Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTSCBIS)

Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTSCBIS)

Cannabis Science Could Make a Bid rebound

Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) has been running up the outlines as a standout amongst the most drastically fruitful OTC entertainers available amid the second 50% of 2016. This activity is in direct expectation of the potential for an extended legitimate impression for weed related business in the US that could originate from voting in a few days, on November 8, when about 33% of the US populace partakes in nine state voting choices on the lawful status of cannabis.

CBIS is a penny stock organization that has been taking an interest in the development fervor through dynamic moves striking associations in land bargains for creation and advancement to permit the organization to scale up its volume to meet the bigger market. The diagram indicates 200% attached on to share valuing for the stock in the previous month. Advertise members might need to focus on this stock. CBIS stock has a past covered with sudden tears. Besides, the stock has enlisted expanded normal exchange volume as of late, with the previous month seeing barely short of 310% as time goes all things considered.

CBIS outlines itself as an organization that creates, delivers, and markets phyto cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical items basically in the United States. The organization is included in creating medications for a mental imbalance, circulatory strain, malignancy and growth symptoms, and in addition for different ailments containing for general wellbeing upkeep. It likewise creates CS-TATI-1 for recently determined and treatment-experienced patients to have medicate safe HIV strains, and those narrow minded of accessible treatments; CS-S/BCC-1 to treat basal and squamous cell carcinomas; and a restrictive cannabis-based treatment for neurological conditions.

Likewise, the organization offers an online video-based medicinal cannabis stock with instruction framework, including courses, for example, therapeutic cannabis law, restorative pot, cooking, cultivation, and bud tending; and produces and disperses claim to fame steed and pet preparing and topical applications. It has a permit concurrence with Apothecary Genetics Investments LLC to create different brand details for California therapeutic cannabis advertise.

The organization likewise has joint effort with IGXBio, Inc. to create GenePro, a DNA-based immunotherapeutic medication. Cannabis Science, Inc. is situated in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Cannabis Science Inc is a backup of Weedmaps Media, Inc.

mCig Inc. (OTCQB:MCIG)

Headquartered in Henderson, Nevada, mCig Inc. (OTCQB:MCIG)

Headquartered in Henderson, Nevada, mCig Inc. (OTCQB:MCIG) continues to enhance its organization through servicing the lawful cannabis, hemp and CBD markets through its way of lifestyle brands.

MCIG has transitioned from a vaporizer maker to industry driving substantial scale, full service cannabis development organization with its Scalable Solutions division at present working in the quickly growing Nevada market.

MCIG was in the top 5 of all marijuana stocks five years ago. Since then its popularity has weakened.

The company’s share price currently trades around $0.029 per share with average daily volume of 225,070 shares. Its outstanding shares are standing around 326,755,392, while authorized shares are at 560,000,000.

It recently announced very strong results for fiscal year 2016. The company generated a revenue growth of almost 238% to $1,723,241, compared with the revenue of $509,957 in the same period of last year.

Its gross profit margin also enlarged 169% to $290,773 in fiscal 2016, compared with the gross margin of $108,051 in fiscal 2015

Mike Hawkins, Interim Chief Financial Officer, stated, “We are extremely pleased with the direction and performance of MCIG. We will be hosting our second quarterly shareholders update call on September 20, to discuss its operations and first quarter results of the new fiscal year.

Fiscal 2016 was been much better for shareholders of mCig Inc (OTCMKTS:MCIG) than 2015. There are a number of factors driving this optimism. Most importantly, investors look to have finally gotten over the hangover from the pot stock crash of 2014 and are looking to take advantage of the coming Green Rush 2.0, which looks to be starting this year.

Fiscal 2016 remained a strong years for shareholders of mCig compared with 2015. There are various components driving this positive thinking. Above all, speculators hope to have at last gotten over the after effect from the pot stock accident of 2014 and are hoping to exploit the coming Green Rush 2.0, which appears to begin this year.

Now in 2019 MCIG is struggling and showing why a lot of investors stay away from penny stocks. If the toxic debt notes can stop there may be a chance this stock can recover.

Growblox Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:GBLX)

Growblox Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:GBLX)

Growblox Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:GBLX) is a biotechnology research and development company focused on creating safe, standardized pharmaceutical-grade cannabis-based therapies that target a variety of medical conditions. GBLX has been one of the top marijuana stocks for the last 6-7 years.

