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Is it worth buy stock in Atlas Cloud Enterprises Inc ATLEF or is the company a scam?

ATLEF- Atlas Cloud Enterprises Inc

The year is now 2019 and crypto stocks have cooled down a little but does that just mean the company were a scam or the phase is over or do companies like ATLEF have a real future? In are opinion Crypto and cloud computing  is still going to play a huge role in our future. The question is are publicly traded companies planning to be apart of that future or are they just trying to sell shares and make money by fooling investors? Make sure you check out our weekly watchlist for the best penny stocks to buy every month.

A little about the company


Atlas Cloud Enterprises Inc. has the ticker symbol as ATELF. The company has its headquarters in Vancouver and aims at becoming a technical giant with supreme cryptocurrency mining in Northern America.

The company provides colocation, cloud computing, telecom equipment, back-up IT services to small to mid-sized businesses in Canada. The concept is majorly for the small startup companies (or a bit higher in range) to offer a dedicated space to begin a business. It could be the provision of high- speed internet services, relevant workshops, office infrastructure, chairs, desks and other utilities of new companies to grow in their technological field.

Frederick W. Stearman is the President, CEO & Director of Atlas Cloud Enterprises Inc. since the year 2014. He has already performed excellently in his career (from 1983) and is considered as the major promoter for the investors to trust the management of this company. One more reason for the strengthened position of the company is that it owns its properties and facilities. The asset value is on the higher side which gives an upper edge to the organization.


52-week range of ATLEF is $0.08 – 1.49. Atlas Cloud works with the innovative concepts and valued partnerships to earn the required revenues. The technological hub brings every useful concept for the prospective clients to get the most used models. The success formula is to give the cheapest deals to the world with the best facilities with excellence in operations. The company is aiming to become the prime crypto-currency mining and technological hubs. The strategies followed by the higher management are quite realistic and ideal for the appropriate growth level.


The technology is complicated with the idealistic approach making it as simple. Atlas Cloud takes initiatives to become the best blockchain (it enables users to pay money directly and securely from one place to the other, without the assistance of any bank or other sources.


4 Factors making the company a strong choice:


  1. Cheapest power: Atlas has an access to electricity at 0.03/kWh which is one of the cheapest power values at the global level. It has the futuristic approach of becoming one of the most profitable mining operations in NA region.
  2. Growth Platform: Atlas has projections of excelling organically with low power sources in the data centers.
  3. Proprietary facility: Atlas has the major strength of owning many assets in their inventory. The company owns many prime locations for its data centers and inventories.
  4. Jurisdiction: There are many giant companies having jurisdiction over Washington State due to economic, political and social stability. This is a major sector for the people who require technology and value it to the greatest level.


It is anticipated that Atlas Cloud Enterprise Inc. will gain stability in the times to come with its associated companies and organic re-investment strategies. Atlas has the positive edge with the low-cost scalability and excellent infrastructure of the properties makes it an appropriate choice for the investors looking for the business solutions with flexibility and stability.


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Is BLPFF stock a scam? Or is it a real company

BLPFF- BLOK Technologies Inc.

Is BLPFF stock a scam or it is worth owning?

Awesome penny stocks is very vocal that we consider every stock a scam and we trade it accordingly. That doesn’t mean every company is an actual scam it just means that when it comes to trading stocks there are usually some manipulation involved.

Some general information about BLPFF

BLK is the ticker symbol for the company BLOK Technologies Inc. based in British Columbia province of North America. This company invests in the developing companies in the blockchain technology sector. The company offers managerial, financial and technological services provided to the blockchain-enabled ventures. The former name of the company was Aida Minerals Corp. and its name changed to BLOK Technologies very recently in January 2018.

BLOK Technologies is recently making progress and taking appropriate decisions to get the higher entrusted investors. This public company moves on to the prospective companies based on blockchain technology. It has also accomplished the target for its Greenstream Network Platform by completion of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and its Alpha release is ready for demonstration. GreenStream Network is basically meant for providing benefits to the Cannabis industry shareholders. It ensures that there will be legalized payment gateway drafted for making an easy blockchain-enabled platform for Cannabis industry.

Greenstream has participated actively in Collision 2018 (New Orleans), along with some of the other supreme events and conferences to showcase its blockchain technology. These events have given a growth for the investors to trust these blockchain concepts and reveal the opportunity to collaborate further with the developers and industry professionals. BLOCK Technologies Inc. has moved towards the next phases of development with the positive response from Greenstream. The major key is to commercialize the network and gain money from the market to assure fullest revenue growth to the investors.

The Board and Management have recently terminated the agency agreement with Gravitas Security Inc. and Canaccord Genuity Corp. for acting as co-lead agents. This decision will be more cost effective and ultimately prove out to be a boon for the existing stockholders and the newcomers for making the investment.

BLOK Tech focuses on the provision of the best investment opportunities and clubbing the funds for prospective revenue growth. This amendment will prove out to create balanced finance arrangement and hence, lead out a better position for the growth of the company. Now, BLOK  Technology will move ahead with the Private Placement by offering 5 million Units of the company to raise the amount in the form of common share.

The market capitalization of BLOK Technologies is $7.8 million (approximate) and the 52-week range is $ 0.01 – 1.50. The disclosure of new events has built a trust in the mind of stockholders. The company is making the investment in strategies way to accumulate the general working capital. All the securities will have a hold period of 4 months and will require the approval of the CSE (Canadian Securities Exchange). The team of BLOK Technologies Inc. is highly knowledgeable, progressive and expert in their stream having an assembly to give the right performance. Blockchain investments by the company would be made in a traditional and transparent mode to make the investors clear about the actions. The company has an opportunity to grow in the respective streams with an aim at transforming various industries. The real needs on the blockchain platform will be recognized and fulfilled by the experts leading the company towards a better move.



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