Solomon 4:8-14, Isaiah 43:23-24, Jeremiah 6: 20, and Ezekiel 27:19), and is spoken of as valuable or good. I have yet to find an English Bible that has cannabis translated correctly.


I got back into occasional recreational use in 1990.


I was motivated to be serious about the pro-marijuana movement mainly because I’m an epileptic who discovered my symptoms (like seizures, anger, tension, insomnia, and depression) are controlled by pot far better than they are controlled by the numerous pharmaceuticals I have been prescribed, and with far fewer side effects. Also, some of my friend’s lives and families had been destroyed by enforcement of prohibition.


I had my first grand mal seizure in 80 but was not sure what had happened and did not tell anyone for decades. I now believe that I experienced partial-absence seizures since I was a child. I was first diagnosed as an epileptic in … Read More