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Penny Stock Watchlist update for March 26th

Here is our Penny Stocks watchlist update for March 26th, 2018

These are our top 5 penny stocks to watch in order.


  1. BKPPF– Block Capital One Inc.

    BKPPF chart is setting up just according to plan. On our BKPPF page we discussed how we believe a cup and handle pattern is starting to develop.

As you can see by the chart above BKPPF stock is currently looking like a possible trend reversal. It is putting in higher lows. If we see a breakout of the top of the uptrend(marked by the black line) BKPPF could head North very fast.  If a cup and handle chart pattern gets confirmed it wouldn’t surprise us to see a new 52 week high above $1.16 a share.  We are continuing to watch a reversal to be confirmed. When it does things could get exciting very quickly. An official announcement of their ICO launching could be the news needed to start a breakout.

2. LXGTF– Lexington Biosciences Inc.

We have been watching this stock awhile as a long-term 6 month Swing trade. Right now it is about to enter in that 6-month territory. We want to see it break resistance at .42 the levels of support we are watching are .32 and .34. We are waiting patiently to see if any FDA approval news comes.

3. MJNE– Mj holdings Inc.

This is a low float marijuana stock that we have on our radar. It has been trading sideways for a couple months. We are watching a close above $2 a share.

4.MMMW– Mass Megawatts Windpower Inc.

This is a very low float sub-penny stock. It only has 67 million authorized shares. It has a market cap of only around 500k. They have technology that they claim can produce electricity at 25% cheaper than other renewable power equipment. With a future of smart cars and blockchain technology taking up huge amounts of bandwidth and electricity if MMMW can live up to their claims they could be worth billions. Hypothetically speaking if the company ended up being worth 1 billion dollars down the road and you bought $1,000 worth of shares at .01 that $1,000 would end up being worth 1.5 million dollars. Now again they are still a penny stock so they will have to back up their claims. It will be interesting to watch. This is a High-risk High reward type play.

5. HMLA– Homeland Resources LTD.

This is a stock that may end up turning into a cult stock. This is a ticker that was dead since 2014 but filed and was accepted for reinstatement on 7/31/2017 with the Nevada Security of the State. It is believed they are making the transition to a marijuana company and may do a reverse merger. It has 250 million authorized shares. There has been a group on Social media pumping it. The group pumped a similar stock last year ELED from .0008 to .05. If this stock becomes a stock with a similar cult following it could move up very quickly because of its low float. This is a High-risk High reward type play.

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Here is why we like BKPPF Block One Capital

We love BKPPF Block One Capital Inc.

Members of the Ateam are most likely aware that we can’t stop talking about BKPPF. If you have been following us for awhile you know that we have been on fire when it comes to our long-term swing trade calls. We have become masters at identifying stocks that are just starting to get in the awareness stage. BKPPF currently ranks #1 on our penny stocks watchlist.

We believe BKPPF is currently in bear trap stage.

It looks like BKPPF is setting up the perfect cup and handle chart pattern!

Before you continue it is important that you read the article on the three different types of traders.


Here are the reasons why BKPPF is primed for a breakout.


1. BKPPF owns 90% of TG12 ventures Inc.


A TG12 ventures update was released and they now have 200 operating miners and they expect to have  1,000 miners in operation by the end of March.  Due to the cheap price of an estimated $0.10 per kilowatt an hour, this will give BKPPF a huge advantage over competitors. Their facility also has the ability to have as many as 600,000 miners. What that means is you can expect a lot of upcoming catalyst and news.

2. BKPPF Ownership in Finzat

The Senate just passed a bill to loosen Dodd-Frank, it looks like blockchain could introduce a massive change in the Mortgage industry.  Blockchains ability to execute and record complex transactions would be massively helpful and cost efficient for lenders and consumers. This puts  Finzat Block Inc. in an extremely favorable situation since they are on the forefront with BlockChain and Mortgages. This National Mortgage News article talks about how the mortgage industry can’t afford to fall behind on blockchain.

3. BKPPF ownership in Cuipo

Cuipo has been featured on Forbes, Huffington Post, and 20 other global publications. Their Dance for 1 meter is a rainforest preservation initiative that protects endangered lands by using a patented virtual grid system and tokenization method. They will be selling educational products at over 2,000 of the most popular Electronic music events in 2018-2019.  This will bring new eyes to the company and support a good cause while at the same time bringing revenue in.