Growblox Sciences keeps on moving relentlessly higher as of late on quickening volume and recharged Interest from Investors since climbing off its $0.25 base. GBLX began exchanging as Growblox Sciences Inc in April of a year ago after the name change from Signature Exploration and Production Corp.

GB Sciences’ spearheading independent developing unit detaches and secures the plants growing inside while producing perfect developing situations to guarantee great, immaculateness, and consistency.

The company’s main product line include: TissueBLOX, GrowBLOX, CureBLOX and GB Sciences ApotheCAREians.

TissueBLOX – The tissue culture hatchery is customized to manage lighting, temperature, and dampness to encourage cell augmentation and the arrangement of fetuses and shoots from the sterile explants.

GrowBLOX™ – GB Sciences’ spearheading independent developing unit that secludes and ensures the plants becoming inside while creating perfect developing situations

CureBLOX™ – The CureBLOX™ module empowers us to dispense with the danger of mold development and guarantee that the concoction profile of our items is steady from harvest to reap.
GB Sciences ApotheCAREians – Highly prepared and affirmed ApotheCAREians work with patients to decide their restorative needs, distinguish remedial items, introduce GB Sciences’ application on their hand-held gadgets, and exhibit how to place orders.

Its stock price currently trades around $0.30 per share with an average volume of 97,575 share. Its market capitalization stands around $19 million, while the company has negative earnings per share of $0.14 in the latest earnings release. Its outstanding shares are around 57,448,614, while authorized shares are at 250,000,000. This penny stock company has taken several key initiatives to expand its revenue base and market share. It recently opened first marijuana dispensary in the month of July.

General Cannabis (OTCQB:CANN)

General Cannabis (OTCQB:CANN)

General Cannabis (OTCQB:CANN) is the all-in-one resource for the highest quality service providers available to the regulated Cannabis Industry. The company lease grows and related facilities (commercial real estate and equipment) to licensed business operators for their production needs. This has been one of the most popular marijuana stocks over the last five years.

The company has a market cap of over $30 million. The company has recently reported strong results for second quarter of 2016. The company reported sales increased 64% to $701,942 for the three months ended June 30, 2016, compared with revenue of the $427,202 in the same period in 2015.

Its total revenues in the first half of 2016 increased 188% to around $1,394,054, relative with $484,059 in the same quarter of last year.

The company has also been aggressively converting strong revenue growth into higher earnings. General Cannabis reported a loss of $0.09 per share, which represents significant improvement of $0.22 per diluted share compared with the loss of $0.31 per diluted share in the second quarter of 2015.

In the first half of 2016, General Cannabis’ generated a loss of $0.17 per share, compared with the loss of $0.38 in the same period last year. The company improved its earnings potential by $0.21 per share.

Its CEO said, “We are encouraged by the distinct improvement in our revenues in the second quarter. During 2016, we have been focusing on developing our acquired businesses, as well as working on new initiatives. Our service revenues continue to grow significantly, driven by strong growth in our Next Big Crop division and Chiefton,” said Robert Frichtel, CEO of General Cannabis.

There are a number of aspects that are working in the favor of the company, including a sales lift in our apparel business and strong consulting revenue. Its stock currently trades around $0.78 per share with a market capitalization of 11.23 billion. Its outstanding shares are around 14,965,421, while authorized shares are around 100,000,000. It has a pretty high market cap compared to other penny stocks so that is something to be careful of.

INSYS Therapeutics, Inc. INSY Stock

INSYS Therapeutics, Inc.

INSYS Therapeutics, Inc. is a commercial-stage specialty pharmaceutical company, which develops and commercializes supportive care products. It focuses on utilizing its proprietary formulation technologies to address the clinical shortcomings of existing commercial pharmaceutical products.

This has been one of the worst performing marijuana stocks over the last few years.

Its stock price was around $13.58 in 2016, with a business sector capitalization of $1.1bn. The firm exchanges on the NASDAQ stock trade and is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Its outstanding shares are standing around 69,915,560, while authorized shares at 100,000,000.

Insys Therapeutics creates the larger part of its incomes from one item – Subsys. Subsys is a sublingual shower that gives fast onset torment alleviation to patients experiencing breakthrough cancer pain (BTCP). Subsys has produced contention since its discharge, incompletely in light of the fact that the medication is blamed for being considerably more powerful and addictive than even morphine, and somewhat as a result of the association’s forceful deals rehearses, with medication wellbeing specialists vexed by the extensive variety of medicinal experts endorsing it regardless of the FDA cautioning that it ought to just be recommended by oncologists and torment pros. Keep in mind penny stocks can lack proper funding and take on toxic debt and that is what has been hurting Insy.

