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List of Stocks broken down by sector

Here is a list of different pages dedicated to certain types of stocks. Each page will also have more stocks listed on that page. We put this together to make it easy for you to easily sort through different type of stocks. Click on the linked text below to access the page. If you believe certain stocks should be added to the list please comment on the page. The more everyone can pitch in and help out the more useful information we will all have.

Marijuana Stocks – This has a list of marijuana stocks in both the OTC and those trading in countries like Canada. We also put a few of the stocks on a watch-list when we believe they could see some buying momentum. This list will include stocks that are in any way or form related to the marijuana and Cannabis industry. Make sure you scroll through the entire page. It can be a little overwhelming at first which is why we recommend bookmarking our site so you can come back another time.

Bitcoin Stocks – Crypto Currency has taken the world by storm. On the one side you have people who believe it will be a huge part of the future and others that believe it is just a fad. We put a list together of a few of the more popular crypto-currencies stocks. Please feel free to comment with any new stocks that you feel should be added.

Oil Stocks – Oil is an industry that has been around one of the longest in the stock market. The sector has had its up and downs but has always seem to recover and grow. On this page you will find a list of oil stocks and oil penny stocks. Please feel free to comment on the page with stocks you feel should be added.

Gold Stocks – Gold is another industry that has changed the world over the last several thousands of years. Today most of the worlds gold is traded and bought by India and by China but there is still huge money in gold. This list will include any companies that are related to Gold including Gold mining companies.

Sub Penny Stocks – This is a list of stocks we put together that are under .01 and under 1 billion authorized shares. This list is changing all the times so it is important to try to verify authorized shares with a transfer agent.

Biotech Stocks – This is a list of biotechnology companies. The list will include both penny stocks as well as more establish stocks. Biotech stocks are popular because of their big swings in price.

Tech Stocks – Technology stocks have become some of the most valued stocks in the world. On this page we like to focus on stocks that are still under the radar you will find a  list of several different Tech Stocks.

Food Stocks– This page has a list of food and beverage stocks. You can click on the linked stocks at the bottom to get more information on each stock.

Penny Stocks List – This list include which stocks we have on our monthly watchlist. You will find a variety of different stocks here.

Solar Stocks – This is a list of solar energy stocks. Many believe clean energy is the future. This list give some of the hottest solar stocks.

Golden Star Resources Ltd. (GSS)

Golden Star Resources Ltd. (GSS)

Golden Star Resources Ltd. (GSS) is a gold mining and exploration company with operation in Ghana, West Africa. The company also conducts gold exploration in other countries in South America and West Africa and. The company’s shares currently trades around 0.80 per share with an average daily volume of 1,443,610.

The company has market capitalization of 220 million with earnings per share of -0.08 in the latest quarter. Its outstanding shares are standing around 350,542,989 while authorized shares are unlimited at par value.

Numerous investigators are giving their Estimated Earnings examination to Golden Star Resources, Ltd and for the present quarter 4 experts have anticipated that the stock could give an Average Earnings appraisal of $0.02/share. These investigators have additionally anticipated a Low Estimate of $0.01/offer and a High Estimate of $0.02/offer.

If there should arise an occurrence of Revenue Estimates, 1 experts have given their accord Average Revenue Estimates for Golden Star Resources, Ltd as 61.64 Million. As indicated by these investigators, the Low Revenue Estimate for Golden Star Resources, Ltd is 61.64 Million and the High Revenue Estimate is 61.64 Million. The organization had Year Ago Sales of 56.45 Million.

These investigators additionally determined Growth Estimates for the Current Quarter for GSS to be 150%. They are anticipating Next Quarter development of – 33.3%. For the following 5 years, Golden Star Resources, Ltd is expecting Growth of 10% for each annum, though in the previous 5 years the development was 19.38% for each annum.

Some buy side examiners are additionally giving their Analysis on Golden Star Resources, Ltd, where 0 investigators have appraised the stock as Strong purchase, 1 experts have given a Buy signal, 1 said it’s a HOLD, 2 reported it as Underperform and 0 examiners evaluated the stock as Sell.

McEwen Mining, Inc.

McEwen Mining, Inc.

McEwen Mining, Inc. is a Canadian growing gold and silver producer with projects in the Americas. The goal of McEwen Mining is to be a gainful gold and silver maker in the S&P 500.

The company has operations in Argentina, Mexico and Nevada. Some are underway; others are at investigation or early improvement stage. All inclusive creation for 2016 is figure to be around 144,000 ounces of gold identical.

Analysts like McEwen Mining, as it has, in their perspective, the best administration as Rob McEwen, who claims 25% of the organization. Mr. McEwen has conceivably the best notoriety for achievement and remunerating shareholders in the business. He is greatly moral and just advantages if shareholders advantage.
For instance, he pays himself no pay, he issues himself no rewards, no alternatives, and no prizes. He just picks up if the stock value rises. Presently, that is extremely uncommon in this world.

