Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Funds are different types of equities such as bonds, shares and other types of investments. These function as securities and are used to track the essential indices. These funds are known as exchange-traded because just like stocks, these are also traded on the stock exchange market. These are different from mutual funds which are not traded via the stock exchange.

ETFs are of several types-

  • Bond ETFs
  • Industry ETFs
  • Inverse ETFs
  • Commodity ETFs
  • Currency ETFs

All these ETFs are for investing in different bonds, crude oil, gold, Euros or Canadian Dollars, technical industry, banking industry, and oil and … Read More

Penny Stocks Articles

Investing into Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are highly low-priced shares available at a rate of less than $5 per share and sometimes even less than $ 1 per share.

Penny stock investing is full of jeopardy which may or may not bring returns. It is for people who are capable of tolerating risks and downfall of money. Sometimes, the money invested can bring a good amount of profit but it may turn out to be the reverse situation also. Awareness and proper knowledge can help minimize the loss of money.

Just like, every coin has two faces, similarly, penny stock investments have its own … Read More

Penny Stocks Articles


Penny Stock investment and trading is the most inexpensive way of earning huge profits. But it might not be the right choice for everyone since there are big risks involved. If successful, these stocks can make the investor wealthy and if not, they can bring massive losses to. So, one should first look upon his/her financial condition and then make the decision to invest in penny stocks.

Especially, one should beware of the Dark Market stocks as they have a very high potential of losing money. Doing an ample amount of research is the best way of finding out why … Read More