In spite of income development of more than half in 2015, incomes seem to have hindered, declining by 12% year over year in the primary quarter, spooking financial specialists.

Further muddling the viewpoint, the firm is confronting various claims and examinations, including examinations from the Department of Health and Human Services, and Attorney Generals in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Arizona, Illinois, and New Jersey, with respect to the commercialization, showcasing, advancement, and offers of Subsys.

Moreover, the firm has gotten data demands and subpoenas from the USAO of Michigan, Rhode Island, Florida, Connecticut, Kansas, New Hampshire, New York, and Alabama in regards to particular doctors the firm has collaborated with.

Indoor Harvest Corp, (INQD)

Indoor Harvest Corp, (INQD)

Indoor Harvest Corp, (INQD) through its brand name Indoor Harvest, is a full service, state of the art design-build engineering firm for the indoor farming industry. Providing production platforms and complete custom designed build outs for both greenhouse and building integrated agriculture (BIA) grows, tailored to the specific needs of virtually any cultivar.

The company’s stock currently trades around $0.45 a share with average volume of 19,682 shares. IT is considered a penny stock. The company has market capitalization of $5.52 million, with 52 week trading range of $0.29 to $0.74 per share. Its outstanding shares are around 12,237,864, while authorized shares at 50,000,000.

The company recently announced strong results for the second quarter and first half of this year. In Q2, it generated consolidated revenue of $39,872, compared with the cost of sales of $27,122, representing a gross income of $12,750. In the first half of this year, the company generated revenue of $62,166, relative to cost of sales of $43,921, which resulted in a gross income of $18,245.

In addition, the company continues to invest on research and development activities. Its research and development expenses stood around $5,641 in the second quarter and $3,285 in the last six months.

As of June 30, 2016 we had total liabilities of $355,348, while at December 31, 2015, it had total liabilities of $110,147. The increase was the result of accrued payroll expenses from hiring new employees, accounts payable and accrued expenses, billings in excess of costs and estimated earnings and convertible notes payable.

This marijuana stock is in a strong position to support its operations. At the end of latest quarter, it had total current assets of $63,091, while its current liabilities stood around $325,073. The company is aggressively working on its product line in order to expand its revenue base in the coming quarters.

GW Pharmaceuticals GWPH is a Hot Stock to Own with Several Bullish products

GW Pharmaceuticals is a Hot Stock to Own with Several Bullish products

GW Pharmaceuticals Plc engages in the business of discovering, developing and commercializing novel therapeutics from proprietary cannabinoid product platform in a broad range of disease areas. The company has market capitalization of $1.81B with an average of 208,179.

Even though we have GWPH on our marijuana penny stocks page it isn’t a penny stock.

Its outstanding shares are standing around 21,765,014 while authorized share holders equity of 245 million. This is the marijuana stock with one of the biggest market caps.

Its average share volume is around 208,179 shares with a one year target price of $149 a share.

GW Pharmaceuticals has been a difficult stock to own over the past couple of years. The company ran up to highs of $125 a share on the back of the biotech bullrun, but essentially collapsed (again, on the back of action in the wider biotech market) to March 2016 lows of a little over $38 a share.

On the release of data from one of its three trials, however, an end-March rally saw it gain more than 100%, and it now trades for just over $81 a share.

The company just reported its latest earnings, and has sold off a bit as a result. We see this selloff as an opportunity to get in on a pullback, ahead of what is going to be a catalyst filled 24 months.

The company has cash on hand of $254 million, so liquidity strength shouldn’t be too much of a problem near term.

With such little markets to go at, incomes are not going to be tremendous from either sign, but rather they ought to effectively surpass the organizations present deals and would put the organization on the way to income generation.

That is not so much what’s critical, in any case. The huge thing about grabbing endorsements in these signs is the potential for a development on the affirmed focuses into the more extensive epilepsy space.

There are more than 10 million children in the US that experience the ill effects of epilepsy and that – if the FDA endorses Epidiolex – could rapidly turn into an objective business sector for GW in light of a supplemental NDA.

Grow Condos, Inc. (OTCQB:GRWC)

Grow Condos, Inc. (OTCQB:GRWC)

Grow Condos, Inc. (OTCQB:GRWC ), is a fully reporting publicly traded company specialized in cannabis industry related “Condo” style real estate and turn-key grow facilities. This is a unique marijuana stock. The company is recently upgraded to its new tier level of OTCQB. Its outstanding shares are around 28,289,123, while authorized share are around 1,000,000,000.