McEwen Mining as of now has no obligation, USD46m in fluid resources, a PE of 46, and a business sector top of USD1.165b.

Given the organization is expanding generation levels every year, and has been expanding holds with new revelations, analysts have evaluated 2017 creation to achieve 170,000 of gold proportionate. That gives an end-2017 valuation of $4.26, or an upside of 9% (in view of a cost of USD750/ounce and a PE of 15).

Obviously, ought to the gold cost rally, this will increment. Agreement investigator conjectures are for a purchase and an objective cost of USD4.00. Analysts would recommend to purchase some at this level and to add on any noteworthy business sector plunges. This stock will dependably exchange on a premium in view of a splendid CEO in Rob McEwen.

Its shares are currently trading around 3.77 a share with a market capitalization of 1.13 billion and outstanding shares at 80,409,480, while authorized shares are at 1000,000,000.

Gold Reserve Inc.

Gold Reserve Inc.

Gold Reserve Inc. is an exploration-stage company. It is engaged in the business of acquiring, exploring and developing mining projects. It currently has negative earnings. The company’s stock surged massively in the last couple of weeks following Venezuela settlement.

Gold Reserve Inc will get about $770 million as a major aspect of a settlement with Venezuela for the 2008 seizure of its Brisas gold and copper venture in a course of action that relies on upon the nation securing financing.

Installment is relied upon to be made in two portions: $600 million before the end of October and the rest by year-end, the Spokane, Washington-based organization said in an announcement Monday. Venezuela likewise consented to purchase the organization’s digging information for $240 million and go into a together possessed organization with Gold Reserve for a 18,000-hectare claim including the Brisas Cristinas store.

Its stock price jumped as much as 28% following the news of settlement. Currently, its shares are trading around 4.28 a share with an average daily volume of 188,557. Its market capitalization currently stands around 371 million, while outstanding share are around 77 million and the company has unlimited authorized shares.

Price of gold declined by 1.5% on Friday and endured their first weekly decline. Notwithstanding, Goldman Sachs said that gold stocks were ideally valued. Examiners at the monetary major went ahead to say that they saw generous upside to these stocks regardless of the rally they have delighted in this year.

Friday’s decay was for the most part inferable from rate trek worries that started off solid inflation information. Nonetheless, Goldman Sachs trusts that the decrease was over the top in nature. Also, a rate trek may prompt a fall in costs, yet such a decrease would just be brief in nature.

IAMGOLD (NYSE:IAG) shares has surged significantly this year

IAMGOLD (NYSE:IAG) shares has surged significantly this year

IAMGOLD (NYSE:IAG) shares has surged significantly this year, ascending more than 170% on the back of an ascent in gold prices. This is not shocking as the change in the price of the gold has permitted IAMGOLD to realize a quick change in its budgetary results, particularly the money position.

IAMGOLD has possessed the capacity to capture the rate of drop in its revenue this year on the back of higher gold prices. In the meantime, its working income has begun getting at the end of the day, while gross margin disintegration has ended to a considerable measure of degree.

The authorized share capital of the Filer consists of an unlimited number of first preference shares, issuable in series, an unlimited number of second preference shares, issuable in series, and an unlimited number of common shares of which, as at March 31, 2016, nil first preference shares, nil second preferences hares and 143,512,347 IAMGold Shares were issued and outstanding.

Yet, all’s not well for IAMGOLD as the organization’s shares have lost a considerable measure of estimation generally. Truth be told, in the wake of discharging its second-quarter comes about on August 3, IAMGOLD shares have lost an astounding 26% of their worth. This can be ascribed to the organization’s blended budgetary execution as its income missed appraisals.

Also, to the extent the cost profile is concerned, IAMGOLD is not in a decent position when contrasted with its adversaries. Indeed, IAMGOLD’s gross margin does not hold a flame against its associates. Its adversaries have way higher gross margin that have gotten pace recently because of enhanced gold evaluating.

As I would like to think, there are better wagers in the gold business. IAMGOLD has had a noteworthy keep running available in this way, yet high expenses could pull the organization down. Along these lines, speculators ought to think about booking as some benefits in IAMGOLD and rather change to other higher-edge players in the business until and unless it cuts down its expenses to sensible levels with a specific end goal to exploit better gold estimating.

Exeter Resources (NYSEMKT:XRA)

Exeter Resources (NYSEMKT:XRA)

Exeter Resources (NYSEMKT:XRA) owns the Caspiche mine in Chile, which has a massive 40 million ounces of gold Measured & Indicated Mineral Resources. But the gold is in the form of lower-grade sulfide ore that is expensive to mine and process, so the project will require higher gold prices to make it economical. If and when it does become economical, though, 40 million ounces is a lot of gold that the mine can produce.

