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Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading

Ross Cameron is the man behind Warrior Trading. It is basically a chat room and trading education service. Teaching students about how to Day Trade Momentum Strategies is the main purpose of this chat room. Warrior Trading is partners with Bloomberg, Huffpost, Interactive Brokers, Benzinga, Lightspeed, eSignal and Trade-Ideas. The motto of this platform is to make successful traders from beginners.

This was started as a blog initially by Ross Cameron in the year 2012. Their short-term mission is creating 50,000 freedom traders who can live a free and independent life by the year 2020. This website is … Read More




SureTrader is an online broker which is a part of the MintBroker International, Ltd. which was founded in 2008. The company is based in the Bahamas and its brokerage or dealings are controlled by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. This online broker is fully authorized and licensed, hence safe.

This online broker is very useful for those who do not have much money and they can trade to their heart’s extent by using this platform. It is also the best stage for international traders.

Why neophyte investors use SureTrader?

It has very fewer fees and wider options … Read More



Any trading session that takes place before the actual trading timings is referred to as pre-market trading. It usually occurs between 08:00 am to 09:30 am. This method is used by people who want to analyze the potency and how the dealing of the market will take place. During weekdays, the pre-market trading may begin from as early as 04:00 am. The actual benefit of pre-market trading can be realized after 08:00 am only.

Here are some risks associated with this trading-

  • The choice of quotes often disappears. One cannot watch or act ahead of quotes.
  • Execution of
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Robinhood Free stock

Robinhood free stock


Robinhood is an application that allows you to buy and sell many things, including stocks. The app is really interesting to use and perfect for small-time investors looking forward to buying a few shares of the companies without paying the brokerage charges. It is fascinating for the investors to look forward to getting the stocks without paying any fee. Robinhood even gives you a free share of the stock up to $200 and you can even earn more by referring your friends. It is a great move and you can play around with your favorite stocks … Read More

Penny stocks watchlist and steps to get started investing in 2019

Welcome to our help page on  penny stocks. On this page you will find a list monthly penny stocks to watch. A lot of people broadly define penny stocks as any stocks that are traded under $5. The average person most likely considers a penny stock to be a stock that trades under $1 and is not listed on a major index like the Nasdaq or The Dow. This page is going to be dedicated to trading stocks under $1. Penny Stocks are usually extremely volatile which means you can make a lot of money but also lose a lot

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Wall Street Survivor can it help?

Wall Street Survivor

Wall Street Survivor is an educational website which aims at teaching people the finance basics. The website aims at using gamification techniques to teach the concepts related to investment, stock market and general financial planning.

Wall Street Survivor is referred to as ‘Codecademy’ which is a technique to learn about money. The website makes use of the articles, resources, and videos to teach about personal debts, finance, and investment to the interested traders. There are lessons given to the users in a way to complete missions to get ahead to the next step. The users are given … Read More

CenterPoint Securities are they are good broker?

CenterPoint Securities

CenterPoint Securities is a market access broker services meant for the stock traders who are looking forward to becoming full-time traders. The principals for CenterPoint have given high-end experience for creating the ideal atmosphere for full-time traders. This platform gives sophisticated trading tools to customers with real-time charts, data, and streaming news & analytics.

The products and services of the company give an edge to the stock investors looking forward to the real edge in their investments:

LOCATED: The company is a competitive choice for the traders relying on shorting as a vital part of their trading strategy. … Read More

Tilray Inc. – TLRY

Tilray Inc.

Tilray is one of the largest cannabis companies in the world. The company is headquartered in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, and has significant operations across the world. It was incorporated in the United States in 2013 and listed on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “TLRY.”

Company Overview

Established in 2013, Tilray was initially incorporated under the American company, Privateer Holdings. In December 2016, it achieved GMP certification, thereby becoming the first North American medical cannabis producer to do so. To raise capital, the company filed for its initial public offering (IPO) on Nasdaq in July 2018. At … Read More

FUSZ stock is nFusz Inc. a good stock to buy?

nFusz Inc.  – FUSZ

nFusz Inc. is an organization based in LA, California, United States. It was founded in 2012 with an aim of bringing the best in CRM industry. The company is the first one to create the world’s first interactive video-based CRM for customized needs of the industry. There is a full range of interactive video tools floated by the company which helps the other companies to sell their range of products and services. There are a number of options available to the customers and it includes a full line of video tools helping you to perform live … Read More

Aurora Cannabis (NYSE, TSX:ACB) 2019 and 2020 outlook.

Aurora Cannabis (NYSE, TSX:ACB)


Aurora Cannabis (NYSE, TSX:ACB) is a Canadian producer and distributor of medical cannabis. In terms of market capitalisation, it is the world’s second largest cannabis company after Canopy Growth. With an ever-increasing revenue, reduced costs, and positive projected financials, Aurora’s future is that of rapid growth. ACB also ranks #1 on our Cannabis poll.


