Day Trading

12 Mistakes that will make you awful at day trading Hey, we’ll be the first to admit it. It’s pretty easy to screw up day trading if you have no clue what you’re doing. However, there is also a lot of good that can come from becoming a good trader. So, how do you do it? First off, avoid making any of these mistakes and you will have an edge on most of the beginners just trying to figure out the stock market. 1 – Jump In Without A Price Target Here’s a quick way to tip off others that […]

bid vs ask

Bid vs Ask   The terms ‘bid’ and ‘ask’ are known as the 2-way price quotations indicating the best price at which the stocks can be sold or bought at a given point in time. The major difference between the bid and ask prices determines the liquidity of the asset. There will be better liquidity levels for the smaller spread of the values. The present stock pricing is the last traded price of the share. During the market hours, the price keeps on changing. Bid and ask are the best potential prices for the transaction of the buyers and sellers. […]

Esignal- can it help with your trading?

Esignal eSignal is a Windows-based application programmed for the traders and they use it for customized indicator building. eSignal provides real-time stock market information, streaming, analytic, and news. It gives everything for the traders in one place. Chart analysis: If you’re tired of making the charts or look at awkward charts which are not easy to understand, it is always a great option to choose eSignal. It becomes feasible to analyze the market with user-friendly and customized charts which allow you to read the stats perfectly. The application also allows the creation of charts in your own tailored way to […]

Penny Stock Newsletters- tips to finding the best ones

Tips to Pick Penny Stocks Newsletters Penny stocks are the low priced stocks with but with lot of risk involved for traders and investors. These are highly illiquid stocks with low capitalization, which result in high volatile movement in the stock price and ultimately risk the investor’s investment. Alongside huge risk in penny stocks, the stock chosen wisely they also have potential to give huge returns to investor. Sometimes, the returns can be so massive that it can double or triple the investment in just a matter of few months. The most important aspect in this is how to choose […]

Stock Charts learning some common patterns

Welcome to the Stock chart training section.   I want to make this section short and sweet. Too many people starting off in penny stocks try to over complicate everything and they end up going nowhere. For penny stocks, I prefer to use Candlestick charts. I use for a lot of charts. If I can’t find an OTC chart there then is great for charts as well. Below is a basic chart with some of key indicators listed.     Candlestick charts allow you to keep it simple with resistance and support.   In the example above I […]

How to Pick Top Penny Stocks

Trading and putting resources into penny stocks isn’t for the weak at heart. There are a bunch of duds in the market and a considerable measure of risks. However, there are considerable conceivable advantages if you made right moves. In this piece of writing, we will help you in selecting penny stocks and avoiding scams and potential losses. You Need To Know the Stock Market As the years progress, the penny stocks trading make a lot of misfortunes and have gotten a lot of negative premium. To make things worse, the penny stock world is brimming with supporters that are […]

6 Ways to avoid Penny Stock Scams

In spite of fixed exposure and reporting prerequisites for organizations recorded on the Over-the-Counter (OTC) Bulletin Board as of late, penny stock tricks keep on trapping unwary traders. In the event that you need to abstain from losing your well deserved cash to such tricks, take after these standards. 1. Conduct Extensive Due Diligence When all is said in done, financial specialists don’t invest enough energy examining a stock before purchasing. While this is a danger when purchasing a blue-chip stock on the Nasdaq or the New York Stock Exchange, it is out and out neglectful to do with penny […]

Learn how to trade penny stocks with these simple steps

Learning how to trade penny stocks Penny stocks are small companies stocks traded on stock exchange at very low price. Though penny, these stocks are risky too due to many reasons like low market capitalization, more prone to scams, chances of getting de- listed from the stock exchange and its low trading volumes  ensures high volatility in the stock price movement. Although these are risky stocks, they remain to be liked by the investors and traders for both long and short term investment. These stocks tend to move irrespective of the stock market and investor/trader believes in stock’s individual growth […]

13 Tips and Recommendations for investing in Over-the-Counter (OTC) Stocks

Tips to invest in Over-the-Counter Stocks With general U.S. securities exchanges portrayed by high unpredictability and frustrating returns, a few financial specialists may discover over-the-counter (OTC) penny stocks moderately not risky but rather more engaging than regular. OTC stocks still convey characteristically more risk than stocks exchanged on conventional, exceptionally controlled trades, yet the divergence in danger may at any rate be a bit lower than it has been before. Penny stocks, are characterized comprehensively as stocks price for fewer than five dollars, yet all the more generally considered as stocks price for not exactly a dollar a share, are […]