Exeter stock has done quite well this year too: it has gone from $0.321 on January 19 to $1.38, a 330% gain. But it has the potential to catch up to stocks like VGZ and THM, which gained over 600% — plus analysts expect all of these stocks to continue to rise, along with the gold miner sector in general, as the young gold bull market continues to grow.

The metric for Exeter that really stands out for analysts is the company’s valuation per ounce of gold in the ground at its current market cap. At the present market value of about $125 million, Exeter is being valued right now at only $3.13 per ounce of gold in the ground. Yes, the decimal point is in the correct place, you are reading it right, that’s three dollars and change per ounce of gold in the ground.

Those kinds of valuations existed for a number of gold miners back in the depths of the bear market lows in 2015 or in January of this year, but for the most part those valuations have risen substantially by now. It is a rare opportunity to still be able to buy a gold miner with a large deposit at such a price.
Clearly the market does not yet believe gold prices will rise high enough to make Caspiche economical. But as the examples of Vista Gold and International Tower Hill Mines show, this bull market can change its mind and re-price stocks like Exeter in a hurry. I expect Exeter Resource Corp. to be the next gold stock to really pop in the next leg up of this bull market. Its outstanding shares are standing around 88 million, while authorized shares at 100,000,000 shares without par value.

Entree Gold (NYSEMKT:EGI)

Entree Gold (NYSEMKT:EGI)

At first look, shares of Entree Gold (NYSEMKT:EGI) may look alluring to financial specialists, yet when you burrow further, shares convey an excessive amount of danger.

The organization has a strong accounting report, with $27 million in real money and no obligation as of the second quarter 2015. Dust storm Gold (NYSEMKT:SAND), Rio Tinto (NYSE:RIO) and Turqoise Hill (NYSE:TRQ) are significant shareholders in the organization as they hold 12%, 11% and 9% of the organization’s shares, which can be seen as an outsider acceptance of the organization’s benefits.

Entree claims 100% of the monstrous Ann Mason venture in Arizona, which conveys a pre-charge net present estimation of $1.15 billion, well over the organization’s present business sector top of $49.25 million. Also, obviously, Entree claims a 20% enthusiasm for two copper-gold deposits called Oyu Tolgoi, which is conveyed to creation by the monstrous copper mineworker Rio Tinto.

In any case, when burrowing somewhat more profound, you can see that shares convey an excess of danger here for a venture.

Initially, Entree Gold claims that Ann Mason conveys positive financial matters, however analystts don’t trust this to be valid. As said, by consequences of a redesigned preparatory financial appraisal, Ann Mason conveys a pre-charge net present estimation of $1.15 billion, and an interior rate of return of 15.8%. The overhauled PEA expanded plant throughput by 20%, from 100,000 to 120,000 tons for every day.

In any case, this $1.15 billion valuation is really in light of $3 per pound copper, and copper right now exchanges at just $2.43 per pound. When you take the “low case” of $2.75 per copper pound and utilize a post-charge esteem rather (with a 7.5% rebate), the venture’s quality tumbles to $339 million.

At current copper costs, the worth ought to be far lower. The company’s shares are currently trading around 0.28 a share with outstanding shares are around 145 million. Its outstanding shares are around 152 million and authorized shares are at 2,500,000,000 common shares.

TransAtlantic Petroleum (NYSEMKT:TAT)

TransAtlantic Petroleum (NYSEMKT:TAT)

At the point when the shareholders of TransAtlantic Petroleum (NYSEMKT:TAT) accumulated for the yearly shareholder meeting, things looked really troubling. The loan specialists needed out and another managing an account relationship was distressfully required. Dropping oil costs were just exacerbating things. Furthermore one of Turkey’s neighbors is battling a common war.

Its outstanding shares are at 40,708,120, while authorized share are standing around 100,000,000.

The organization figured out how to acquire an advance, as expressed in the second quarter report, notwithstanding the fairly precarious circumstance in Turkey and its neighbors. While the term credit may not be the best, it will permit the organization do as such some penetrating and endeavor to look after generation. The organization has officially declared the spud of the principal well since the begin of the year.

Since the organization reported trade stream from operations out abundance of $6 million, notwithstanding the money related turmoil, there is a strong base whereupon to expand on. The exchanges above, joined with the money on the accounting report implied the organization had about $20 million in real money to spend.
The confined money was for the most part discharged and the organization put some money from the new term credit into its financial records. That is a gigantic increment in liquidity for an organization of this size.

Regardless of the asset report appearances, the shareholders claim the $58 million of convertible notes, and have made different advances to bolster this organization amid the current budgetary turmoil. So shareholder needs will decide the keeping rebuilding of the organization. Other then the term advance, there might be about another $5 million or so long haul liabilities to irrelevant gatherings.