Grow Condos has rapidly gotten to be a standout amongst the most energizing names on the OTC markets. In the beginning of this year, its share has tripled as speculators have gone looking for the following hot pot stock for their portfolios. Its stock is currently trading around $0.75 a share.

Speculators have immediately figured out how to stay away from a significant number of the old pot stocks that have pulverized their shareholders with weakening on the back of lethal financings. The answer is in discovering clean arrangements like GRWC.

We think 2016 will be an incredible year for the marijuana business. The reason being is that the pot business has a great deal of tailwinds heading into 2016. Around 14 states could legitimize weed for the current year, either at the tallying station or through state governing bodies.

GRWC is set superbly to exploit these patterns. Grow Condos is a land buyer, engineer and administrator of particular use mechanical properties giving “condominium” style turn-key develop offices to bolster the cannabis business. Will they be able to put distance between themselves and other penny stocks?

The organization claims, rents, offers and oversees multi-occupant properties. It is centered on the pick-and-scoop way to deal with taking part in the detonating weed industry. Grow Condos right now possesses and deals with a 15,000 square foot distribution center in Eagle Point, Oregon and is building up a property in Eugene, Oregon. A month ago, GRWC declared a speculation concurrence with Tangiers Global LLC for up to $5 million dollar.

Endexx (EDXC)

Endexx (EDXC)

Endexx (EDXC) provides innovative medical marijuana management and technology solutions. Endexx, with its collaborative partners and consultants, develops and distributes consumable product lines. The company has two technology products and services that launched in 2014 — the M3hub and the Autospense. EDXC has been one of the more quiet marijuana stocks lately.

The company’s share price continues to slip from over $0.075 per share to $0.03 a share at the end of latest trading session. Falling revenue and declining earnings are the key drivers behind the fall of this penny marijuana stock. Currently its outstanding shares are around 232,093,247 and authorized shares at 1,000,000,000

Recently, the company announced results for the third quarter with lower than expected revenue and higher than expected losses. In Q3, its revenue declined to $42K, relative to the revenue of $59K in the same period of last year.

Though the company’s revenue has been declining over the couple of consecutive quarters, however its customer base continued to enlarge considerably with its products at the moment sold in more than 80 stores.

During the third quarter, the company further established a footprint to expand its CBD sales program, which is straightforwardly recognized to the growth in awareness of its product line benefits. The company’s products keep on generating outstanding results for its clients, as the response from the medical society has been extremely encouraging and positive.

Therefore, Endexx is expecting a strong growth in its revenue over the coming years. The company has increased distribution of its consumer products in excess of 30% in retail stores. It is also in a sound cash position to fund its operation with $26K of cash in hand at the end of latest quarter.

Overall, it appears that Endexx is on the verge of rebound with its revenue expansion initiatives and returning the company back towards profitability making it an enticing penny stock.

Full Circle Capital Corp (NASDAQ:FULL)

Full Circle Capital Corp (NASDAQ:FULL)

Full Circle Capital Corp (NASDAQ:FULL) a business development organization, puts resources into littler and lower center business sector organizations situated in the US. The asset targets organizations working in the fields of broadcast communications, food and food distribution, business administrations, social insurance, promoting and information administrations, and different ventures. Full has mentioned it may jump into the Cannabis sector making it an enticing marijuana stock to won.

Full Circle Capital outstanding shares stands around 22.5 million weighted average shares outstanding while authorized shares are around 123 million.

Full Circle Capital opened up to the world in 2010. It is, subsequently, one of the post-crash BDCs with no legacy resources produced before the 2008-09. FULL shut Monday at $2.28. It pays month to month profits of 3.5 pennies for every share for a yearly profit measure of 42 pennies and a profit yield of 18.4%.

As reported in its latest earnings call, FULL’s net asset value (NAV) as of the end of the last reporting period was $4.00 a share. This implies it is exchanging at a 43% rebate to NAV, making it a standout amongst the most vigorously marked down BDCs.

With aggregate resources of $145.8 million and liabilities of $54.7 million, FULL has generally low influence (obligation is 38% of benefits) in correlation with numerous different BDCs and with as far as possible on obligation (half of aggregate resources).

