SureTrader is an online broker which is a part of the MintBroker International, Ltd. which was founded in 2008. The company is based in the Bahamas and its brokerage or dealings are controlled by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. This online broker is fully authorized and licensed, hence safe.

This online broker is very useful for those who do not have much money and they can trade to their heart’s extent by using this platform. It is also the best stage for international traders.

Why neophyte investors use SureTrader?

It has very fewer fees and wider options for any newcomer. Novice traders can also trade virtually without incurring any losses before entering the actual trading world. It provides a $100,000 free demo for beginners because of which it has gained immense popularity.

Why professional traders use SureTrader?

It is also popular among professional traders due to the advanced features it provides and its day trading rules are not value pattern. SureTrader Desktop or SureTrader Pro is also trendy among expert users. Quick order placements, availability of short shares and pink sheet stocks are enough to please any regular day trader. This broker is used to short penny stocks.

SureTrader has three trading platforms for its users namely SureTrader Desktop (available @ $49 per month), Web Based Trading (free) and SureTrader Mobile (iPhone or Android) app (available @ $25 per month).

The customer service of this app can sometimes be a little difficult. This has been analyzed from the complaints that have been put up as reviews by the customers. Sometimes the lines get busy and the wait becomes prolonged due to which there is a risk of losing the desired shares. Sometimes these comments are also put up by people who have been unsuccessful in this trade. It is not recommended to rely on these comments and make a judgment.

One should be very careful and well aware before jumping into this pool. Even though it is a well-proposed platform but everything cannot work out for all people. SureTrader is an all in one stage where all kinds of traders interested in non-patterned dealings.

What types of dealings are done here?

Assets such as traditional stocks, options, and ETFs are commonly traded here. Otherwise, more than 10,000 assets can be traded here excluding mutual funds, forex or bonds and futures.

Shares and stocks that are traded via New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ are easily available here and this gives broader access to the stock aspirants as they get multiple options to choose from. Also, those who are interested in penny stock investments; SureTrader provides these stocks for those who have the right to use to Pink Sheets. The customers get to see the speculations that are possible in the penny stock market.

One gets the opportunity of trading in Exchange Traded Funds and trade through a single trade instead of making various trades. Also, the trading fee for each deal is very affordable and reasonable because of which, all kinds of customers can open and handle accounts on SureTrader.

Therefore, this platform is indeed one of the best online brokers to do share the market business with. Both beginners and professionals can do easy trades here.

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