That sum will be overhauled with the following 10-K. Be that as it may, the significant shareholders keep on supporting this organization. That is the key. The president and his youngsters have vowed some individual resources. Else this organization would have never made it. There has been some shareholder weakening as a consequence of these means, yet the option is far more awful.

Zion Oil and Gas, Inc. (Zion Oil)

Zion Oil and Gas, Inc. (Zion Oil)

Zion Oil and Gas, Inc. (Zion Oil) is an underlying stage oil and gas investigation organization with oil and gas investigation in Israel. It holds two investigation licenses covering roughly 162,100 sections of land coastal in the State of Israel between Netanya in the south and Haifa in the north.

Its outstanding shares are at 36,400,000, while authorized share are standing around 200,000,000.

Zion Oil and Gas had a yearly essential combined EPS of $-0.1953 for the period finished 2015-12-31. For the quarter finished 2015-12-31 which was on quarterly premise, the fundamental united EPS perusing was $-0.1953.

Zion’s reported $-0.1953 as the essential EPS from proceeding with operations for the yearly time frame finished 2015-12-31. Quarterly fundamental EPS from proceeding with operations remained at $-0.1953 for the three-month time frame finished 2015-12-31.

From its guardian organization, Zion Oil and Gas got essential EPS of $-0.1953 for the yearly time frame finished 2015-12-31. EPS commitment from the guardian organization was $-0.1953 which was on quarterly premise for the period finished 2015-12-31.

A fundamental net EPS of $-0.2 was accounted for by Zion for the yearly time frame finished 2015-12-31. For the three-month time frame finished 2015-12-31 which was on a quarterly premise, the organization’s essential net EPS remained at $-0.2.

For the period finished 2015-12-31, $-0.1953 was accounted for as the yearly consolidated EPS perusing. was $-0.1953 for the quarter finished 2015-12-31.
Consolidated EPS of $-0.1953 was gotten by Zion from its guardian organization which was for the yearly time frame finished 2015-12-31. For the quarter finished 2015-12-31, consolidated EPS commitment from the guardian was $-0.1953 on quarterly premise. For the yearly time frame finished 2015-12-31, $-0.1973 was posted by Zion Oil and Gas as net fundamental EPS perusing.

Synergy Resources Corp Looks Strong Amid Expansion Strategies

Synergy Resources Corp Looks Strong Amid Expansion Strategies

Credit Suisse has started coverage of Synergy Resources Corp with an outperform rating and a value focus of $9, speaking to a potential upside of 53 percent versus the gathering at 26 percent upside.

Its outstanding shares are at 77,999,082, while authorized share are standing around 200,000,000.

After the organization’s obtaining of 33,100 net sections of land inside its center Greeley Crescent improvement territory from Noble Energy, Inc. In May of this current year, Synergy now assesses it has more than 1,000 gross longer horizontal boring areas in the Greeley Crescent advancement region alone.

“This speaks to — 10 years of center stock accepting a more fast 2017 boring system calling for 68 gross Mid-Length (ML) wells and 34 net Long-Length (LL) wells,” Mark Lear wrote in a note.

In the mean time, the organization likewise holds extra stock inside its 47,000 aggregate net sections of land in the Wattenberg Fairway. Another 52,000 net sections of land in the Northeast Extension region implies “further upside potential in an enhanced item value environment.”

“SYRG’s present penetrating and finish calendar ought to drive 74 percent generation development, which when combined with the sizable undeveloped real esatate procurement drives best-in-class numerous pressure in respect to the more extensive E&P gathering and Wattenberg peers,” Lear highlighted.

“In particular, our assessments require a two year creation CAGR of 67 percent, which ought to drive products down from 22.0x in 2016 to 6.2x in 2018 (EVIEBITDA at the prospects strip),” Lear proceeded.

Also, the expert pointed out that the organization’s influence stays sub 2.0x in 2017 and packs further to 1.7x in 2018 when again expecting fates strip evaluating. At time of writing, shares of Synergy were up 4.76 percent on the day at $6.16.

Tengasco, Inc. (NYSEMKT: TGC)

Tengasco, Inc. (NYSEMKT: TGC)

Tengasco, Inc. (NYSEMKT: TGC) as of late declined to acknowledge a buyout offer that esteemed it at $0.2736 per share. The offer originated from a substance calling itself ICN Fund. The leading body of Tengasco took a gander at the offer and in the wake of assessing it deliberately, it turned the decision that it underestimated the organization.

Its outstanding shares are at 60,842,413, while authorized share are standing around 100,000,000.

The inquiry that rapidly strikes a chord at this crossroads is if Tengasco is not worth $0.2736 per share, what is it worth?

