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Ballard Power Systems Inc. (NASDAQBLDP)

Ballard Power Systems Inc. (NASDAQBLDP)

Ballard Power Systems Could Make a rebound

Established in the mid 90’s Ballard Power Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:BLDP) is a Canadian organization which concentrates on creating zero-emanation energy component innovation. Ballard Power has become the world pioneer in proton trade film hydrogen energy unit innovation and is hoping to ride out the present “green wave” among numerous modern countries.

Ballard Power’s innovation carries with it an extensive variety of use yet the territory which is gathering the most measure of consideration is in how the innovation can apply to the car part. This spots Ballard Power among the exceedingly unstable Canadian option car energizes trinity alongside Electrovaya (OTCQX:EFLVF) who spend significant time in electric batteries and Westport Innovations (NASDAQ:WPRT) who work in common gas motor frameworks.

The late stock value history for Ballard Power has seen its cost go from $8.38 (C$9.32 on the TSX) in March 2014 to $1.12 (C$1.50 on the TSX) in September 2015. As of late Ballard Power has seen its stock move out of its mid year lows and has been consistently moving move down because of a few noteworthy buy requests and late prominent field testing.

Ballard Power’s stock is a considerable measure like hydrogen itself: it can be unstable in the wrong hands however it can likewise be utilized for good. For all tech organizations required with the option fuel part there will dependably be a lot of hazard. The question gets to be which of the three option will be the one to end up as the winner. Electric vehicles still experience the ill effects of the charging issue yet can offer a non-carbon choice, however just if the nearby power matrix is not dependant on fossil fills, and there is the issue of securing lithium on a bigger scale.

As far as a speculation each of the three choices are still extremely unsafe and numerous have been scorched by unfulfillable guarantees and non-existent net earnings. Still there is some good faith with Ballard Power as its normal value target has moved to $2.70 contrasted with Tuesday’s end cost of $2.38 (C$3.14 on the TSX) and as of now has 3 in number purchase appraisals and 1 purchase rating.

Axcelis Technologies (NASDAQ:ACLS)

Axcelis Technologies (NASDAQ:ACLS)

Axcelis Technologies is an Innovative Company

Anybody paying consideration on Axcelis Technologies (NASDAQ:ACLS) realizes that administration has turned the organization around from an item and money related point of view. The organization’s business prospects have been changed in the wake of creating and presenting the Purion stage of particle embed devices in the course of recent years.

The organization’s accounting report is boundlessly enhanced after a deal leaseback exchange executed in January 2015 that additional $49 million in real money to the monetary record. Taken a toll cutting and streamlining has brought down expenses and enhanced edges – the full advantage of which will start to be shown when ACLS conveys higher incomes.

The long haul focused situating of Axcelis has profited from the expanding innovation requests of 3D NAND and sub 20nm DRAM producing. Axcelis’ spot shaft innovation is especially appropriate for these applications and they remain to profit seriously from line transformations and new limit increments. Confirm that the organization’s Purion stage of particle implanters is appropriate to address the issues of expanding requests by DRAM and 3D NAND makers can be found in organization declared assessment and generation device shipments.

Samsung has been a vast Purion client in the course of recent months and it was reported in January that a second Korean DRAM maker acknowledged an instrument that it was assessing. Generally known to be SK Hynix, Axcelis has a vast chance to supply Hynix’s M14 plant that is sloping as I compose this report.

Semiconductor examiners have evaluated that the M14 plant could in the end deliver 100,000 wafer begins for every month (WSPM), which would require around 55 implanters. If ACLS somehow happened to win half of the 55 apparatuses required to run the DRAM plant, or approximately 27 Purion XE instruments, the income opportunity would be $135 million after some time, which is extremely huge to the organization.

Axcelis is anticipating acknowledgment of an assessment device from the Intel Micron Flash Technologies (IMFT) joint wander in Lehi, UT. It is broadly trusted that the apparatus will be acknowledged in a matter of months, if not weeks. Acknowledgment of the apparatus and take after on generation orders for NAND and 3D Xpoint assembling would be tremendously positive as the volume of instruments would be generous and the positive effect to Axcelis’ notoriety would likely open numerous more entryways.

Antares Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ATRS)

Antares Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ATRS)

As of late, Mylan (NASDAQ:MYL) has gone under a great deal of consideration at the cost of its Epinephrine Auto-Injector EpiPen. EpiPen value raises left numerous buyers disturb and have even pulled in consideration from presidential hopefuls. With the consideration encompassing the discussion, nonetheless, financial specialists appear to miss one of the potential greatest recipients of the EpiPen contention.

Two organizations are right now cooperating on another auto-injector for Epinephrine, which could specifically contend with the EpiPen. With the expanded consideration encompassing the issue, it is turning out to be clear that general society is searching for a less expensive contrasting option to the EpiPen, and it shows up just as Antares Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ATRS) is set to convey.

Epinephrine has been around for quite a while and is the a key treatment for anaphylactic stun. The EpiPen is an auto-injector type of Epinephrine, which is intended to be anything but difficult to use for anybody. This conveyed Epinephrine as a treatment to the masses, as it made it with the goal that anybody could convey Epinephrine on them and just about anybody could infuse the medication if necessary.

This made the EpiPen a medication that is conveyed by any individual who is inclined to serious hypersensitive responses. EpiPen has been an extremely lucrative medication/gadget look over for Mylan, as it has produced over a billion dollars in deals. In the course of the most recent eight years, the wholesale cost of the EpiPen has been expanded by more than 400 percent.

The expanded open investigation ought to assistance to drive up the consideration encompassing Antares’ stock. Propelling another Epinephrine auto-injector will be a vital turning point for Antares and its accomplice Teva.

This item can possibly be extremely lucrative for both organizations, if they have the capacity to dispatch their non specific item in front of other rivalry. All financial specialists ought to be nearly viewing the Mylan adventure, and give careful consideration to Antares and Teva in the up and coming weeks and months.

$BVTK Bravatek Solutions Inc. The real thing or just a penny stock scam?

(OTCMKTS: BVTK) Bravatek Solutions Inc.


Before we get started with my opinion on BVTK, understand everything I write here is just my opinion and is just for entertainment purposes. I don’t own any shares of BVTK I am not short on BVTK. Penny stocks are high-risk high-reward investments so only invest what you can afford to gamble with. Please read our disclaimer here.  I will do my best to detail out some of the pros and cons about BVTK to be as unbias as possible. Regardless of what I write there will always be those that disagree with what I say. Make sure you do your due diligence and make your own buying and selling decisions.

If you haven’t heard of BVTK, you may be living under a rock. They have one of the most passionate followings similar to that of ELED.  They are very active on Twitter, Ihub, and social media. I recently stirred up the pot a little on Twitter with some of the BVTK stock enthusiasts.   Here are some of the back and forths.