FULL opened up to the world in 2010 at $10.13 a share. It has sold numerous shares at costs well over the present level. As of late as the previous spring, it raised $39 million through a share offering, offering shares at $3.50 per offer. There are clearly numerous frustrated speculators and the penny stock now has next to no analyst coverage.

Taking into account the most recent 10-Q, around 9% of its assets are performing underneath desires, and more than 4% are performing great beneath desires with the desire not to be reimbursed in full. More than 4% of NAV is on non-collections.

GreenGro Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:GRNH)

GreenGro Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:GRNH)

GreenGro Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:GRNH) is on an astounding keep running up the stock market charts. GreenGro Technologies depicts itself as “a world class supplier of eco-accommodating green innovations with particular space mastery in indoor and open air horticultural science frameworks serving both the shopper and business cultivating markets.

Its stock price has now dramatically multiplied off the early March lows. The run looks set to proceed as GreenGro looks strong financially. It has been one of the best performing penny stocks for awhile now.

GRNH simply reported 242.94% year-over-year growth is sales in the first quarter of this year, compared with sales of $152,215 in the same quarter of last year. The real increment in revenues was ascribed to new clients alongside reestablishments and the progressing extension of the organization’s product offerings.

Moreover, the organization’s revenues are in a roundabout way profiting by the development of the as of late legalized Cannabis industry.

Toward the end of a month ago, GreenGro reported that associated organization iGot420 got last leeway for pivotal of a noteworthy task in Southern California. The start of this task promptly interprets into anticipated organization incomes of up to $2,500,000.

Its CEO said “Greengro’s record incomes in the main quarter of 2016 proceed to “develop” because of consistently expanding interest for our product offerings revolved around Cannabis. This is why a lot of investors consider it their favorite cannabis stock.

At present exchanging with a market capitalization of of $15 million, GRNH has demonstrated that it’s a microcap runner. GreenGro is also profiting from the section of California bill AB266, which was marked into law on September 11, 2015 and became effective on January 1, 2016.

California is by a wide margin the biggest maker of Medical Cannabis and we expect this new law will drastically build GreenGro’s requests and incomes. 2016 resembles another green scramble for the pot business and GRNH is ready to benefit from this pattern. Its outstanding shares are standing around 307,342,246, while authorized share are around 500,000,000.

DigiPath, Inc (OTCMKTS:DIGP)

DigiPath, Inc (OTCMKTS:DIGP)

DigiPath, Inc (OTCMKTS:DIGP) supports the cannabis industry’s best practices for reliable testing, education, and training, and delivers unbiased news and information about the medical and recreational cannabis industry. Digipath is climbing relentlessly since turning around off $0.10 lows. The stock had been in steep decay for near a year and in May the Company influenced a 10 for 1 reverse stock split. Reverse Splits can really hurt penny stocks.

DIGP has been around for a considerable length of time and was fused in Nevada in 2010. The stock saw a quick ascent in April of a year ago that finished gravely a month later when they turned around the stock.

DigiPath Labs works a Las Vegas testing office that opened in May of a year ago, and has finished more than 500 examples to date as per Mr. Denkin, which makes it a pioneer among its companions. With four new clients consenting to selective research facility arrangements last quarter, and more cultivators coming on the web, DIGP seems, by all accounts, to be very much situated in the blasting Las Vegas commercial center.

DigiPath Labs’ best in class Las Vegas research facility was created to lift the standard for cannabis testing. The group precisely chose gear and after that made and confirmed standard working systems to guarantee solid, replicable results.

DIGP has been marking various new cultivators for testing as of late; In January the Company said it consented to a one-year arrangement with another Nevada therapeutic cannabis producer, Waveseer of Las Vegas. DigiPath Labs will utilize its cutting edge testing hardware and dependable testing techniques to decide security and intensity profiles of Waveseer’s cannabis material.

The company’s stock currently trades around $0.20 per share with a market capitalization of $3.03 million. Its outstanding shares are standing around 15,571,039, while authorized shares at 90,000,000. It is pretty rare to find a marijuana stock with that low of a float.

Cannabis Sativa Inc. (CBDS)

Cannabis Sativa Inc. (CBDS)

Among small-cap top U.S. organizations with a market capitalization at between $50 million and $2.5 billion that have been publically listed since the end of a year ago, the most grounded entertainer has been Cannabis Sativa Inc. (CBDS), of Salt Lake City, which is up 150% since the mid of this year. Its outstanding shares are standing around 16,154,738, while Authorized Shares at 45,000,000.