The leading group of Tengasco rejected ICN Fund’s offer on the premise that it was too low. At $0.2736 per share, the offer esteemed the organization at about $16.6 million. As indicated by the board, the offer neglects to value the estimation of Tengasco’s properties, money related position and future prospects.

In an announcement, the leading body of Tengasco said that ICN Fund’s offer resembles an endeavor to get Tengasco at a value that is insufficient. The assurance of the board was that if the administration kept on executing on Tengasco’s strategy for success, it would create far more noteworthy worth to shareholders than the buyout offer from ICN Fund.

Shares of Tengasco have ascended to a high of $5.80 in the most recent 12 months and sunk to a low of $0.60 in the same time frame. Numerous vitality organizations saw their stocks dive in the midst of an across the board oil value aftermath brought about by oversupply of raw petroleum in the worldwide business sector.

It is the bounce back in unrefined prices that appears to make Tengasco board certain that what’s to come is brilliant with solid execution than offering to ICN Fund.

Shares of Tengasco rose after the board’s dismissal of ICN Fund’s advances. Be that as it may, weight will absolutely mount on the administration and the board if shares of Tengasco start pattern lower than ICN Fund’s offer cost.

Sonde Resources Corp Is Bankrupt Now

Sonde Resources Corp Is Bankrupt Now

Sonde Resources Corp as of late declared that it has recorded an intentional task in liquidation compliant with the arrangements of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (Canada).

Since 2012, Sonde has been seeking after choices for the Joint Oil Block. Most as of late, in March of 2014, Sonde reported that it had drawn in Taylor-DeJongh, Inc. (“Taylor-DeJongh”) to start a procedure to investigate and assess potential vital other options to upgrade shareholder esteem with respect to the Joint Oil Block.

Sonde’s Management and Taylor-DeJongh have effectively sought after all prospects and alternatives accessible to the Company to finish an exchange that would fulfill Sonde’s critical money related duties under the Exploration and Production Sharing Agreement (“EPSA”) covering the Joint Oil Block however have been not able secure and consummate such an exchange.

Potential financial specialists exhorted the Company and Taylor-DeJongh that the many-sided quality of the Zarat improvement, the high idle gas content, the broad capital expected to propel the Company’s advancement arranges and the absence of advancement on Tunisian government endorsement of the Unitization and Unit Plan of Development of the Zarat Field (after more than three years of transactions), combined with the three exploratory well commitments, were the key hindrances to continuing with such an exchange.

Toufic Nassif, Chief Executive Officer of the Company, expressed that “We at Sonde are to a great degree frustrated that this most recent dismissal by Joint Oil, under the watch of the Tunisian powers, was clearly finished with aggregate negligence to the basic significance of the US$ 1.6 billion Zarat Development to the Tunisian economy and to fulfilling the quick normal gas needs of Tunisia.

Besides, we trust this dismissal was made with the full learning of Joint Oil and the Tunisian powers that it would prompt the indebtedness of Sonde, regardless of the broad speculations made by Sonde in the course of recent years.

The Company likewise reported that the greater part of the officers and executives of the Company have surrendered and that the Company will stay suspended from exchanging in accordance with the strategies of the TSX Venture Exchange.

Sanchez Production Partners LP (SPP)

Sanchez Production Partners LP (SPP)

Financial specialists of Sanchez Production Partners LP (SPP) are heading into second half of this current year trusting that the 6 month downtrend will switch itself. Over the past half year shares are down – 22.83% over that time span. All the more as of late the stock is 0.77% in the course of the last 5 exchanging days. Watching somewhat farther the stock is 0.48% for the month and 2.06% for the quarter.

Its outstanding shares are at 58,580,870, while authorized share are standing around 150,000,000.

At the session level, shares of Sanchez Production Partners LP (:SPP) moved 1.07% from the open. The latest offer on the stock was enlisted at $11.18. Further, organization offers have been seen exchanging – 33.90% off of the 52 week high and 155.15% far from the 52 week low. Narrowing in further, the stock has been as of late noted at – 13.25% far from the 50 day high and 6.01% isolated from the 50 day low.

Divider Street financier firms that consistently cover the stock have given value targets and proposals on Sanchez Production Partners LP (:SPP). As per First Call, the accord value focus for the organization is $2.50. The agreement suggestion gave by investigators is as of now 3.00. This number depends on a scale from 1 to 5. Experts rating the organization a 1 or 2 demonstrate a Buy proposal. Investigators rating the organization a 4 or 5 demonstrate a Sell suggestion. Experts rating the organization a 3 show a Hold proposal.

The company’s strategy of selling its assets is likely to enhance its cash position. The offer of these legacy generation resources speaks to another step in its proceeding with endeavors to concentrate on circumstances that are all the more firmly adjusted to Sanchez Oil and Gas Corporation’s operational stage.