My twitter feed was being blown up by some of the bought Twitter accounts that are promoting BVTK, so I decided to have some fun with them. It started with me tweeting out this:

BTVK fake profile

Twitter handle @katerinaKennedy was pretending to be a hot female who had a passion for stocks. The truth is it was a bought account that had stolen the pic of an adult entertainment model named Veronika Black and cropped out the cleavage only showing the face in the twitter pic.  The army of BVTK Twitter accounts started on the attack and the fake Twitter account of @katerinaKennedy later blocked me to avoid having more people know that the profile was a fake.  Plenty of them started commenting with the #fakenews hashtag and calling me any names they could. After a few back and forths, BVTK ended up going up 30% that day but that bounce was short-lived, and just a couple weeks later it went from  .0035 a share down to .0004 share.

I had a new trader write me trying to pump BVTK, and so I decided to stir up the pot again.

BVTK fake profile 2

BVTK promoters/marketers have several Twitter accounts that they bought in bulk in help spread the word about BVTK.  I was giving them a hard time because they got lazy and didn’t delete the back history on these accounts. Accounts like these are created so one person can control several different accounts and make it look like several people are excited about a stock. The more excitement a stock appears to have the easier it is to draw in new investors.  After these tweets, the extremely passionate borderline crazy fans of BVTK came out.   Here is a screen shot of one the post.


I do admire the creativity. The person took the time to go through 3 years of my facebook photos find one where I ran an ugly sweater charity event for children, and then crop the picture and turn it into a meme.  I admire the passion and trying to discredit me may help some of the investors in BVTK ignore what I have to say.  So instead label this behavior as creepy or crazy we will just assume this person is extremely passionate.

So with all the fake Twitter accounts and all the pumping going on with BVTK you must be thinking that I am going to say it is a stock to avoid right?

You guessed wrong! I believe all these are a form of marketing. So many penny stock companies are dead and dull. They don’t have loyal and active followers. BVTK has a group of motivated and enthusiastic people spreading the word about that stock.  I believe this to be a great thing! BVTK is also doing an excellent job of targeting specific demographics.  They are targeting conservatives and Trump supporters. I think this is genius marketing. Trump shocked everyone and crushed Hillary Clinton to become the president. He did it by strategically targeting the right demographics( it also helped that Hillary was clueless).  BVTK is spreading stock awareness by doing the same thing. They are repeatedly shutting up negatively by calling people bashers and using the hashtag #fakenews. When people working together run into adversity or negative responses, they become stronger and more passionate.  You see that with BVTK. So all the pumping and fake profiles are great marketing.

Why are people excited about BVTK?


Bravatek Solutions, Inc. is a high technology security solutions provider which assists corporate entities, governments, and individuals, in protecting their organizations against errors, as well as physical and cyber attacks.

Encryption technology and the ability to protect against cyber attacks and hacking is one of the most important industries. It is an industry that will continue to have rapid growth.  The world is expanding exponentially with smart devices, smart phones, smart watches, Cars that drive themselves, cryptocurrency, and nanotechnology. All of which will require advanced protection from hacking. Companies that can offer superior protection and lock down huge corporate and Government contracts could end up being Trillion dollar companies. The potential is enormous! 

Bravatek had some notes come due in February, and that along with having a bloated share structure has caused the stock to suffer. A lot of investors believe that the notes could be close to being paid off. The notes and dilution caused the stock to plummet down to .0004 if that dilution is over then BVTK has a chance of going up a lot if more buying pressure comes in.  BVTK has been quiet for almost a year, and investors believe that it could become active here soon. These events could be perfect timing for BVTK. Not only do you have political email hacks fresh on everyone’s mind but just today there were several coordinated Cyber attacks worldwide!  The news of the attacks caused Bravatek’s share price to go up 70% in just a couple hours!

The Pros

  • Bravatek CEO rumored to be friends with Donald Trump
  • Bravatek Twitter account is active @bravatek
  • Bravatek CEO Dr. Thomas Cellucci rumored to have visited the white house the day before Donald Trump signed this executive order
  • Dr. Thomas Cellucci wrote the book

    “A Guide to Innovative Public-Private Partnerships: Utilizing the Resources of the Private Sector for the Public Good”

  • Bravatek and Enterprise Sentinel formed a strong strategic alliance you can view how it works here
  • Dr. Thomas Cellucci is the chairman and CEO of Cellucci Associates, Inc.
  • Dr. Thomas Cellucci is the Director of Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists
  • Dr. Cellucci is also the Director of California Molecular Electronics Corporation
  • Dr. Just recently spoke to NATO leaders at NCOIC event
  • CEO has a degree in Advance technologies from MIT
  • Rumored Government contracts in the works.
  • May be done diluting


The Cons

  • 10 billion Authorized shares. 3.5 Billion Oustanding shares.
  • Bravatek has a history of hurting its loyal shareholders with reverse splits.  Within the last year had a 2,500 to 1 reverse split. This action would be similar to taking $2,500 from a loyal shareholder and handing them $1 back.
  • Could still have dilution ahead with convertible notes and Diluting Market Makers like VNDM on the ask.
  • Company seems to have a difficult time staying current in its reporting
  • The company has a history of rumors and PRs that never get backed up by profit gained in past financial statements.


As of 05/12/2017, the chart of BVTK does look good. It could be ready for another breakout.

BVTK chart

August 11th update


BVTK is going stronger than ever. People who grabbed shares in the 000s have made a lot of money! There has been a lot of exciting things come forward about BVTK.

Here is some of the additional DD that was put together. This was put together by Nick Serrano.

This is a picture of Tom Cellucci (The CEO of BVTK) with NATO members


Can be seen at the site having contracts in place.


Here is a letter their CEO received from the Lieutenant General of the U.S. Air Force


Here is a link to a video of Tom Cellucci speaking at the 6th annual Security Summit.

Partnership with CrucialTrak 

That is some of the DD loyal shareholders are finding. There is a lot to be excited about with Bravatek.  Just remember that it is still a penny stock and penny stocks are always risky. The one potential red flag is that the outstanding share has gone from 3.5 billion to 6.768 Billion (as of August 11th)  That is over 3 billion in dilution in the last 3 months.  If there wasn’t that dilution the stock price would be a lot higher than it is currently at.

As you can see BVTK chart has been on a nice uptrend. There is a possible trade channel starting where you may see some people flipping from .0045-.006 but the chart still looks healthy. Volume has been down some. It is very important for BVTK to maintain its volume in order to maintain its uptrend.

This has just been an opinion piece. Everything here is just for entertainment only. Please make your own buying decisions.

Here are some of the Red Flags with Bravatek

As of BVTK’s latest 10K they only had $135 in cash. SInce May of 2017 Bravatek has taken out over 1 million worth of toxic loans. They have recently partnered up with Darkpulse agreeing to loan them Darkpulse 5 million dollars.

It seems a little fishy that @Darkpulse on Twitter was tweeting and pumping BVTK to shareholders. It also was strange that they were claiming Billion dollar deals in foreign countries but Bravatek never released any Press Releases for these deals.  One has to ask the question if DarkPulse is as successful as they claim why are they having to borrow money from a penny stock company who is already in debt?

Back in 2015-2016 BVTK (known as ECRY at the time) was talking about some deals worth millions of dollars but never had any money to show for the deals. The company claims it had nothing to do with the pump and dump that happened in 2015-2016, however, press releases pumping deals that never came through were coming through the same time of the initial pump and dump.  Listed down below is an example.