Also, Cannabis Sativa is a genuine organization that produces and offers items and routinely records money related explanations. Because of their expertise they have become one of the more well known marijuana stocks.

As its name infers, Cannabis Sativa is in the business of “creating, assembling, and offering plant-determined salves, creams, and different products for human utilization, including herbal compounds. The present line of items, a large portion of which are gotten from marijuana, are showcased through Wild Earth Naturals, which Cannabis Sativa gained a year ago.

In the recent year, Cannabis Sativa finished its procurement of Kush Inc., which is an “advancement stage” organization trying to get a patent on a hybrid medicinal strain of cannabis called “CTA,”.

So despite Cannabis Sativa’s current focus on products meant to improve health, the company is looking to score big by distributing recreational marijuana products in the only two states where it is currently legal to do so.

Johnson & Johnson has said that Cannabis Sativa is simply getting off the ground and is still a penny stock, and that the organization’s objective “is to be a pioneer in the business as the business sector detonates.” If more states rapidly take after Washington and Colorado by authorizing marijuana, the stock could pop once more, and the organization could see a striking increment in deals for its present line of items.

As indicated by Johnson, 57% of Americans backing the fully endorsing cannabis, yet no governors or U.S. representatives have openly loaned backing to sanctioning.

Cara Therapeutics (NASDAQ:CARA)

Cara Therapeutics (NASDAQ:CARA)

Cara Therapeutics (NASDAQ:CARA) is an American micro-cap pharmaceutical company without an approved drug at the moment; however the company currently has 3 different trials nearing commercialization. CARA focuses on pain management drugs that hope to reduce side effects and the addictive properties of approved opioids. One of the reasons why marijuana stocks are trending is because they can replace pharmaceutical drugs that have more side effects.

Maybe the most alluring attribute of this venture opportunity is the valuation that CARA has at current levels. The organization’s stock has fallen 62% YTD, which is not a sole motivation to contribute. As of this article, CARA is esteemed at $5.14 a share with a normal value focus of $23.43.

With such a youthful biotechnology organization, it is hard to esteem the stock has upside without including future potential incomes that are reliant on the endorsement of a gathering of pipeline medications. Notwithstanding, the ramifications of 3 separate pipeline drugs with commercialization prospects in 2016 implies that CARA would need to strikeout to not have some income development in the following year.

For Q1 2016, CARA reported negative per share of $0.21. The year-to-year income development of 174% was noteworthy, yet the negative earnings was the result of expanding operating costs, particularly counseling and study costs as the pipeline applicants neared completion of their particular studies.

Another promising note, and maybe one that anticipates the consequences of the progressing trials, is that “Cara expects that its current money and money counterparts and accessible available to be purchased attractive securities as of March 31, 2016 will be adequate for the Company to fund its working costs and capital consumption necessities through the end of the final quarter of 2018.

Cara Therapeutics is an organization that has been on a drawback streak for about 4 months yet the recuperation and potential impetuses are in sight for speculators. The company’s outstanding shares are standing around 27,282,863 and authorized shares around 30,000,000. The company hopes one day to leave behind other penny stocks and go from trading in the OTC and up-list to an exchange like the Nasdaq.

Blue Line Protection Group (BLPG)

Blue Line Protection Group (BLPG)

Blue Line Protection Group (BLPG) provides armed protection, financial solutions, logistics and compliance services for businesses engaged in the legal cannabis industry. The company’s security personnel are highly trained professionals with significant experience in the U.S. Armed Forces.

In the last six months, it generated 94% of its income from armed protection and transportation services. The rest of the 6% of its income was gotten from different administrations. BLPG is a different type of marijuana stock.

The aggregate business sector for marijuana, lawful or something else is evaluated to surpass the monetary estimation of corn and wheat joined.

Marijuana is broadly viewed as the biggest trade crop out the United States. Organizations have been setting themselves for a considerable length of time, each attempting to set up an administration position in the lawful marijuana industry that have a market share of over $50 billion by the year 2020.

Marijuana deals allegedly arrived at the midpoint of about $1,000,000 every day in the initial five days of authorization in Colorado, and financial year 2014 deals surpassed $700,000,000. California and Colorado each hope to gather charge income of roughly $100,000,000 amid their 2016 monetary years.

Cultivation facilities are the manufacturers of legitimate cannabis that in the long run advance toward buyers.

Cultivators’ operations normally pass through a substantial geographic impression, making them helpless to robbery, while sending shipments from the producers to testing research centers or to retail dispensaries.