Magellan Petroleum Corporation (NASDAQ: MPET)

Magellan Petroleum Corporation (NASDAQ: MPET)

After somewhat over a year of investigating vital choices, Magellan Petroleum Corporation (NASDAQ: MPET) has reported arrangements to converge with a secretly held LNG organization called Tellurian Investments. The organizations are planning to finish the consolidation procedure before the end of this current year and the joined element is relied upon to go up against another name.

Magellan Petroleum Corporation, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Magellan Petroleum Australia Limited, and its 100% controlling interest in Nautilus Poplar LLC, is engaged in the sale of oil and gas and the exploration for and development of oil and gas reserves worldwide. The Company engages in oil and gas exploration and production in Australia, North America, and the United Kingdom.

Its outstanding shares are at 5,879,610, while authorized share are standing around 300,000,000.

Despite the fact that the name of the consolidated organization has not yet been chosen, the organization will be headquartered in Houston.

Terrestrial is another organization simply framed for the current year and it is centered around building up a condensed normal gas office (LNG) on the U.S. Inlet Coast. The authors of the organization are a previous CEO of Cheniere Energy called Charif Souki and a previous COO of BG Group called Martin Houston.

Terrestrial has brought about $37.11 million up in capital financing since its establishing. The administration said that the LNG venture they are chipping away at would see them raise capital of amongst $20 and $30 billion over the coming five years.

Prior to the consent to converge with Magellan Petroleum Corporation (NASDAQ: MPET) came, the originators of Tellurian had implied at IPO arranges. Yet, they won’t need to travel that way as the organization is set to consequently get to be open after mix with Magellan.

Penn West is Expanding its Production Guidance

Penn West is Expanding its Production Guidance

At the point when Penn West discharged its most recent quarterly results, the organization announced that it will build its capital costs for 2016 to $90 million, which is twice its recent spending plan. Besides, West has additionally reported that it will burn through $150 million as capital costs one year from now. The organization has gotten consolation to help its spending on the back of the effectiveness of the benefits that stay after its most recent divestiture moves.
Its outstanding shares are at 502,163, while authorized share are standing around 260 million.

Truth be told, Penn West had sold its higher-cost Saskatchewan resource with lease working costs of $12.75 per BOE back in June for an aggregate of $975 million keeping in mind the end goal to enhance its monetary record. Presently, the organization is left with its center resources Cardium, Alberta Viking, and Peace River, where it will channel the majority of its improvement costs.

As appeared in the outline given above, Penn West will penetrate five wells in the Cardium this year, while in the Alberta Viking zone, 11 wells are to be bored. All the more vitally, Penn West will bore these wells utilizing propelled consummation systems. Case in point, in the Cardium range, the organization will utilize an established liner framework with a specific end goal to infuse water into the wells so it can improve the base generation at the site at a lower cost base.

Additionally essential to note is that Penn West has low operating working costs in the majority of its center regions. Case in point, in the Cardium, Penn West’s working costs are just $10 per barrel of oil proportionate, while in the Alberta Viking region, they are even lower at $8 per barrel of oil equal. Subsequently, the organization will have the capacity to create a higher netback from these two resources as it improves generation.

This is the motivation behind why Penn West has chosen to upgrade its spending in center zones since it arrangements to expand creation by 10% until the end of 2017.

Kodiak Energy is Acquired by Whiting Petroleum

Kodiak Energy is Acquired by Whiting Petroleum

Whiting Petroleum’s WLL – 5.31% now-finished takeover of Kodiak Oil and Gas is unrealistic to make any main 10 records in arrangement making this year, given a half dive in both organizations’ shares since merger was reported. In any case, the arrangement is not as awful as stock graphs demonstrate, and it absolutely could have been more regrettable as the cost of oil fell by a third amid the time it took to close the merger.

Denver-construct Whiting’s planning in light of its Kodiak procurement has turned out to be heartbreaking, however the organization’s choice to pay in stock may demonstrate a goodness of the shale area merger. Whiting shareholders paid little punishment for purchasing Kodiak when the price of oil was exchanging above $95 a barrel. The trade proportion of the arrangement went unaltered, implying that Kodiak’s underlying cost of $3.8 billion fell by generally $2 billion, working together with a tumble in Whiting’s price value this fall.

That is by all accounts a reasonable result given Whiting’s solid monetary record however its un-supported presentation to oil prices, and Kodiak’s high obligation levels in respect to creation. It’s likewise a moderate approach to approach a merger in an exceedingly repeating industry where corporate chieftains are inclined to episodes of money related carelessness and over-richness.