A lot of the JV’s and what the company is doing now seems very similar to the past pump and dump.  Unfortunately, Since Tom Cellucci has taken over as CEO the company’s stock value has tumbled. If an Investor that invested $10,000 and trusted in BVTK in 2015 would now have less than a penny to show for that investment. That is why some believe BVTK is once again scamming shareholders with false promises like it did two years. ago.

The biggest questions right now are if the company has 5 million dollars to load DarkPulse where did that money come from?

If Bravatek has that kind of cash why did they settle 1 million worth of debt for 6.2 billion shares in the last year? If they believed their company was valuable shouldn’t they have negotiated a better deal then less than .0002 a share? If BVTK believes its company to be so valuable why would they pay for HelpComm with 600 million shares if they had that kind of cash? Even more, pressing is why would BVTK take out over a million dollars debt in extremely toxic loans since May, most of which are valued at .0005 or 60% of the lowest stock price in last 20 days whichever is the lowest?  It is not wise for companies that have millions of dollars to get toxic financing. Death Spiral Financing is usually reserved only for penny stock scams.

The most alarming thing with the HELPCOMM deal is this line “The Company will issue to the stockholders of Helpcomm 100,000 shares of a newly designated class of preferred stock, which preferred stock shall be non-voting prior to conversion into the Company’s common stock, and shall be convertible into 600,000,000 shares of common stock at the holder’s election so long as unissued, unreserved, and authorized common stock is available for issuance and such conversion will not result in the holder owning more than 4.99% of the issued and outstanding common stock at such time”

Owning less than 5% means that Helpcomm won’t have to file as an inside trader when they sell. What is strange is that the current Outstanding shares is at 7.5 billon shares. What that means that in order for Helpcomm to convert all of their shares the Outstanding shares will have to increase to a minimum of 12.1 Billion.  The current Authorized share is at 10 million. That most likely points to BVTK having to do a reverse split in the near future.

The only cash BVTK appears to have on hand would be from the latest toxic loans. They have taken out roughly 1 million in toxic debt since May 2nd. That debt can be converted into shares and sold once BVTK comes current and the 6-month restriction is over. So you are looking at more debt being able to be sold starting Nov. 2nd (six months after the initial loan). Since it doesn’t appear BVTK has any cash on hand besides that which came from convertible notes it looks like they will have to borrow at least 4 million more just to be able to loan Darkpulse money. The only like scenario is that they go get more toxic financing. In order to get 4 million worth of loans for shares, they would have to increase their Authorized Shares. Right now, unfortunately, everything is looking to be the exact same pattern that happened in 2015. Back then they did a 2500 to 1 reverse split and then raised the Authorized Shares from 5 billion to 10 billion crushing shareholders.

If Bravatek has money through a deal they have worked out, it would be very nice for them to release an 8k like they are required to show they have actually made money from the deals.

Unfortunately, Bravatek agreed that toxic note holders can convert debt at any time. Which makes it almost impossible for Bravatek now to arrange a share buyback. Toxic lenders can simply say no we would like to convert our shares and BVTK is out of luck.

Bravatek is also starting to see millions of dilution from non-retail market makers VNDM and BMIC. There is usually 20-30 million each day in T-trades that the market makers took their time on reporting. If we are to speculate the millions a day worth of dilution is from the 6.2 billion shares that were settled. Leaving billions of shares still to be sold off into the float.  Bravatek shareholders have put a lot of energy into spreading the work on their stock. They have reached out and told family members and friends. Their hard work has been able to battle dilution so far. If BVTK wasn’t diluting this stock might be at .10 a share. Unfortunately like all cult following stocks eventually longs run out of money. They also run out of people they can convince to buy shares. Once this happens dilution starts to win the battle. It starts a chain reaction and you have the potential to see massive selloffs.

Be very careful if you choose to trade this stock. 


If/when the reverse split happens you will see massive selloffs. You will most likely see pumpers trying to convince naive longs that the Reverse Split was only so BVTK could go to Nasdaq. BVTK doesn’t come close to meeting Nasdaq requirements and would need to maintain those requirements once achieved for at least 3 years.

Disclaimer: Everything in this article was for entertainment purposes only and just our own opinion. We do not own any shares of BVTK and We have never owned shares of BVTK. We have not and will not short BVTK. We have no intentions of ever buying BVTK  shares even if there is a massive selloff.  We encourage new traders to read our free training and sign up for our penny stock alerts.

American Green Inc (OTCMKTS ERBB)

American Green Inc (OTCMKTSERBB)

American Green Is Set to Work on New Strategy

American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) is revealing a new strategy for its spot in the pot business. Financial specialist excitement keeps on working around the most recent “Green Rush” energy surge, it’s taking pretty much every pot stock in the interest of personal entertainment, including ERBB.

In 2009, ERBB was the main ever medicinal weed stock to open up to the world; streak forward seven years after the fact, and the organization is seriously searching for another concentration and heading to emerge from the various maryjane stocks in a now swarmed field.

ERBB shareholders have been searching for some positive news out of ERBB central station in AZ – and soon. In September, speculators saw a little indication of progress, with American Green supplanting its CEO John Miller with its Executive Chairman, David Gwyther, as another break CEO. That is intended to give the organization some more opportunity to make sense of a genuine technique.

The organization made its name with its ZaZZZ machines for robotized, age-checking administering of cannabis-based items. The thoughts was that these ZaZZZ machines would be a one of a kind mechanized distributing arrangement that would help restorative maryjane dispensaries and other managed cannabis foundations increment their incremental income. Stick a ZaZZZ machine in the corner, and it was workable for guests at these foundations to make completely unattended pot buys.

Yet, as an income maker, that system just goes in this way. Presently American Green needs to reevaluate itself as a “seed-to-deal trend-setter” with a full scope of development, assembling, extraction, retail and group outreach exercises.

The centerpiece of that system, obviously, is to push ahead with a Phoenix-zone development focus. The organization alludes to this as its “most optimized plan of attack center,” with its optional concentrate on restorative dispensary arranges.

The organization is clearly staking its fortunes on the up and coming Nov. 8 weed poll activity in Arizona. On the off chance that it passes, American Green may have the capacity to quick track its development arranges inside the state. From that point, it could grow its development arranges into other Western U.S. states. All things considered, on Nov. 8, there will be 9 states endeavoring to sanction pot for diversion or restorative utilize, including Nevada and California. On the off chance that California legitimizes maryjane by means of Prop 64, the measure of the lawful pot industry in the U.S. would triple overnight.

Agree Realty ADC

Agree Realty $ADC

Agree Realty has Upside Potential

Agree Realty (NYSE:ADC) is a straightforward instance of critical overvaluation. Its benefits and undertaking are worth about $1.06B, yet it exchanges for over $1.5B. Notwithstanding when we represent different conceivable wellsprings of significant worth in a liberal mold, the overvaluation stays clear. I expect that speculators are purchasing ADC with the view that it is a protected organization, and that might be valid, however the stock cost is not sheltered. Without anything turning out badly on a very basic level, the stock could drop 40% to appropriate valuation. For short financial specialists, this speaks to the upside.

