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Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes is a successful penny stock trader who has earned over $1.65 million by day trading when he was a student at Tulane University. He graduated in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a minor in business from Tulane University. He is presently working as a financial activist and educator.

His website serves the dual purpose of his personal blog and also a website devoted to penny stock trading. He launched this website in 2007 and in 2009; he commenced a new website which is used to collect user reviews from several sources such as … Read More

Penny Stocks Articles

Penny Stock Trading Myths

The world of penny stocks is very complex. Making millions by trading penny stocks is not an easy task. Penny stock trading is an art which becomes perfect only after you give time and skills to sharpen your skills for the stocks. Stock traders hear a lot about trading from everyone and there are many myths floating around about the stock trading.

Here are some of the most frequent myths about penny stocks which you can hear and the ways to beat them:

  1. Buy Low, sell high is the only way to make money

This is the most common thing … Read More

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Penny Stocks for Beginners

A newcomer in the field of penny stock investing should be attentive and wide awake all the time. This world is full of risks and possible frauds. A risk tolerant person should only step into this business. The stock aspirants must stay away from the Dark Market stocks, Pink Sheets and the Pump and Dump strategies often used by the companies to trap people and steal their money. The beginners should start by making short-term investments to find out if their money bears them any fruit or not. Penny stocking is for those who cannot invest in large companies with … Read More

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Trade Penny Stocks Smartly

Penny stocks are also often known by the names small-cap stocks, micro-cap stocks, and nano-cap stocks. These stocks usually do not trade on the major share market. These are usually traded by means of Over-the-Counter deals or pink sheets.

Well now, the question that arises is ‘How to trade penny stocks?’

Penny stock trading is not so easy. If one dreams of becoming rich by this business, they will have to remain highly patient, consistent and aware. The most important decision while investing is to choose between long-term and short-term investments. While investing in a strong and well-known company, one … Read More

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Tips for Robinhood Penny Stocks

Robinhood penny stocks appear exciting to penny stock investors as they don’t have to give any trading fee to deal with them. There is absolutely no good reason for some people to trust penny stocks and buy them but when they see that they don’t have to pay out any fee for the stocks at minimal pricing, they might get attracted towards it. Well, the reality is to go ahead and buy the stocks of good companies or invest in exchange-traded funds which are quite similar to mutual funds and are considered to be a better option than the micro … Read More

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Where to trade Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are considered to be very tentative and are usually not regarded as a good choice for making an investment or trading. Despite of the associated flaws, some people buy and trade these owing to their low price. This is the main reason why people get attracted to purchase these. Hence, for those who want to trade these micro-cap stocks, here is a list of a few companies which are quite reliable for doing this business.


This brokerage company trades at a rate of $ 0.005 per share. This brokerage company has received a few awards for … Read More

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Penny Stocks with dividends

What are Penny Stocks?

The shares that trade at a cost of less than $ 1 per share and currently, even those shares that trade value of less than $ 5 per share are referred to as penny or micro stocks. The majority of these penny stocks have no trading on the actual and major share market. Penny stocks are mostly traded on the Over-the-Counter (OTC) basis. These are provided by developing companies who want to intensify further. These are not considered to be a good option for buying due to very high volatility.

The people who have the courage … Read More

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Finding Popular Penny Stocks for Day trading

Day trading the stocks is a dynamic process. Some stocks are easy to buy and sell due to their large volumes being traded on the various stock exchanges. The technology is making the market readily accessible and the liquid markets correspond to speculating the prices for short term gains. Stocks having straightforward concept require the ways to judge the next position of the companies and it is feasible only with the intensive research you can put into the stocks in your list. Day trading is a complex word and may keep your head scratching with the victories and pitfalls associated … Read More

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Investing into Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are highly low-priced shares available at a rate of less than $5 per share and sometimes even less than $ 1 per share.

Penny stock investing is full of jeopardy which may or may not bring returns. It is for people who are capable of tolerating risks and downfall of money. Sometimes, the money invested can bring a good amount of profit but it may turn out to be the reverse situation also. Awareness and proper knowledge can help minimize the loss of money.

Just like, every coin has two faces, similarly, penny stock investments have its own … Read More

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Penny stock trading is something that should be done very wisely by keeping in mind all the risks associated with them. The world of penny stock investment looks very glittery on the outside but many times turns out to be extremely treacherous. This is a highly speculative business, which has room only for the people who are risk-tolerant.

To make money with penny stocks, one must follow the following steps-

  • Invest less

One should not invest a hefty amount at one time. Very genuine and less amount of money should be put in so as the losses are minimized if … Read More

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Penny Stock investment and trading is the most inexpensive way of earning huge profits. But it might not be the right choice for everyone since there are big risks involved. If successful, these stocks can make the investor wealthy and if not, they can bring massive losses to. So, one should first look upon his/her financial condition and then make the decision to invest in penny stocks.