At the point when Kodiak initially drew nearer Whiting around a merger, the organization requested a blend of 80% in stock and 20% in real money, something that was immediately arranged to an all-stock arrangement, as per recording with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Other Kodiak suitors considered all money offers, the documenting appears, however shied away from paying a premium to the organization’s going cost at the time.

By and large, stock was likely the most practical coin to complete an arrangement, given that a money merger or a vast blend of money and stock may have made shareholders request changed terms as the cost of oil tumbled, or broken the merger totally.

Paulson and Co., the biggest shareholder in both Whiting and Kodiak as per open filings, communicated idealism of the method of reasoning of the stock merger when it was initially declared. The fence stock investments, keep running by extremely rich person John Paulson, then emphasized that backing as the arrangement went to a shareholder vote in mid-October.

Lucas Energy, Inc. (LEI)

Lucas Energy, Inc. (LEI)

Lucas Energy, Inc. (LEI) is a free oil and common gas organization. The Company is occupied with the procurement and advancement of unrefined petroleum and characteristic gas from different known beneficial land developments, including the Austin Chalk and Eagle Ford arrangements, fundamentally in Gonzales, Wilson and Karnes Counties, south of the city of San Antonio, Texas.

Its outstanding shares are at 1,739,397, while authorized share are standing around 100,000,000.

The Company had leasehold interests (working interests) in roughly 8,395 gross sections of land or 8,309 net sections of land. Its aggregate net created and undeveloped real esatate as measured from the surface to the base of the Austin Chalk arrangement is around 8,310 net sections of land.

In more profound arrangements, it had around 1,909 net sections of land in the Eagle Ford oil window. As of March 31, 2016, it had created a normal of around 61 net barrels of oil identical every day (Boepd) from 26 dynamic well bores. The Buda limestone underlies the Eagle Ford arrangement isolated by a 10 foot to 20 foot inorganic shale boundary.

As of late investigators working for various speculation businesses have redesigned their examination report evaluations and value focuses on shares of Lucas Energy, Inc. (LEI).

Lucas Energy was downsized to “selll” by examiners at Euro Pacific Capital. They now have a USD 1 value focus on the stock. Lucas Energy was downsized to “Hold” by experts at Eurobank EFG.

Lucas Energy has a 50 day moving normal of 3.60 and a 200 day moving normal of 3.78. Money markets’ capitalization is 6.03M, it has a 52-week low of 1.57 and a 52-week high of 10.65.

Recently, the company closed the acqusition of working premiums in delivering properties and undeveloped real esatate in Texas and Oklahoma, incorporating changed premiums in two adjoining real esatate obstructs in the fluids rich Mid-Continent area of the U.S., from Segundo Resources LLC (“Segundo”) and different merchants.

Sucampo Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:SCMP)

Sucampo Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:SCMP)

Sucampo Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:SCMP) is a worldwide biopharmaceutical organization essentially centered around the innovative work (R&D) of medications. Its principle item, AMITIZA, is the main chloride channel activator produced for the treatment of endless blockage. It may not be the sexiest item, but rather the best medications once in a while are.

Since 2006, AMITIZA, otherwise called lubiprostone, has been administered more than 10 million times. As of now, it is accessible as a little oral gelcap taken twice per day and is endorsed for three signs that spread unmistakable patient sorts: unending idiopathic obstruction (CIC), fractious inside disorder with blockage (IBS-C), and opioid-prompted clogging (NYSE:OIC).

From 2011 to 2015, Sucampo’s income grew 178%, a normal rate of around 30% every year. Surprisingly better, 2015 was the biggest development year since the dispatch of AMITIZA. In the principal quarter of 2016, the organization developed income 60% year over year and developed free income (NYSE:FCF) by 360% year over year.

Presently Sucampo is detailing that medication for new demographics and adding new items to its pipeline also. It has three new types of AMITIZA in Phase 3 of clinical trials (the last stage before business dispatch): one for youngsters 6-17 years of age, one for six months to six years of age, and one as a substitute detailing to make it simpler for youthful kids to take.

Furthermore, Sucampo has a medication called Cobiprostone in Phase 2 of clinical trials to treat oral mucositis. It takes out manifestations like mouth torment, injuries, contaminations, and draining that create in patients accepting radiation and chemotherapy. On the off chance that these trials are fruitful, Sucampo will have the capacity to make a more various arrangement of items to better shield it from any unexpected industry changes.

Past making an aggressive item, Sucampo has set up various vital associations to grow their span and help its main concern. The organization has permitting concurrences with Mylan, Harbin Gloria Pharmaceuticals, and Takeda Pharmaceutical to achieve the Japanese, Chinese, and U.S. what’s more, Canadian markets individually.

