list of stocks

List of Stocks broken down by sector

Here is a list of different pages dedicated to certain types of stocks. Each page will also have more stocks listed on that page. We put this together to make it easy for you to easily sort through different type of stocks. Click on the linked text below to access the page. If you believe certain stocks should be added to the list please comment on the page. The more everyone can pitch in and help out the more useful information we will all have.

Marijuana Stocks – This has a list of marijuana stocks in both the OTC and those trading in countries like Canada. We also put a few of the stocks on a watch-list when we believe they could see some buying momentum. This list will include stocks that are in any way or form related to the marijuana and Cannabis industry. Make sure you scroll through the entire page. It can be a little overwhelming at first which is why we recommend bookmarking our site so you can come back another time.

Bitcoin Stocks – Crypto Currency has taken the world by storm. On the one side you have people who believe it will be a huge part of the future and others that believe it is just a fad. We put a list together of a few of the more popular crypto-currencies stocks. Please feel free to comment with any new stocks that you feel should be added.

Oil Stocks – Oil is an industry that has been around one of the longest in the stock market. The sector has had its up and downs but has always seem to recover and grow. On this page you will find a list of oil stocks and oil penny stocks. Please feel free to comment on the page with stocks you feel should be added.

Gold Stocks – Gold is another industry that has changed the world over the last several thousands of years. Today most of the worlds gold is traded and bought by India and by China but there is still huge money in gold. This list will include any companies that are related to Gold including Gold mining companies.

Sub Penny Stocks – This is a list of stocks we put together that are under .01 and under 1 billion authorized shares. This list is changing all the times so it is important to try to verify authorized shares with a transfer agent.

Biotech Stocks – This is a list of biotechnology companies. The list will include both penny stocks as well as more establish stocks. Biotech stocks are popular because of their big swings in price.

Tech Stocks – Technology stocks have become some of the most valued stocks in the world. On this page we like to focus on stocks that are still under the radar you will find a  list of several different Tech Stocks.

Food Stocks– This page has a list of food and beverage stocks. You can click on the linked stocks at the bottom to get more information on each stock.

Penny Stocks List – This list include which stocks we have on our monthly watchlist. You will find a variety of different stocks here.

Solar Stocks – This is a list of solar energy stocks. Many believe clean energy is the future. This list give some of the hottest solar stocks.


We plan on adding more types of stocks in the future. Feel free to add any that you would recommend.