Solid occupants are the bread and margarine of NNN REITs. It can frequently be difficult to supplant an occupant in the event that they default or decline to reestablish as properties can be so particular to the inhabitant. McDonald’s structures have a one of a kind look that is not about as significant to some other occupant as it is to McDonald’s. In this way, it is to ADC’s greatest advantage and material to its esteem to hold occupants.

Much of the time, ADC has been sufficiently keen to sign ace leases with national occupants, for example, MCD which almost ensures rent installments, regardless of the possibility that that individual property were to fall flat. Be that as it may, this does not ensure against reestablishment hazard as the intense underwriter of the rent will definitely not recharge an area that is discharging cash. Subsequently, credit quality alone is insufficient to forecast achievement.
ADC may have a sound bit of speculation review inhabitants, yet its properties are not all around found.

Quite a bit of its portfolio is along the rust belt including 29% of its square footage in Michigan alone. This district of the US economy is on the very edge of fall as it is driven by coal, steel and automobile fabricating.
Coal is maybe for all time in subsidence with the mix of fracking, characteristic gas and wind/sun based giving a predominant suite of vitality decisions. Steel is being dumped on America by China who can deliver it with really bring down work expenses and lower charges while exchanging it favorably by method for money control. These are known elements disturbing the rust belt in a matter of seconds, however I think REIT financial specialists are less mindful of the dangers in car fabricating.
While lodging loaning stays tight, subprime auto loaning is going all out, which has held request at pinnacle levels for a long time straight. We are in a car air pocket which takes after the lodging rise of 2005, with the exception of likely less extreme.

December 2016

Agree Reality Raise Dividend, Enhanced Cash Generation
Agree Reality Corporation (ADC) recently reported that its Board of Directors has approved, and the Company has proclaimed, a quarterly dividend of $0.495, an expansion of 3.1% over the Company’s past quarterly dividend of 0.48 per share. This is the company’s 91st consecutive quarterly dividend and speaks to a five-year increment of 23% over the company’s 2011 quarterly profit. The profit is payable January 3, 2017 to shareholders of record at the end of business on December 23, 2016.
In addition, the company looks in a strong position to sustain that growth considering its cash generation. Recently, Agree Realty changes its senior unsecured credit facility, expanding it to $350M – $250M pistol, and $100M in term advances. The revolver matures in the next five years, and the term credits in 2024.
The loan fee on the revolver depends on a valuing matrix with a scope of 130-195 premise focuses over Libor. It’s right now at 1.83%, and has no extraordinary adjust. The term credits right now convey a rate of 3.78%.
“We are extremely satisfied with the enhanced terms of our credit and the solid support of our extended bank bunch,” said Matt Partridge, Chief Financial Officer of Agree Realty Corporation. “This financing further hardens our industry-driving asset report by developing the developments of our unsecured pistol and term advances, while additionally giving us expanded ability to execute on our working methodology.”

22nd Century Group (NYSEMKT:XXII) is XXII stock a scam?

22nd Century Group (NYSEMKT:XXII)

Everything you need to know about XXII stock.

22nd Century Group (NYSEMKT:XXII) is a generally underfollowed organization with a market capitalization of about $60 million, which has constrained it to fly under the radar of financial specialists. In analyst’s assessments, the stock price could increase to $2 in the next year from now, as an aftereffect of income development surpassing estimates.

XXII can quickly be compressed as a plant based biotechnology organization whose mission is to diminish damage brought on by smoking. To adequately do this, the organization has more than 200 licenses in its ownership that give it the capacity to increment or diminishing the level of nicotine in tobacco plants and in addition the level of cannabinoids in cannabis plants. The organization’s principle items include:

RED SUN and MAGIC cigarettes – These are super premium estimated cigarette brands accessible in both normal and menthol available to be purchased in the U.S.

SPECTRUM cigarettes – These are government supported cigarettes with altered levels of nicotine (from low to high) created under an agreement concurrence with the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA). They are circulated to mainstream researchers complimentary to learn the impacts of shifted nicotine levels in cigarettes.

BRAND A and BRAND B – These two cigarette brands are relied upon to be the initially adjusted danger tobacco items (MRTP) to go into conveyance ought to the FDA favor XXII’s application.

X-22 smoking cessation aid – This is a tobacco-based plant restorative item for use as a guide to smoking suspension. The X-22 treatment convention requires the patient to smoke XXII’s low nicotine (VLN) cigarettes over a six-week treatment period to encourage the objective of the patient stopping smoking before the end of the treatment time frame.

The company’s stock currently trades around $1.05 a share. Its outstanding shares are standing around 76,009,960, while authorized shares at 300,000,000.

12/20/18 update for XXII stock

This company has been on a huge uptrend in 2017. It looks like this could continue into 2018. Has very steady volume for a December.  I have a feeling XXII stock could end up being one of the top Marijuana runners in 2018.

I like how active they are with putting out Press Release and making sure that investors are always up to date. At a quick glance, I don’t see any red flags. It is always a good idea to take the time to read the SEC filings and look to see if there are any notes coming due soon. Right now though we are loving the uptrend here! This is a stock that could make our penny stocks watchlist for the second time!

If you have not signed up for our text alerts make sure you text ATEAM to 94253

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ADMA Biologics, Inc.

ADMA Biologics, Inc.

ADMA Biologics, Inc. is a late-stage biopharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and intends to commercialize specialty plasma-based biologics for the primary immunodeficiency (PIDD) population and the treatment and prevention of certain infectious diseases.

ADMA’s lead product, RI-002, is a strength intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) item that contains polyclonal antibodies against different irresistible operators that are gotten from human plasma. RI-002 contains institutionalized, abnormal amounts of antibodies to respiratory syncytial infection (RSV) notwithstanding actually happening polyclonal antibodies, (for example, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae sort B, Cytomegalovirus, measles, lockjaw, and so on.).

ADMA arrangements to look for endorsement for RI-002 for an objective populace scope of around 8,000 to 15,000 patients basically experiencing PIDD presentations.

Potential off-name take after on signs incorporate hematopoietic foundational microorganism transplant (HSCT) patients, strong organ transplant (lung, heart, liver, and multi-organ) patients, and growth patients accepting chemotherapy amid the winter months.

At its present share price, analysts keep on viewing ADMA shares as genuinely underestimated, and as giving critical long haul upside potential. Analysts are expanding their value focus to $22 per share, and keep on rating the stock a ‘Purchase’.

At the end of latest quarter, ADMA had $20.9 million of aggregate money and transient speculations (comprising fundamentally of $9.2 million of money and money reciprocals and $11.8 million of fleeting ventures) when contrasted with $23.8 million at June 30, 2015. Our model proposes current money gives sufficient subsidizing into the second 50% of 2016.



abeona therapeutics

Abeona (NASDAQ:ABEO), a quality treatment organization that is in late-stage clinical trial for the treatment of Sanfilippo disorder, an uncommon hereditary condition that causes lethal cerebrum harm. The confusion impacts around 1 in 70,000 kids, an acquired condition which is brought about by a chemical insufficiency.