Especially, one should beware of the Dark Market stocks as they have a very high potential of losing money. Doing an ample amount of research is the best way of finding out why … Read More

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Artificial intelligence penny stocks

Artificial intelligence stocks are very rare. There are very fewer companies taking initiatives for artificial intelligence. There are a few stocks under this category and those are a part of the AI spectrum. There are companies using AI technology to gain a strategic edge. Most of the big companies are spending a considerable amount on establishing Artificial Intelligence Technology. The technical giants are putting their services and products forward towards utilization of this technology into cloud-based computing. The services are sold to the business customers as per their requirements. It is estimated that the AI-related could service will be required … Read More

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Tech Penny Stocks (NASDAQ: OKTA), (GLUU),

The stocks in the tech sector are classified on the basis of merchandise and services after identifying them with the examination, advancement, and distribution of technology. The related organizations’ work moves around hardware assembling, program making, software, internet, PCs, etc. and the administrations that identify with data innovation.

These stocks trade at a lower price. These stocks are easily available on the Stock Quotation market by the trade name ‘Pink Sheets’ and also on the over the counter bulletin board. Tech stocks do not trade on the high-profile market exchanges.

Money can be made by trading on tech stocks only … Read More

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Pharmaceutical Penny Stocks

By definition, Pharmaceutical Penny Stocks are the stocks issued by small-scale, early-stage companies that thoroughly research, develop and manufacture new drugs through the synthesis of chemicals or plants.

These are low scale companies which offer penny stocks to the investors so that they can grow and increase their profits over a certain period of time. Their stocks are quite cheap and seldom meet the listing standards that are set out by the major market exchanges.

Though these investments are highly speculative but can bring huge amounts of profit if turn out to be successful. The reason for this is that … Read More

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Tips to Trade Penny Stocks

Trading penny stocks is a way to lose or gain money. There are no promised big profits in the trading but penny stocks trading could be beneficial. It is possible to gain money only if you understand the game well but the majority of people don’t understand the game well. It could be a great option for investors who can’t afford big shares at the moment. These stocks are low priced and hence, you can get a higher number of shares with lower investment. If the trade works out well, there are chances of reaching towards better ROI.

Penny stock … Read More

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How to day trade penny stocks?

There are many ways to make money and trading penny stocks is one of the riskiest but could be the most profitable investment methods. Money trading is not an automated process. The trader needs to gain information on the most profitable ways to do it. The people new to the field of penny stocks will benefit by doing in-depth research for micro stocks. The trader could understand the stocks and how they can give profitability to them.

You can check the online websites and check the trading modules on the web. It is essential to pick up the lucrative stocks … Read More

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Penny Stock App

Penny Stocks are significantly low-value shares having existence on the pink sheets or Over The Counter Bulletin Board. These stocks are easily manipulated and have a positive position in the market. If you are thinking about buying penny stocks, the first step is to know about them and understand about the companies having these stocks.

Technology has crept into every business and stocks are no different. Everything is available in your smartphones or electronic devices and you can get the whole data about the stocks you’re following on your screen. There is no domain left by the technology shifting and … Read More

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Investing in Penny Stocks

Investing in penny stocks has become quite popular in the past decade. There are many stories available on the web enlisting the profits attained from the low-value companies. The success stories are so tempting that everyone gets fascinated and wants to be a part of the league. Most people don’t know that penny stocks are highly tempting but at the same time, these are the stocks having a volatile nature. More than the success stories, there are many cases of fraud, scams, and losses illustrated by the majority of the people who’ve made the worst decision by choosing penny stocks. … Read More

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How to find penny stocks?

There is no scarcity of the places offering opinions about penny stocks. It is quite easy to find the stocks but picking the right ones from a list of thousands of available stocks is a daunting task. You might wonder where to get started and how to find the penny stocks giving positive returns to the investors. It is a tricky part as it requires intensive research to find out the most rewarding stocks which could actually increase your money.

Finding the penny stock list

It is difficult to find the right penny stocks. You need time to research the … Read More

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All Penny Stocks

When you’re thinking about the potential success with penny stocks, there is a need to go through the subject in detail. You can experience the financial fears with regard to all penny stocks and think that these couldn’t benefit you much. The reality is that penny stocks trading can get you ahead of these fears and you can find out the ways to earn well by investing in the low-priced stocks.

Penny stock listing

The ultra-low-priced stocks play psychologically with the minds of the investors. These can make you win with the clear power secrets to achieve success in your … Read More