Six Silver Penny Stocks To Buy

Silver and Gold turned out to be one of the better stock investments for the year 2016. After three year of losses, silver bottomed out just under $13 an ounce and from that level and it has been on the verge of a major rebound. Silver prices have been slowly surging higher than gold amid lower supplies and higher demand. The rally in silver prices is great news for silver stocks and silver mining companies, a large number of which have been battered and several mining companies were on the verge of going under. It is hard to stay in business when the price for precious metals have been so low. Obviously, the performance of silver mining stocks is directly dependent on silver prices. When silver prices go up, the mining stocks generate even higher returns than than silver prices.

There are plenty of various Silver stocks to choose from for  investors with various silver and Gold mining stocks that went for higher than $15 per share  a few years back having fallen greatly to the penny stock prices below $4 per share. There are many penny stocks with a price per share under $1 several silver mining companies with relatively low business capitalizations.

Silvercorp Metals (SVMLF)

Had a decline in revenues from 2014- 2015, but had a better year in 2016 but ended the year on a down note at $2.1 a share several market analysts had been  optimistic about the share buyback program which looks like a sign that  company fortunes have changed and the upside will continue.  Well those Analyst were correct Silvercorp now has a market value of much higher than it did in 2014-2015. Silvercorp, has a market cap (capitalization) of $644 million, and is known as  being one of the few silver mining stocks that pays its shareholders a dividend, with a decent current yield of 2.45%.

Silvercorp encountered a decrease in income in 2015, and the company’s profitability turned into losses. Since then it seems to be changing things around.

Endeavor Silver Corporation

Endeavor Silver Corp  (NYSE: $EXK), In 2016 was able to bring down its mining costs by almost 20%, lessened its obligation of debt by more than $4,000,000 and expanded income by about half in 2015. Endeavor has a set up reputation of expanding  its silver production every year. Its has a three-year  revenue growth.

With of all that in mind, the Canadian-based organization also it looking to grow their  three working mines in the country of Mexico, and a few more being developed, and just is barely seeing  a surge in its stock price and continues to trade at around $5 a share. To raise extra capital, Endeavor Silver Corp. initiated a $16.4 million rally at-the-business sector optional offering of stock at the end of 2015.

Like others silver, Endeavor seriously needs another uptrend and rally in the price of silver to help its stock price recover. EXK is one of  the small-cap mining firms, with market capitalization of  $482 million, its existing production level and nice looking reports from new projects makes it an attractive opportunity for investors.

Comstock Mining (LODE)

Comstock Mining  Inc. (NYSE: LODE) founded in 1999 with a head office in Virginia City, Nevada. Comstock Mining presently has control of around 68% of the mining claims in the sought after Comstock Lode territory. Notwithstanding digging for silver and gold, the organization additionally has a hospitality division at  the beautiful Gold Hill hotel and bar.

Comstock Mining  has centered its significant endeavors in the Lucerne Resource Area, a place where it has as of late finished work from the open cut as well as its underground silver mining. Also, the organization altogether declined production costs in the last few years.

The organization’s stock is trading at around 37 pennies per share and it has market capitalization of $66 million. The stock looks little overvalued at it currents PPS  however, its future look strong amid its falling costs and increasing silver prices.

Alexco Resource Corp. conducts mining operations and mineral exploration and development in Canada. It explores silver, lead, zinc, and gold ores. Alexco put its mine into production in 2011 when silver prices were high. The company suspended its operations in 2013 amid the business sector downturn.

By 2015, the stock had turned into an amazing stock worth purchase, exchanging from $0.30 to $0.50/share for a large portion a year ago. With production suspended and the organization anticipating higher silver prices to resume the mine, Alexco was an exemplary “optionality” play, promising exceptional leveraged gains.

Also, in 2016, the optionality play started working. With the growth in silver prices, its stock price also soared to $2.5 per share. The company’s share price has further upside potential considering the potential growth in silver prices.

Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd.

Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. is engaged with the exploration, development and acquisition of mineral properties in Mexico, with an essential spotlight on silver and zinc. Its properties include Veta Grande Mine; Exploration and assessment properties; Rosario Mine, and Corporate and others. The Company currently concentrates on its Rosario Mine, the Veta Grande Mine. The company also holds roughly four mining properties in its portfolio, the Gavilanes Project, the San Felipe Project, the Minillas Property and the El Gachi Property.

Americas Silver Corporation

in the past Scorpio Mining Corporation, is a Canadian-based silver mining organization centered in light development in precious metals from its current resource base and execution of centered accretive acquisitions. The Company possesses and works the Cosala Operations in Sinaloa, Mexico and the Galena Mine Complex in Idaho. In Sinaloa, Mexico, it owns 100% of the rights to Nuestra Senora silver-zinc-copper-lead mine.


Investing in silver mining stocks is a perfect strategy for investors to make big profits in a short period of time. Silver prices surged significantly in the last couple of months and this precious metal has the potential to make a further surge in the coming months. Therefore, buying silver mining stocks could double investment in a short period of time.

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