The lack of the compound keeps the body from experiencing its characteristic reusing process, making the cerebrum cells top off with waste that the body can’t handle.

As the mind cells keep on getting loaded with the waste item, patients encounter a large group of anguishing indications, comprehensive of hyperactivity, seizures, heart issues, dementia and at last demise.

Abeona is near offering the main quality treatment that is intended to cure this frightful sickness with a “once and done” methodology, supplanting medicines that work to “deal with” the disorder, yet has not been compelling in anticipating either the movement of Sanfilippo or its devastating and frequently deadly nature.

Abeona has been the principal organization to exhibit viability in human studies, demonstrating the capacity to redress the harmed chemical through an intravenous conveyance. Dissimilar to organizations that are modestly effective in giving treatment to deal with the ailment, which requires a lifetime of drug and normal physical treatment, Abeona has possessed the capacity to give a solitary, one-time treatment, to rectify the lacking catalyst.

Abeona is not just getting a charge out of the clinical results to date, the organization is likewise a most loved of patient and guardian backing bunches, like those that have been applying colossal weight on the FDA to endorse a strong dystrophy drug made by Sarepta (NASDAQ:SRPT). As vital as the patient support gatherings may be, nothing can contrast with a firsthand record of the treatment and its obvious achievement, and Abeona has that also.

Albeit most clinical trials propel tolerant classification, patients can talk uninhibitedly about the ABO-102 results for two reasons. To begin with, Abeona is putting forth an “once and done” treatment, whereby patients are not being frequently treated by an Abeona treatment. What’s more, second, the trial is being directed by an outsider, Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Hence, financial specialists have been dealt with to some solid and convincing information on online networking that makes Abeona sparkle.

Analyst trust that HKN Inc. (OTCPK:HKNI)

Analyst trust that HKN Inc. (OTCPK:HKNI)

Analyst trust that HKN Inc. (OTCPK:HKNI) is underestimated with respect to its advantages. Be that as it may, the motivation behind why it is exchanging at a markdown is on account of there is a controlling shareholder who claims most of the organization’s stock and this controlling shareholder has a record of botching the organization.

Its outstanding shares are standing around 390,916, while authorized share are at 2,000,000.

While this makes opening the estimation of the organization’s hidden basic worth something that won’t occur without any forethought, analysts expect the business sector estimation of the organization to focalize with the essential estimation of its advantages. The organization’s money property speak to 66% of the organization’s business sector top and the organization has a huge capital stake in a rising development worldwide oil and gas firm. L

ikewise the organization has BriteWater International, which possesses protected emulsion breaking innovation. In any case, analysts trust it will require more investment for HKN to market its BriteWater International Emulsions operations.

Since the organization sold off its oil and gas properties and has improved its corporate technique, its reported money related execution is not as a matter of course similar to numerous organizations.

In July 2012, HKN contributed $4 million to the joint endeavor, Gerrity Oil, LLC (“Gerrity Oil”), consequently for the receipt of a half proprietorship enthusiasm for the recently shaped substance. Sway Gerrity contributed oil and gas resources in the Niobrara and Bakken Basins consequently for the other half enthusiasm for Gerrity Oil.

HKN is attempting to exploit shale oil plays and purchased Bob Gerrity’s half stake in Gerrity Oil keeping in mind the end goal to frame HKN Bakken. The organization produced $248K in incomes and $17K in working misfortunes from this specialty unit in Q1 2013.

American Petro-Hunter’s (AAPH)

American Petro-Hunter’s (AAPH)

Referring to the achievement of other investigation and creation organizations around American Petro-Hunter’s (AAPH) properties in Payne County, Oklahoma, CEO McIntosh as of late noticed that the Company’s arrangements for the equalization of 2011 call fundamentally for the advancement of even wells.

Its outstanding shares are at 81,267,441, while authorized shares at 200,000,000.

Despite the fact that AAPH as of late started operations on a vertical well because of the area’s novel qualities, the Company has noticed that even wells in the district have created upwards of 500 barrels for every day, somewhere in the range of 2 – 3 times the potential assessed for the vertical well, which is booked to be the last vertical test arranged by AAPH.

The advancement of level boring and water driven cracking innovation, combined with higher vitality costs has made a household investigation and generation opportunity that is sufficiently extensive to meet U.S. vitality interest for quite a long time to come.

With the achievement abuse of the Barnett Shale, consideration is moving towards comparative open door in the Woodford Shale and somewhere else.

Despite the fact that boring systems must adjust to the special geographical qualities of every play, achievement in comprehension the Woodford shale opportunity is prove by the sensational increment in the number wells bored there – American Petro-Hunter (OTCBB: AAPH) CEO Robert McIntosh assesses that there were 1,300 vertical and wells penetrated in the Woodford from 2003 – 2010, with Devon Energy (NYSE: Devon) being especially dynamic.

For those intrigued by putting resources into U.S. residential oil and gas and in the open door made by specialized advancement and rising vitality costs, industry goliaths like Halliburton and Devon Energy might be of interest, and there additionally might be opportunity in junior investigation and creation organizations like American Petro-Hunter, which is attempting to understand the potential in the Woodford Shale and somewhere else in the U.S.

Advantage Oil and Gas (NYSE:AAV)

Advantage Oil and Gas (NYSE:AAV)

From time to time a speculator finds an organization that overlooks the savagery around them and continues becoming gainfully. Advantage Oil and Gas (NYSE:AAV) is such an organization. The organization not just becomes through the downturn, it develops quick through the downturn. Administration is as yet growing generation as though the business downturn never happened.

Its outstanding shares are at 13.7 M, while authorized shares at 184.60M

Truth be told, in a few cases it is fundamentally beating the planned execution. The organization already had an objective to extend production to 200 MMCFE/D. Presently administration is including the foundation and plant ability to go to 350 MMCFE/D. The organization is extending production by more than 20% a year right now.

Organization administration sold around 13.4 million shares to subsidize the development. Be that as it may, the development of creation is at a speedier rate than the one time weakening from the stock deal. The business by and large is decreasing and a considerable measure of organizations has some measure of monetary pain, however one would surely not realize that taking a gander at this organization.

“Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd. (“Advantage” or the “Corporation”) is pleased to report strong cash flow of C$30.2 million or C$0.17/share for the first quarter of 2016 supported by a 25% increase in production to 167 mmcfe/d (27,854 boe/d) and an 11% reduction in its total cash cost to a corporate record and industry leading low cost of C$0.75/mcfe.”

Part of the reason must be that record low money cost. Notwithstanding for a gas organization, for example, this one, that money expense is to a great degree low and gives income at value levels numerous contenders can just dream about. In addition the finding and improvement costs appeared above are just C$.77 MCFE. Joined that is an aggregate expense of C$ $1.52 MCFE. Given the late shortcoming of the Canadian Dollar to the United States Dollar, that aggregate expense is one substantial upper hand.

