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Penny Stocks – The best ones to buy in the next month

Penny Stocks Watchlist


During the summer months, the OTC market slows down. People are going on summer vacations and spending time with their children. People have less time to buy stocks. A lot of penny stocks come down in the summer because of this and because so many of them have toxic notes.  What the average investors don’t know is that there is huge opportunity to buy stocks low in the Summer and hold them for a few months and make some huge gains while everyone else is distracted during summer vacations.

Penny Stocks we have been watching

We have three OTC gems that we have been watching and have decided to pull the trigger on and buy.


GNOW- American CareSource Holdings, Inc.

GNOW is a stock with a very small float according to OTCmarkets.com it has a float of only 13.9 million. According to their website, http://www.gonowdoctors.com GNOW is able to provide immediate care to patients so that patients won’t have to wait 2-4 weeks to see a doctor.  They own clinics and are able to provide primary care, urgent care, and also have onsite labs and x-rays. They are set up so you won’t have to wait in a waiting room for hours. This stock is a very exciting and super low float stock in the medical service industry.

ULGX- Urologix

This company has a tiny market cap of only 2.6 million and a super low float! ULGX has a beautiful chart. What really excites us is the sudden increase in volume! According to Urologix.com ULGX is cutting edge on the treatment of BPH or enlarged prostate. Over 200 million men worldwide suffer from BPH!  This is a multi-billion dollar market! If ULGX were to grab just a small market share and have a market cap of 42 million that would mean the stock price would be at $2 a share! Always fun to gamble on penny stocks with a potential of going up thousands of percent!

VCTL- Rainmaker Systems Inc.

According to their website, viewcentral.com,  ViewCentral specializes in learning management systems for large corporations. They are able to help fortune 500 companies increase revenue and efficiency by having a proven automated system which can train new employees and current employees. Initially, it was the increase in volume out of nowhere that caught our eye.  VCTL has only 42 million shares outstanding according to OTC markets. We looked a little deeper and found on their website that they work with some major companies already like HP, Synopsys, Abbott, and Ariba found on their website http://www.viewcentral.com/company.html this is almost unheard of for a company trading under $1 a share! Given the short data and the sudden increase in volume, we are very bullish on VCTL!



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