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Grov GroveWare Technologies Ltd.

Mobile computing is a full-fledged disruptive trend in enterprise software and GroveWare Technologies Ltd. (GROV) is leading the revolution!

GROV has come up with apps that link remote workers smartphones and tablets back to the business intelligence systems that run the home office.

Don’t think Angry Birds time wasters here think work ticket routing, on-site billing, inventory and ordering on the go.

Wherever trucks are on the move and people need to get out into the field, GROV technology makes it happen!

I’ll talk more in a minute about how that’s already quadrupled GROV revenue over the last 12 months but we need to know how that relates to the stock.

Once glance at the chart should tell you all you need to know.

Is this the same GROV that we saw fighting to move a few hundred shares a week down at 5 cents back in April?

Yes, as GROVs potential lights up the market, traders are crowding into this ticker to make up for lost time.

Start the clock on August 6 when CEO Hrair Achkarian started teasing us with his expansion plans.

Then the contracts started rolling in!

New York state health inspectors are now using GROV software to collect on-site data and beam it back to their agencies. (Read more)

South Carolina is so happy with a pilot program they started awhile back that they’re rolling out across the state!

You can find GROV apps as far away as the oil-rich Persian Gulf yes, it works on the Blackberries they still love over there.

GROV was already raking in 30% growth on a quarter-to-quarter basis BEFORE these deals finalized, translating into a spectacular 365% revenue boost over the last year.

What’s got all these customers so excited is simple: studies show handing out phones and tablets makes field forces TWICE as productive!

And what’s got traders hot and bothered is the idea of 160 million corporate-owned mobile computers for GROV to get its software on, with 16 million coming online every year.

Either way, with all that NEWS on the wire, turnover has swelled from near-zero to a respectable 1 million shares on the peak days.

Put this volume spike into perspective: 99.96% of all GROV shares in play since mid-February have changed hands in just the last three weeks!

And all that demand for GROV has definitely translated into wild price action 35% on average up or down, every day this month!

While the volatility hasn’t always moved the close, day traders have still gotten a double-digit ride into the money on GROV about half the time and plenty of smaller hits.

Bottom Line: GROV is in play for the first time in history as its software transforms the way we work.

The action on its chart has already transformed quite a few traders portfolios may be there’s more to come?


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