Therefore, demand for Blue Line Protection Group security personnel are highly increasing. Now BLPG is still a penny stock and like most other penny stocks there are risk involved so do your DD before investing.

Is Hemp Inc.-HEMP a scam or the next best thing?

Hemp Inc.-HEMP

Hemp, Inc. is a publicly traded company with ticker symbol OTC. It was founded in the year 2008 and has its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The company provides green solutions with the eco-friendly and healthy approach towards the environment. The legalization of hemp in the United States has been a progressive step for the company to get all the products with the tagline having the hemp growth in the United States. The company wants to change the worldly approach by producing the healthy life solutions by banning GMOs, eating organic, reduction of carbon and producing the best solutions for mankind. The company aims at making a difference by working with the positive notes and the dedication towards bringing the best for industrial hemp sector. Hemp is still a penny stock company like most penny stocks it is trading under $1 and is considered risky.

With the 52-week low and high values of $0.01 and $0.06 respectively, the company is looking for the investors to trust their policies and gain valuable assets by bringing the green revolution. Hemp requires less water and energy and is an ecologically preferred crop than the other ones. The company’s subsidiary Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, LLC (100% owned) has the largest decoration plant in the North American region. The plant will be completed this year with its moves towards North Carolina (in the 9 acres warehouse of the company). Hemp was one of the most popular marijuana stocks back in 2013-14 it still has a large following.

When the plant will become operational, it will begin production of fiber for its products. The products will be using industrial hemp for its best lead. The products used will be oil absorbents from kenaf and LCM (Lost Circulation Material). The kenaf plant core has been found as the most absorbent material on the earth. The company will be manufacturing the product used effectively for the spilled oil cleanups (Product Name: SpillSuck™). This remarkable product was used on the coast of Louisiana for dealing with its big oil spill. LCM will be produced by the company for its drilling industry also. The product is capable of producing millions of dollars in the Hemp, Inc. revenue.

There are thousands of products made from Hemp. The major thing about the same is that the whole plant is used to make the beneficial products. The flowers and leaves can make high-end CBDs, oil for health and beauty products, fiber for fabric and paper, seeds for nutritious protein, core to make bio-fuel, LCM and building materials. There is so much to be attained from hemp and it is ultimately a win-win situation to entrust the material.

Hemp, Inc. fully supports the Industrial Hemp Farming Act (2015). This is the primary step towards production of industrial hemp farming in the American states. The approval of growing hemp for R&D in Northern Carolina is a positive aspect for the company to grow legal industrialized hemp. The company even spreads awareness and knowledge about hemp along with the benefits it has. Hemp Inc. has a great future and the company has given many purchase plans, acquisitions and various segments for the hemp industry. Will Hemp ever become more than just a penny stock?There is strategic business flow anticipated with the valued positioning of the operations of the industrial hemp industry.

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (LXRP)

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (LXRP)

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (LXRP) recently announced that it has closed the final tranche of the private placement equity financing. The last tranche was for 3,266,666 equity units, which are priced at US$0.06. With this announcement, the company is looking raise funds of US$196,000, which it will go to use for deployment and marketing of hemp based food products. This marijuana stock is under the radar.

In addition, the company is looking to use this cash for general & administration expanses and general working capital.

Lexaria Corp is one energizing marijuana penny stock that has everybody’s consideration due to its patent-pending bioavailability innovation, one of the most impenetrable offer structures for any bb in the division and a quickly developing steadfast shareholder base that trusts this one goes much higher.

The issue on everyone’s mind on LXRP is their patent-pending innovation intended to improve bioavailability with is the wellspring of all their ViPova(TM) items.

The organization’s strategy is to looks for undertakings that could give potential above-business sector returns. LXRP possesses half of ViPova(TM) that utilizations just legitimate CBD oil extracts, developed from lawful hemp in areas where it is lawful to do as such, in ViPova(TM)- branded tea.

Lexaria was at first enrolled in Nevada in 2005 to investigate and create oil and gas resources in generally safe territories of North America. The Company still possesses huge oil generation in Mississippi, creating oil from wells at the Belmont Lake oil field. LXRP still gets incomes from these wells.

The company’s stock is currently trading around $0.125 a share, .following a huge surge from $0.08 a share in the month of July So it is considered a penny stock. Its market capitalization currently stands around $5.97 million, while average volume is almost 42,078 shares. Its outstanding shares are around 44,553,286, while authorized shares at 210,000,000.