Ivanhoe Energy is Bankrupt Now

Ivanhoe Energy is Bankrupt Now

Ivanhoe Energy Inc is a free global overwhelming oil improvement and generation organization. The Company’s center operations are in Canada, Ecuador, China and Mongolia. Operations in Latin American are led through Ivanhoe Energy Latin America Inc., and exercises in China and Southeast Asia are worked by Sunwing Energy Ltd. (Sunwing). In Canada, the Company’s claims the Tamarack Project. In Ecuador, it incorporates the Pungarayacu Project.

On December 12 Ivanhoe Energy educated the business sector that it doesn’t hope to meet its advantage commitments on its convertible debenture, and expressed that “Without opportune access to extra financing, there is critical uncertainty with regards to the organization’s capacity to proceed as a going concern.

” Founder Mr Robert Friedland ventured in at the eleventh hour and gave transient subsidizing of $540,000 on December 31, adding to a past $2.2M secured span advance. We take note of that “Mr Friedland’s credit is secured by a first charge against the advantages of the organization, except for all benefits and auxiliaries of Ivanhoe Energy Latin America.”

Funds must lessen again at this point, interest installments have apparently not been met, and time is by all accounts running out for administration to revive this organization.

Consequently, Ivanhoe Energy recently said they are currently bankrupt in the wake of neglecting to achieve a feasible rebuilding proposition.

Ivanhoe had petitioned for insolvency insurance in February and had been taking a shot at rebuilding choices with its banks; it had until June 1 to record its rebuilding proposition in the wake of accepting an augmentation toward the beginning of May.

On top of sliding oil costs, Ivanhoe suspended an Alberta oil sands venture because of administrative obstacles, confronted official flights and had cut operations in Ecuador as converses with an accomplice to build up an overwhelming oil venture slowed down.



Skyline (NASDAQ:SKLN) recently reported \that it was expanding its unit trade offering. This offering from January permits financial specialists who acquired the more established, August 2015, units to trade those units for recently offered units.

In August, Skyline raised $19M by offering 1,666,667 units with every unit comprising of one offer of normal stock, one Series B convertible offer and four Series A warrants. The Series A warrants are exercisable at $4.95/share furthermore incorporated a “cashless” change highlight.

The more up to date units’ Series B warrants had generously comparative components to the old Series A warrants however didn’t have the cashless transformation highlight. The new Series C warrants have an underlying strike price of $2 however that activity cost will drop as the stock drops to another lower exercise cost with a lower point of confinement of $1.00.

The company shares tumble further following a huge decline in its revenue and earnings in the second quarter.

Revenue for the second quarter of 2016 was $85,422, compared with $234,012 for the second quarter of 2015. Revenue was derived solely from sales of disposable products during the second quarter of 2016, compared with sales of both STREAMWAY Systems and disposable products in the second quarter of 2015.

Gross profit for the second quarter of 2016 was $48,656, or 57% of revenue, compared with $150,446, or 64% of revenue, for the same period in 2015.

Total operating expenses for the second quarter of 2016 were $2,609,937, compared with $1,146,558 for the second quarter of 2015. The increase in operating expenses was primarily due to higher general and administrative expenses related to a separation agreement with the former chief executive officer and increased investment banking and other professional expenses.

Provectus Biopharmaceuticals (PVCT)

Provectus Biopharmaceuticals (PVCT)

Meagerly exchanged nano cap Provectus Biopharmaceuticals (PVCT) droops on a 4x surge in volume in light of the evaluating of its “earnest attempts” public equity offering.

The organization is putting forth 240K shares of Series B Convertible Preferred Stock, at first convertible into a total of 24M shares of regular stock, and warrants to buy up to 24M shares of basic at a cost of $25 for a blend of one Series B offer and one quickly exercisable five-year warrant to buy one offer of basic at $0.275.

In the event that effective, gross proceeds will be ~$6M. Net proceeds will subsidize clinical advancement, working capital and general corporate purposes.

In the second half of this year, the company will grow more clarity on its examination courses of events and additionally on its corporate development to progress to the outcomes that are headed.

Amid the second quarter of 2016 the company found a way to expand the quantity of destinations occupied with our Phase 3 setting. They are currently six locales effectively enrolling as per five in the U.S. furthermore, one in Australia, another in America is recorded on the site as not yet enrolled.

Notwithstanding expanding the quantity of destinations we have extended the pool of potential patients in the trial by altering the conventions. In significant structure in February and in a substantially more focused on way in June of this current year.

Particularly in February the company included the recently endorsed melanoma drug [indiscernible] as a contender and in February and June it added and stretch out qualification to incorporate stage four M1A patients having no dynamic nodal malady.

These patients have illness attributes and cognizes like that of the Phase 3b and 3c patients that at first characterize the study tolerant populace. The changed convention additionally illuminate qualification for patients not having entry to the insusceptible checkpoint inhibitors because of standard of consideration and those not having survey to focused treatment because of standard of consideration and additionally incorporation of patients with focused treatment.