Abraxas Petroleum (NASDAQ:AXAS)

Abraxas Petroleum (NASDAQ:AXAS)abraxas petroleum

Abraxas Petroleum (NASDAQ:AXAS) issued an overhaul where it talked about a few things including its well performance and execution, resource deals and supporting action. The data shows that Abraxas keeps on decreasing its danger through deleveraging and supporting, while it gives off an impression of being on track to meet its entire year direction in spite of its benefit deals.

Its outstanding shares are standing around 135,038,301, while authorized shares at 127, 51,279,412.

Abraxas looks set to have exceptionally solid creation in Q4 2016, with anticipated generation levels more than half above Q2 2016’s level.

Abraxas has sold a few resources without essentially influencing its assets. The offer of the Portilla field raised roughly $13 million for 145 BOEPD underway (around 87% oil) and 0.8 million BOE of demonstrated stores. The cost was around $90,000 per streaming BOE or $16.25 per barrel of demonstrated assets.

This is higher than Abraxas’ valuation of around $60,000 per streaming BOE or roughly $7 per barrel of demonstrated reserves, in spite of the fact that it ought to be noticed that the Portilla field has a higher rate of oil than Abraxas’ normal generation or stores.

Abraxas has additionally consented to offer its Coyanosa Draw Ranch for $6.7 million, while holding half of its mineral interest.

Since Abraxas’ new Bakken wells began generation in mid-August to early September, the effect on aggregate quarter creation ought to be much more grounded in Q4 than in Q3 even subsequent to representing the decrease rate. Abraxas’ Austin Chalk and Permian wells will likewise build Q4’s generation levels.

Abraxas has improved its financial situation by selling assets to reduce debt (at only a small cost to production) and adding hedges at slightly above its breakeven oil price. This should allow Abraxas to keep its net debt at 2.5x EBITDA or below during 2017 (with capital expenditures set to production maintenance levels). It appears set to deliver strong production in Q4 2016 as well.

Abraxas has enhanced its money related circumstance by offering advantages for diminish obligation (at just a little cost to creation) and including supports at marginally over its breakeven oil cost. This ought to permit Abraxas to keep its net obligation at 2.5x EBITDA or beneath amid 2017. It seems set to convey solid generation in Q4 2016 too.

Penny Stocks: A complete Guide for Dummies

Penny Stocks: A complete Guide for Dummies

Few speculation expressions can make as much energy as these two words: penny stocks. Yet, what’s the obsess about low share price? Does hot penny stock lift very up to their cash making buildup?

The issue with penny stocks is that their definition is questionable. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) characterizes them as low-valued theoretical securities of small-cap organizations. In this article, we’ll further confine penny stocks exchanging under one dollar.

So why do investors go wild over penny stocks? What is the attractiveness of these low estimated share prices? There is an obvious adrenaline surge from exchanging stocks that can undoubtedly hop 100% inside a week. New investors are frequently tricked by the possibility of brisk picks up and not expecting to keep capital contributed for a considerable length of time at once.

Be that as it may, not all penny stock dealers are playing the little hops. Some long haul, “purchase and hold” latent financial specialists purchase penny stocks with the yearning that these minor organizations will develop into mammoths over numerous years.

The market has seen some of these stocks hop from pennies to just shy of $20. Nevertheless, the market has additionally seen them go bankrupt or tumble to a large portion of their worth in a split second.

Utilize a Fundamental Stock Screener

Where do you discover a rundown of penny stocks and shoddy stocks to exchange? A few financial specialists will incline toward message sheets and gatherings, or simply meander capriciously from stock to stock without having a reasonable thought as to which organization is an appropriate pick. You can keep away from this destiny and discover a portion of the best penny stock picks by utilizing a computerized screening gadget.

Over The Counter (OTC) Markets is another screener that at present has more than 9,981 securities recorded, a number of which are penny stocks. This number gives you a thought of what number of organizations you may miss in the event that you concentrated just on the real North American stock trades.

Utilizing a stock screener will help you channel stocks in view of the accompanying: development, income, Profits, Money streams.

Simply remember that some OTCBB trades have couple of prerequisites for organizations to report wage proclamations and other monetary filings. Stocks with spotty reporting may not appear on your radar, but rather that could be a danger worth taking.

Make Use of Charts

Numerous individuals wince when specialized examination is raised. They may feel that it is convoluted, complex, and subjective. This can be valid for some specialized investigation. On the off chance that you are new to charts, stick to straightforward examination methods, for example, backing and resistance levels.

Bolster Levels – When the shares tumble down to a cost and afterward bob go down, it is known as a bolster level. The all the more frequently this happens at a particular value level, the more grounded the mental backing gets to be.

Resistance Levels – When prices go up just so far before falling down, the crest price turns into a rooftop that makes dread. This is known as resistance.
A basic strategy is to take a gander at a 6 month value chart utilizing everyday information. Draw a flat line underneath or more prices that the penny stock declined. Consider purchasing on backing and offering before resistance.

Take a gander at Liquidity

Some penny stocks will just exchange a couple of hundred shares a day while others will exchange several thousand or more. To get a thought of how fluid an organization is, increase the measure of shares by the price to perceive the amount of cash courses through the organization every day. Penny stocks on real trades will for the most part have higher liquidity than Pink Sheets or other Over The Counter Bulletin Board exchanging.

Very illiquid stocks with just hundreds or a couple of thousand dollars exchanged every day can encounter great unpredictability. It is hard to put a couple of thousand dollars in such little organizations without driving the share price up. Additionally, when it comes time to offer, share prices may dive following there are couple of prompt purchasers.
Guarantee your stock has enough liquidity for a reasonable, normal share price. Consider utilizing limit orders, which set an overhead roof on most extreme stock. Limit orders on illiquid stocks may take numerous days to fill, however the investment funds are justified, despite all the trouble.

Try not to Look for Penny Stocks that are Jumping on High Volume

Is more liquidity constantly better? At the point when a stock goes up half on high volume, it is safe to say that this is an incredible purchase? Most likely not. Here’s the reason: Stocks with diminishing volume will probably bounce back, while stocks with a huge surge of volume will probably amend in share price.

The most exceedingly awful performing stocks were ones that bounced in share price on high volume. This appears to be exceedingly unreasonable, yet you ought to achieve your own particular decision simply in the wake of perusing the paper. In light of their concentrate, some straightforward methods can be utilized:

Purchase stocks that beforehand went high in share price on high volume, yet are currently exchanging at diminished volume levels, while purchase stocks exchanging down in cost toward bolster levels on diminishing volume which show selling is going down.

In Conclusion

While there are numerous techniques and systems to trade these low estimated stocks, the best tip is to do your own due diligence with every single penny stock. Hence, you can be all the more beyond any doubt that you are not just the objective of a “pump and dump” plan. Organizations with micro market capitalization and few administering controls are the play area of manipulative merchants. On the off chance that you are cautious and get your work done, you will possibly locate a hot penny stock to put resources into.