 4. BKPPF through FINZAT hint at  future ICO

I don’t believe there has been an official press release yet,  but there is a hint of a huge potential future catalyst on this page of their website https://www.blockonecap.com/finzat/.

ICO announcements are bringing major share price increases for companies launching ICO’s in 2018. If news gets out about an ICO the price per share could skyrocket.

5. Millions have been invested in private placement offerings

Wealthy investors have placed millions in Non-Brokered Private Placement. In other words, they are so confident that the price per share of BKPPF will go up they are willing to invest in Non-Brokered deals. As you can see right here https://www.blockonecap.com/block-one-capital-inc-announces-5000000-non-brokered-private-placement/ that was just one private placement of 5 million dollars. People don’t invest that type of money unless they expect to get great ROI. In order for that investment to be worth it BKPPF price has to go up.

6. Huge Market Awareness Campaign

At the bottom of the article at http://coinchainmarket.com/article/blockchain-technology-revolution-created-immediate-opportunity-investors/ you can see this “CoinChainMarket.com is owned by JSG Communications & expects to be compensated up to $500,000.00 by Block One Capital Inc. for a period beginning March 3, 2018, and ending September 5, 2018, to publicly disseminate information about (BKPPF). We may buy or sell additional shares of (BKPPF) in the open market at any time, including before, during or after the Website and Information, provide public dissemination of favorable Information. We own zero shares.” 500,000 is a huge amount for market awareness and advertising! This is a detail that only Pro Traders seem to notice. If they are spending that much money for the market awareness you can expect an increase in buying volume as well as media attention. This is also why we believe that BKPPF is currently in just the “awareness stage” of the chart above. We love to buy low and sell high!

In Conclusion

BKPPF has everything we look for when we are considering a 2-3 month swing trade. It has several different ways to produce revenue, It has several potential upcoming catalysts, It has wealthy insider investors, and it has a huge marketing campaign.

Disclaimer: We are not financial advisors, We are not Brokers, We are not giving financial advice. Everything in this article is for entertainment purposes only. Penny Stocks are risky. Awesomepennystocks.com has not been compensated for spotlighting BKPPF Block one Capital Inc. We do know that  JSG Communications & expects to be compensated up to $500,000.00 by Block One Capital Inc. for a period beginning March 3, 2018 and ending September 5, 2018, to publicly disseminate information about (BKPPF). We may buy or sell additional shares of (BKPPF) in the open market at any time, including before, during or after the Website and Information, provide public dissemination of favorable Information. We currently own zero shares.

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Top penny stocks to watch in March

Top Penny stocks to watch in March 2018

by Sumedha Rewar

Here are some of the top penny stocks to watch in March. If you are looking to buy penny stocks make sure you take the time to do your research on the company. Penny stocks are risky. Sometimes they lack the volume or liquidity to invest large sums of money in them. They have the ability to go up huge or go down fast.

Top Blockchain Stock: BKPPF Block One Capital

This potential juggernaut has been busy!

  • They have acquired 40% Finzat Block LLC.  a Mortage blockchain company which will help streamline and digitize the United States Mortage market.
  • They have acquired 90% of TG12 Ventures a cryptocurrency mining operation which expects to have 1,000 miners operational by the end of this month
  • They have acquired 40% of OMAAT LTD. dba CUIPO a company that helps with conservation efforts and Rainforest Preservation.

Top marijuana stock: MJNE- Mj Holdings Inc.

MJ holdings is a marijuana penny stock that has been flying under the radar. It has a tiny float of under 700 million shares according to OTCmarkets.com It also has the majority of the outstanding shares restricted and owned by insiders. MJNE was up as high as $8.50 a share in 2018. They just launched a new website. Right now the stock doesn’t have a lot of volume. If volume picks up first resistance is at $3 on the chart.  One of the most popular and most followed cannabis stock investors has given MJNE a price target of over $10 a share.

MJNE marijuana-stock


Lexington Biosciences is in the process of getting FDA approval on their revolutionary personalized cardiovascular health monitoring device the HeartSentry.  Experts predict that in the next two years the personalized home blood pressure monitoring instruments market will exceed 2.6 Billion dollars. Right now in the United States 1 out of every 3 deaths are caused by heart disease and stroke. This company provides the unique opportunity to help save lives while making money.



*Editor’s Note: The author of this article has no position in any of the stocks mentioned nor in any competitor stocks. The opinions expressed are solely her own and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Awesome Penny Stocks.

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