Penny Stocks Terms

Here is a list of basic stock market terms Reverse Split or R/S :  This is when company reduces the total number of its outstanding shares.  So if there were 100,000 shares outstanding and they reduced it to 1,000 that would be a 100-1 reverse split. The stock price then would go by 100 times. So the value you hold remains the same. Penny Stocks companies will apply reverse splits to the outstanding  shares but not to the Authorized shares. That is a huge red flag. Common Stock: This are the shares that are commonly owned and/or traded by the public […]

Online Stock Trading Strategies ? Select the Right One

Online Stock Trading Strategies ? Select the Right One Stock markets are mercurial in nature and are highly sensitive to any happening in the world whether it relates to politics, religion, finance. So dealing in stock markets using productive online stock trading strategies is a must. These strategies allow traders to understand and analyse which stocks should be purchased and when they should be sold to protect their invested dollars. There are innumerable online stock trading strategies in the market but some of them stand out from the rest. New traders are strictly advised to follow them to see the […]

Learning SEC Filings

When I ask most investors or traders what they struggle with the most it is understanding SEC filings.  You can search a company’s SEC filings by going here. SEC filings can be confusing at first but they are very important to understand. Since most people are busy and don’t have the time to read through pages after pages of filling information, it is important to find an efficient and fast way to locate important information. Here are some of the most common forms you will see and a brief description of what they are. 10-k This is comprehensive annual report […]

How to trade penny stocks?

How to trade penny stocks?   Important points to follow for trading penny stocks:   Don’t believe the success stories floated online   Penny stock investors have to make sure that they don’t believe any story, post or forum without making their personal research over the matter. You will have to understand that the penny stock stories are manipulated and unfortunately, misleads you. The profitable penny stocks with solid earnings growth are determinable with the correct company’s information and the actual stats over 52-week data. Don’t believe the tips and disclaimers Penny stock tips will appear in your newsletters, emails, […]

Instructions to Pick Top Penny Stock

Instructions to Pick Top Penny Stock There are numerous ways that individuals exchange penny stocks, however 90% of the general population loses cash exchanging penny stocks or whatever other sort of stocks. The most widely recognized motivation behind why these individuals fizzled is on the grounds that they don’t take an ideal opportunity to figure out how the business sector functions. Rather, they depend on tips from masters or companions. When they are informed that a stock is hot, they hop right in without doing any exploration all alone. To figure out how to exchange penny stocks, you should discover […]

Is Buying A Penny Stock a Good Strategy

Is Buying A Penny Stock a Good Strategy New penny stock investors frequently take a gander at a stock price and see the estimation of the organization—a stock evaluated at $100 appears as though it’s more costly than a stock valued at $10. All things considered, you can twofold your cash if the stock at $10 goes to $20 however just increase ten percent if the stock at $100 goes to $110. Isn’t that how fruitful speculators made their fortunes? Some of the time this craving for an extraordinary stock deal drives financial specialists into penny stocks, likewise called smaller […]

How to Predict a Penny Stock Is Worth Watching?

How to Predict a Penny Stock Is Worth Watching? When it comes to stock market and equities, there is couple of more hazardous investments than penny stocks trading. The shares of penny stock, which exchange under $1, are normally estimated that low for a justifiable reason. For instance, a penny stock could have a place with a once-flourishing organization that is presently on the precarious edge of insolvency, has needed to delist from the bigger trades and is currently exchanging on over-the-counter (OTC) sheets. On the other hand, it may be the case that a penny stock just barely getting […]

Instructions to Buy Penny Stocks While Avoiding Scammers and Enhancing Earnings Potential

Instructions to Buy Penny Stocks While Avoiding Scammers and Enhancing Earnings Potential Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t prefer to get in on a stock that exchanges for simple pennies yet after some time rises to stratospheric levels, bringing about increases of a huge number of dollars? That is the focal charm of penny stocks – the way that you can purchase large number of shares in any penny stock in an early-stage of organization for a generally little sum and conceivably offer those shares at a much higher cost if the organization’s arrangements succeed. The modest bunch of penny stock […]

Level II Software

  Level II Software Investing Tools Will Change The Way You Trade   Using Stock Market Level II Data To Time Your Penny Stock Trade Level II Software Investing tools use NASDAQ Level 2 Quotes to time entry and exit points for your trades. How Does Level II Data Help Me Trade? Basically, Level 1 data tells you the best Bid and Ask price of a given stock, and includes the current price per share, and volume traded. This information is fine for a snapshot of where your stock is currently trading. But to effectively judge the direction a stock […]