Risks and Few Precautionary Measures for Penny Stock Trading

Risks and Few Precautionary Measures for Penny Stock Trading

The proverb “purchase low, sell high” is a word of wisdom, however there’s subtlety to it. “Purchase low” doesn’t signify “purchase the least expensive stocks conceivable”. Additionally “sell high” doesn’t signify “sit tight for it to end up the most costly stock conceivable”. In securities, low and high are relative terms which allude to the fundamental estimation of the business itself: purchase when it’s underestimated and sell when it’s exaggerated.

New investors generally search for too low prices stocks, assuming that a share price offering for $1 has significantly more space to twofold or fourfold than a stick which offers for $10. New investors generally fall into the trap of searching for penny stocks to purchase.

Unsafe Companies Can Go Bankrupt

In 2011, American Airlines petitioned for insolvency. Its stock shed esteem and dropped to pennies. “What a deal,” you may think. “For pennies you get a carrier, planes, fuel choices, flight arranges, pilot contracts. Eventually American Airlines converged with US Airways and the subsequent element has a stock back on a noteworthy trade.

However that is one example of overcoming adversity out of incalculable disappointments. Remember that one stock of XYZ you purchased at $0.25 doesn’t as a matter of course liken to one stock of the new ABC at $30. As the holder of an penny stock you’re at the most minimal spot on the rundown. You have nothing to do with what happens to the business’ advantages.

On the off chance that the organization is stuck in an unfortunate situation that there’s no way it’ll have the capacity to pay off its obligations, it might need to be separated and have the greater part of its assets sold off to its banks. You’re not getting any cash out of that. You’re not making 900 percent returns. Those 400 shares you purchased at $0.25 per offer are useless and you’ve lost all that cash. That happens now and again.

Battling Companies and Buyouts May Be the Best Penny Stocks

Presently American Airlines didn’t leave business. It converged with another organization. In some cases that happens, or now and then a stock gets purchased out altogether. All things considered, the securing organization will frequently make an offer for the disturbed organization, taking into account what they think the organization is truly worth. That is most likely the estimation of the assets: land, stock, existing contracts short existing liabilities.

On account of a procurement, the obtaining organization may either pay existing stockholders an altered cost for each share or change over shares of the gained stock into shares of the new parent organization at some proportion. Any benefit you make relies on upon the value you paid. In the event that it’s beneath the obtaining value, you may make a little benefit. In this circumstance, timing is everything. You should purchase the stock for not as much as what it will price for.

How would you know what it’ll offer for? You need to make sense of what the organization overall is justified regardless of—its stock, any current gets, any speculations, the estimation of land, and the open door expenses of procurement. That is a considerable measure of money related investigation for an organization that’ll most likely go bankrupt.

Is Penny Stock Trading Worth It?

Before you hit the purchase catch on your penny stock exchange, remember a few dangers. Their organizations are frequently in insolvency. It’s exceptionally hard to locate the reasonable valuation of a business stuck in an unfortunate situation, so you don’t have a clue about the right cost to pay. You’re likewise a loan boss most likely rearward in line for liquidation, so if everything turns out badly and the stock leaves business, you may lose the majority of your cash.

Pivoting a vexed organization requires some serious energy. You must be tolerant. Great returns are uncommon, and they’re littler than you may might suspect. Turning an organization losing a large number of dollars a year into an organization making millions is a ton of work. It’s hard to purchase and sell penny stocks at great costs. You don’t comprehend what the right cost is or the right cost will be. You’re contending with a considerable measure of other individuals attempting to outmaneuver each other.

At last, a number of the general population advancing these stocks are truly profiting from persuading you to subscribe to a penny stocks pamphlet. Try not to fall for the buildup. Profiting by investing in penny stocks involves time and tolerance and searching for genuine worth—purchasing great organizations.

Penny Stocks Are Difficult to Sell

Obviously, to purchase a stock at the right value, you need to discover somebody to offer it to you at that cost. That is difficult. Not at all like an ordinary stock, where individuals purchase and sell in view of genuine estimation of what the organization can really make, penny stock exchanging depends on hypothesis. Everybody who claims the stock is sitting tight for it to pivot by one means or another. Perhaps you’ll get fortunate and somebody who purchased it for $0.20 a share will empty a couple of thousand shares at $0.25, yet it’s more probable that any individual who purchased it needs to make 10 or 20 or 50 times benefits.

The same goes for escaping a stock. Without a doubt, you purchased it at $0.25 per share and uplifting news has raised it to $0.50 per share, and you believe you’re as fortunate as you’re perpetually going to get, yet are there enough purchasers at $0.50 a share for you to offer the greater part of your shares?

Penny stocks have next to no liquidity. There aren’t numerous purchasers and dealers since they’re so dangerous. Not at all like an offer of Coca-Cola stock you can purchase or offer basically at whatever time close to the asking cost, there aren’t sufficient purchasers and venders who concur on penny stocks, so their share prices have wild swings. You must have awesome planning and far and away superior fortunes to sell at the value you had as a primary concern.

Robinhood Penny Stocks

Penny Stocks on Robinhood

The Robinhood trading app has a very slim number of penny stocks and OTC stocks it allows you to trade because those indexes charge more for brokers. Penny Stocks also have lower amounts of liquidity which makes it more difficult for Robinhood to make margins when trading. Robinhood is only for beginners because you pay for its cost by recieving second hand placement for buys ans sells.

It is a challenge to start trading on the penny stocks having a value of less than $1 per stock. As the name says, these stocks are traded in pennies and there is huge volatility involved in owning these stocks. The best performing penny stocks could be just the worst nightmares on the very next day of purchase. Robinhood platform for trading penny stocks is meant for the NASDAQ or NYSE stocks having pricing of lesser than $1 per share.

Trading of stocks has become very easy in this technology-driven world of the 21st century. Robinhood is the biggest platform to trade the stocks and many researchers term it as the easiest way to trade online. The practical ways in which Robinhood penny stocks operate is the elementary reason for people to invest in them.

How does it work?

The actual Robinhood stocks platform wasn’t based on the exclusive trading of the penny stocks. There was a technology-driven brokerage idea having operational grounds having the reduced overheads as brokerage costs than the conventional forms of brokerage. The concept of Robinhood was not to charge the fee associated with the stock trading. A trader can exactly tell you that Robinhood doesn’t only gets associated with penny stocks and is a relevant term for the NYSE or NASDAQ stocks, in general.
However, the people having interest exclusively in the low-priced stocks will definitely comprehend the term ‘Robinhood Penny Stocks’. Some users have actually managed to trade penny stocks on the Robinhood platform. It is a considerate term for the penny stock traders. The subjective evidence includes many elucidations, variations, and misunderstandings with regard to the stocks. Robinhood penny stocks is a matter of concern for the people having interest in making the penny stock trading under Robinhood platform.

Penny Stocks Day Trading

Day trading with this platform could be a little different to determine for the traders. Robinhood is not a direct access broker and hence, there could be a difficulty for the penny stocks traders who need to enter and exit the market in a few minutes. It doesn’t even mean that penny stocks on Robinhood are not possible but there has to be a caution maintained for execution of the penny stock trading on the particular platform.
Penny stocks can be traded on a large number of platforms and you can find the good penny stock ideas floated all over the web. There are proper research and insights required for the day traders to get the dedicated approach towards penny stock trading. Penny stock ideas by experts will give you a better vision towards bringing the success for traders who want to buy stocks at the lowest prices. Penny stocks on Robinhood can be a great opportunity to bolster your success chances by adding the right listing to move with the most promising insights. There are stocks published on different websites illustrating the appropriate moves and bringing the list of the rewarding penny stocks. Smart investors make the right moves and gain through penny stocks on Robinhood.