Aurora Cannabis is a medical cannabis producer and distributor. It is a Canadian licensed company with authorised production and sales operations in more than 20 countries. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Toronto … Read More

Electronic Cigarette International (ECIG)

Electronic Cigarette International (ECIG)

Electronic Cigarette International (ECIG) is an independent marketer and distributor of vaping products and electronic cigarettes. The company’s main goal is to expand its market share in the speedily growing global electronic cigarette and vaping (“e-cigarette”). Ecig has been the rival of Mcig when it comes to vaping marijuana stocks.

E-cigarettes are battery- powered items which simulate tobacco smoking through inward breath of nicotine vapor without the flame, fire, carbon monoxide, tobacco, tar, cinder and different chemicals found in conventional flammable cigarettes.

As indicated by Euromonitor International, the worldwide tobacco industry has a $783 billion

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Summer Strategy for Penny Stocks

Summer is always slower when it comes to penny stocks

Summer is here. This is where you have to be extra picky with the penny stocks you get in. You also have to be very alert. I usually limit the amount I put into penny stocks summer months. It is a lot harder to make money. January through March are usually the hottest months. Those months are the easiest to make money. In the summer volume dries up and companies seem to be more sneaky. So be alert. Watch the SEC filings, Watch the charts, and don’t be afraid to … Read More

Why Penny Stocks Fail, Here are Few Reasons

Why Penny Stocks Fail, Here are Few Reasons

Penny stocks normally allude to securities issued by small-cap organizations that exchange at under $5 a share. Penny stocks resemble a place of cards: the system is delicate and the structure can go down at any minute. Albeit enticing in light of the fact that they are so cheap, penny stocks are profoundly hazardous ventures that tend to fall rapidly.

Raising Cash by Going Public

Capital is one of the essential necessities of each business and opening up to the world is one of the approaches to raise capital. Organizations raise capital

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Reddit Penny Stocks don’t get scammed

Reddit Penny Stocks

Reddit was founded in 2005 by two college friends named Steve Huffman (CEO/Co-Founder) and Alexis Ohanian (Co-Founder). It is basically a platform for the thousands of communities having the real human connection. There can be endless sharing under this name for the different breaking news, TV fan ideas, sports, stocks and almost everything on the Internet. It is a trending environment for the communities linked with the various interests all over the world.

Working of Reddit

Reddit works with the millions of people who are interested to post, comment and vote for the various levels of interests.… Read More

Learning SEC Filings

When I ask most investors or traders what they struggle with the most it is understanding SEC filings.  You can search a company’s SEC filings by going here.

SEC filings can be confusing at first but they are very important to understand. Since most people are busy and don’t have the time to read through pages after pages of filling information, it is important to find an efficient and fast way to locate important information.

Here are some of the most common forms you will see and a brief description of what they are.

  • 10-k This is comprehensive annual
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Penny Stocks Terms

Here is a list of basic stock market terms

Reverse Split or R/S :  This is when company reduces the total number of its outstanding shares.  So if there were 100,000 shares outstanding and they reduced it to 1,000 that would be a 100-1 reverse split. The stock price then would go by 100 times. So the value you hold remains the same. Penny Stocks companies will apply reverse splits to the outstanding  shares but not to the Authorized shares. That is a huge red flag.

Common Stock: This are the shares that are commonly owned and/or traded by the

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teacup pig

Teacup pigs Question and Answers

teacup pig, micro pig

Teacup pigs have been a growing trend in the united states over the last several years. Some pet owners believe they make better pets than dogs or cats. There is a lot of information and misinformation out there about teacup pigs. So we dug in and have done a little research and tried to find out the answers to some of your questions.

How much do teacup pigs weigh?

Teacup pigs weight can vary quite a bit depending on the breeder. who is said to have the smallest pigs get on average 15-40 LBS … Read More

PHGRF Pres Release


Premier Health Group Inc. Announces binding LOI

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, December 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

– Cloud Practice offers cloud-based electronic medical records software applications for physicians throughout Canada

– As per the latest reported financials, Cloud Practice is EBITDA[1] positive, resulting in immediate cash flow generation and earnings accretion for Premier Health

– Products include: Juno EMR, a cloud-based EMR solution; ClinicAid, a medical billing software; and MyHealthAccess, an online patient portal

– Juno EMR system is currently used by 287 clinics, over 3,000 licensed practitioners, 1,500 staff and 2

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How to Predict a Penny Stock Is Worth Watching?

How to Predict a Penny Stock Is Worth Watching?

When it comes to stock market and equities, there is couple of more hazardous investments than penny stocks trading. The shares of penny stock, which exchange under $1, are normally estimated that low for a justifiable reason. For instance, a penny stock could have a place with a once-flourishing organization that is presently on the precarious edge of insolvency, has needed to delist from the bigger trades and is currently exchanging on over-the-counter (OTC) sheets. On the other hand, it may be the case that a penny stock just barely getting

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Icnaf– Integrated Cannabis Company



Our alert is ICNAF!



This is a Canadian Marijuana Company that has been flying under the radar but not for long!


The Company just released a game-changing product called X-SPRAYS 


The Company’s X-SPRAYS™ product line consists of eight market ready orally ingested spray products that are highly effective for overall health and well-being as well as general lifestyle.  Four products are available infused with hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) and four products are formulated without a cannabidiol (CBD) infusion.  The state of the art formulations are free from artificial Read More