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Andi-Andiamo Corporation a stock worth buying?

Andi-Andiamo Corporation

ANDI is the ticker symbol for Andiamo Corporation based in Michigan (United States). The company prepares prepackaged software solutions and smartphone apps being used in 80 countries at the global level. The former name of the company was Title Consulting Services, Inc. and it revamped its name to Andiamo in the year 2011. The company was formed in 2000.

At present, the President cum CEO of Andiamo Corp. is Mr. William White and he is on the board of directors at Andiamo Corp. The mobile applications by the company are floated for Google Android and Apple iPhone. As per the FINRA processing, the ticker symbol of the company is changing to $UTOP within the next few weeks. With this name change, the company has planned to acquire a new transfer agent for a better transparency.

There are even steps taken for ensuring that the company’s policies remain transparent and communicative with the stockholders. The stock structure of the company is very clear. The present transfer agents are switched to make the information readily available to the stockholders. It gives a feeling of trust to the people who are looking for the fair gameplay in the terms of trading. The 52-week range of the company’s stock price is 0.0001-0.0395.

The 2 subsidiaries of Andiamo Corp. are Action App Corporation and All-Pro Apps Corporation. The company has now secured rights for 140+ applications developed by its own technical experts and with 2 subsidiaries. The management team has determined to fit the Utopya Software system in the company’s ecosystem by selecting the most promising apps. This evaluation is based on bringing the level of the company to a higher level. Utopya is aiming to be considered as the most trusted brand in the mobile industry with its best offerings to the mobile world.

The advisor of the company Ilja Laurs is the venture capitalist and aspires to give her best to the company’s stats. Mr. Laurs has a track of bringing the company’s status to a higher level and has done a lot in the mobile service industry. The analysts suggest that he has a prospective way of handling startups and bring them to a higher level from scratch. The Wall Street Journal has rewarded Ilja among the ’25 European Tech Leaders’. With his immense passion and knowledge of the mobile software, he will add to the value to its team and the company’s position will gradually improve with the same.

Penny stocks are risky but if the new or prospective companies are given a chance with in-depth analysis, there are chances to bring the best out of them by investing in them and trusting them in the right way. The risks and uncertainties are endless for every company but a right management team excludes such factors and brings the best out of the companies to manage growth, equipment, human resources, and technology in its best way. Andiamo Corporation has many good prospects and could be considered for investment to get the required returns.

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Is ANDI Andiamo corp. the real deal?

ANDI Andiamo corp.

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The Andiamo Corp (ANDI) holding is Micro-cap Company which is operating in the USA. The company begins their operation on the 7th of June 2000. The brief introduction before going deep into the company profile and their stocks is important. The company basically operates and earns their profit from the already constructed software services providing in the market. It is the micro-cap trade which is generally considered the general public company in the USA. The public but the stock as the investment in the company and in return they get their shared profit by the firm.

The ANDI corps generally started their operations in the three ties application which are used for the phone games, trackers, security, alarm, mirror flashlights and other applications which are required in the mobiles. They are three developers companies working under the ANDI. they main sector company targeted sector of this company is technology.


Now let’s talk about the present situation of the technological market on the global market so we can compare and contrast the present situation of the company with the competitors and their stocks in the market. As they are providing their market and consumers with the already constructed software services and it is also micro-cap holding in which the public who has bought there shares are the maximum owner of the company so their decision towards the company also matters. However, as I was talking about the technological there stocks are doing much well in the market as it was opened with the highest rate of 0.035 and closed over the 0.033 and in this current month, they shares are going on the frequency of above 0.030.

Micro Stock Analysis

Now we can talk about the trading information of the company as I was reviewing their present situation and conduct the data analysis there estimated the total volume of if quite going between and above $ 30,868,018, but if we talk about the average volume of their trading data of three months it is quite $ 103,910,907. The opening and the closing of their shares in the market remained over the 0.03 which is not so good but also not that bad for the general public. However, the company has to pay for their outstanding shares of 0.14M. The market capital is zero which is a good sign but the enterprise values are 1210500.00. And the most important part the profitability margin of the company is 100.00% in the present situation.


Now its time to talk about the ANDI projects from which they are earning their majority of the profit well, it is the rights of the shareholders to know about their projects. They have invested in peppermint Jim which is Arizona based company who specifically deals with the pure pepper mind oil and old products. Recently, the company has also announced that they will support it key they key growth of their initiatives. They have planned and decided to stick to their one product business operations and make it more diverse for their market and the actual source of development and growth for the company. They are planning to make their one major source of product with the association of the different companies. As this will rebrand the ANDI CORP and expand their business operations.

Future Plans

With this plan for the ANDI, they have taken the initiative in this year related to the conducting and making of new plans and looking for the companies and different industries to work with them. They are putting more efforts to rebrand their brand name and increase their presence in their consumer and shareholders market. Furthermore, informs for our Corporation Outline leaf on OTC Markets have been acquiesced and will show up there as a Confirmed Company Outline in the next twosome of days. As mentioned by their ANDI Management:

We are very excited about the positive business effects this new direction has already had on the Company, and we will continue to seek out additional new business opportunities,” stated William White, Chairman, and CEO of Andiamo Corporation. “Our plan is to use our Website as well as various Social Media outlets to increase shareholder and market awareness.”


Let’s talk about the pros of the company as their present situation is quite below the expectation of the market and as they started their business they were constantly above the line but in previous few years they are facing serious trouble with this tribalistic environment, there are some advantages they are gaining over again. The first major pro to the ANDI is the flexibility they have in payment of the taxes. They can pay their tax according to the legal mentioning of they can pay as the sole company, S corporation, or C corporation. They have to make the more paperwork which is a good thing to keep the records and maintain all of their statuses, their liabilities are not so bent but their profit is also in the overwhelmed numbers. The flow of their income and taxation are shared among their partners, shareholders, and associates of the corporation.


As I was conducting the research about their present situation and cons the corporation is facing in the current environment is the high rate of competitors. Because the technological innovation has been identified and increasing of the daily basis and for the construction of updated software’s on the daily basis is a really difficult task it takes time, effort and man mental power to renovate and rebrand the system. Therefore, the competitors are gaining this advantage over them and they are facing serious difficult time. They are also facing the harder times in the management of their capitals as the economic and political environment changes it becomes more difficult to maintain the numbers.



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