Solar Energy Stocks

Solar Stocks

Solar energy stocks are a very hot sector. After Obama became presidents he made a strong push for green energy. He gave several government subsidies to Solar Energy companies. Many believe green energy will have a huge impact on our future. The World economy is looking towards solar energy as one of the ways to help with the environment and help with human caused climate change.

As an investor you can get  piece of the action as well by investing in Solar Stocks. We have listed below a list of solar stocks. If you are new to trading stocks or new to penny stocks we recommend that you take a look at our free training page.

We believe solar energy will play a very important part in our future economy and investors that invest in this niche why prices are still low could make a lot of money.

Don’t forget to check out our Make sure you take a look at our  marijuana stocks, oil stocks, and gold stocks page.


Oil Penny Stocks

Welcome to our Oil penny stocks, where we are constantly drilling and looking for massive gains in oil penny stocks.

There is hardly a better feeling than finding an oil penny stock that explodes 250%, 500%, or even 2500%.  We have a team of experienced micro cap stock researchers that are constantly scanning for and screening oil penny stocks.

All penny stocks while being extremely risky, also have the potential for enormous gains. Penny stocks that involve oil fit the same profile but to the extreme. Our view is if one is going to take the huge risk of buying any penny stock, they may as well go for the biggest reward. We feel that oil penny stocks and energy penny stocks as a whole offer the kind of upside potential that one deserves for taking the risk of buying penny stocks, to begin with. If a small oil company experiences success in drilling a well, the upside could be absolutely massive for any investors that are positioned in that stock. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. If there are expectations of drilling success and the well is dry, investors can lose most if not all of their investment. Oil penny stocks are not for the faint of heart.

Getting in early is the key to investing, and penny oil stocks provide any size investor with access to this emerging market.  By targeting small companies in the oil sector, the investor is able to cast a wide net over many aspects of this booming industry.Oil penny stocks are usually affordable because the company is on the verge of a new discovery or nearing a financial breakout. The low-cost and speculative nature of this strategy is able to produce substantial gains when one of these investments is successful. A major advantage to this style of investing is that the small investor is able to purchase low-cost stocks for companies that perform specialized services. These companies may be tasked with discovering new oil resources or developing new refinement technologies. They will be the people looking for new ways of doing out-of-date activities. This innovative spirit is what produces the financial windfall when a company is successful in meeting their goals.

Ride the Wave of Innovation …

The demand for oil around the world is increasing, and the current standards for the use of oil are under attack. This creates a demand for improved technologies that consider cleaner production methods and environmental protection regulations. Innovative companies that successfully address these concerns most likely will not remain oil penny stocks for long. The major players in this industry will suffer from the same circumstances that are creating the potential for large returns on these smaller investments.

Investors partnering with small innovative companies will drive advancements in new technologies that are required to meet the global energy demands of the future. Building a diversified portfolio of oil penny stocks that have the potential to change the future of this industry would seem like a strategy that would allow for the small investor to ride the wave of innovation in this ever changing industry.

Oil Penny Stocks can move very quickly …

As with all stocks, penny stocks can have big moves up or down very quickly. Oil penny stocks especially can be extremely volatile due to the price movements of the underlying commodity itself, oil. We try to account for all of these factors and more when we look for oil penny stocks that we think have the potential for explosive short, intermediate and/or long-term gains.

Join us today and start drilling for profits!

Was AMLH a pump and dump?

American Leisure  Holdings Inc. OTCMRKTS:AMLH

Everything in this article is just for entertainment only. All penny stocks are risky. Make your own buying decisions. is not being compensated for this article. Please read our disclaimer here.

AMLH is an extremely hot stock right now. It is currently number #2 on IHUB breakout boards just falling short in popularity to BVTK.

So the main question is AMLH just a quick pump and dump or does it have room to run? If you look at the featured chart, it is too early to tell. The chart still looks healthy, and if it holds support and fills the gap, you very well could see another nice bounce.

Why are investors excited about AMLH?

American Leisure Holds is focused on the Electronic Games Industry. They have a specialized niche focus with Game tournaments. This up and coming niche sells out arenas and is very trendy with younger generations players. Some of the top video game players have even become millionaires.  This industry is growing so rapidly that the NBA in 2018 will host tournaments in NBA arenas.  This market has a lot of potential and AMLH has a lot of enthusiastic investors.

AMLH share structure

As of March 29th, there are 4 billion Authorized shares and 2.2 Billion Outstanding shares. The Market Value of the outstanding shares is around 10.5 million.  AMLH currently has a stop sign on OTCmarkets which means the company has failed to keep up with their SEC filings current.


  • AMLH has a lot of excited shareholders
  • GGstudios, one of AMLH’s partner companies, has a passionate management team that has a played an active role in the gaming industry for over a decade.
  • CEO Christain Bishop is a young, motivated entrepreneur that is active on Twitter and engages with shareholders
  • Supplemental filing with old CEO transferring shares to new management.
  • Rumored big contract in the works
  • Rumored potential Share Structure reduction
  • Rumored significant connections and possible deals made at Dreamhack event
  • Some investors believe most notes have been paid off and dilution may be over. 
  • Has submitted an updated annual report as well as an Attorney letter to become current.


  • AMLH is not current and currently, has a stop sign on OTC markets
  • AMLH has 4 Billion Authorized shares
  • No SEC Fillings since 2008
  • In 2016 generated 200,000 in revenue and had 841,086 in expenses. Its Officers and Management were paid twice as much as the company was bringing in.
  • As of December 31st, 2016 company has $410,343 of long-term debt


The rest of May will be an important month for AMLH. If the momentum carries through you could see some more Awesome Breakouts!


Cocktail Stocks

Cocktail stocks

A lot of people love cocktail stocks. These are stocks that have a great sales pitch and something that can get an average investor exciting. In a way, most penny stocks are cocktail stocks. Most are glorified sales pitches to excite naive investors. A lot of these cocktail stocks get cult-like followings and seem to go up for some time. Some of the biggest cocktail penny stocks have been marijuana stocks.  You have popular companies like MJNA, VAPE, and Hemp. TRTC was another one that seemed only to go up. These companies ended up crashing pretty hard. There were other stocks like MINE and VPOR which did well. Marijuana stocks are very easy cocktail stocks. There are a lot of people wanting to jump on the bandwagon of buying these over-hyped stocks hoping to become rich.  So what are the next cocktail stocks?

Currently, ELED seems to be turning into a cocktail stock. Bitcoin could be considered a cocktail stock by some even though it is more of a commodity.

BVTK has a ton of passionate investors despite the company continuing to sell shares. Another potential cocktail stock is HWAL. We will watch and see if it ends up getting a lot of hype over the next couple months.

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