CGrowth Capital Inc (OTCMKTS:CGRA)

CGrowth Capital Inc (OTCMKTS:CGRA)

CGrowth Capital Inc (OTCMKTS:CGRA) is one penny stock that has everyone consideration running from $0.0008 lows prior this year to late highs well over the $0.02 mark. Its authorized Shares stands around 500,000,000, while outstanding share are at 391,597,994 The stock has likewise pulled in an expansive after that has changed CGRA into a volume pioneer.

CGRA began to pursue in April the execution of a LOI with Wildfire Cannabis Company, LLC to rent a part of their properties in Chewelah, Washington to develop pot. CGRA immediately picked up endorsements by both Stevens County and the condition of Washington most likely because of the way that they have 2 wells nearby that can pump 5000/gal a day.

At present they are dealing with the underlying 90,000 square feet of shelter space and are working towards multiplying its ability amid the year for a sum of six authorized occupants (there are as of now three inhabitants under contact). Under the Company’s turnkey lease terms, the rental potential is in abundance of $2,000,000 every year.

CGrowth Capital has generally charged itself as a holding organization for organizations and resources concentrated on all parts of mining, minerals, investigation, and business land. This is a stock that was originally a mining stock and now hopes to be a successful marijuana stock.

The Company claims around 47 net sections of land of industrial area property and also more than 1000 sections of land of mineral rights and lease situated in Stevens County, Washington. As of late CGRA has started to deliberately influence resources for greatest quality inside the lawfully creating cannabis industry right now in progress in Washington State.

POTN-PotNetwork Holding


POTN is the ticker symbol for the company PotNetwork Holding and it is dedicated to R&D and distribution of the cannabis products along with some other verticals. The company has been working since 2004 and is selling its products all over the US. The international network of PotNetwork Holding is increasing rapidly and the company’s futuristic approach is quite lucrative.

The CEO of the company is Dr. Richard Goulding and the President is Kevin L Hagen. It is up-listed on the OTCQB and has a good marketing visibility among the investors. The company’s milestone towards the achievement of long-term strategies is always progressive in its own ways. PotNetwork Holdings focuses on the rapid growth of verticals within the global cannabis industry. According to the researchers, there is a projected growth of $31.4 billion of this industry by 2021. The United States is the major player in this largest growing market of cannabis and commands over 90% of the worldwide sale.

POTN subsidiaries are as follows:

  • Diamond CBD
  • PotNetwork
  • Meds Biotech
  • First Capital Venture
  • MediPets
  • Grinders Distribution

The company has 15 well-known brands in CBD market and these are retailed through thousands of stores across the US. There are edible gummies, CBD oils, vape addictives, vape pens, pet merchandise and many more products offered by the company. The range of products is growing and the subsidiaries are very promising in their own way.

The 52-week range of POTN is $0.001 – 0.957. There was stock appreciation noted in the previous year with a drastic increase in network and sales. The further plans of the company aim at initiating revenues for becoming a fully-reporting company for enhancing the present status. The past year achievements are giving a boost to the investors to choose this marijuana stock. Sales have gone high in the previous year and the present scenario also reveals positive responsiveness. There are many new products offered by the company and many are in the queue. There are many unique aspects of the company giving a chance for growth of stock prices.

PotNetwork Holding has the entrusted team of advisors, managers, health experts and business professionals to lead the company to the top. The company is located in the State of Colorado and supplies its products all over the US. The average trading value of the stocks is 8,390,661 and it will increase in the next quarters. The recent announcement of company’s Q1 values for 2018 have been recorded as $6.3 million which is about thrice to the value of stock increase over the same period in 2017. The major growth is driven by the subsidiary Diamond CBD having successful distribution and networking of the products.

With the improvement in sales figures, the stockholders have become very optimistic about POTN and its transparency has increased among the investors for a better visibility in the market. The company also announced its objectives for aligning its corporate identity with core business objecting to become a leader in the CBD industry.

GTBP-Swing Trade

Take a look at this potential GTBP Swing Trade.

GTBP has been bouncing from the $1.90 range to the $2.30 range several times. This has been a swing trader’s wet dream!

Take a look at this chart

In the green, I circled the different buying points and selling points. In less than 1 month there have been 5 different times to flip this stock for 20% or more!  It is looking like the 6th time is setting up right now!



  • Cancer biotech stocks have a history of getting investors excited!

  • Several similar stocks have gone up thousands of percent!

  • If you can flip a stock like this and keep adding to your position after gaining 20% you can start making some serious money!

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