John Carter, who has authored Mastering the Trade, started simpler options in 2010. Simpler options is an online trading society in which John Carter and other professional traders tell their online community about the real-time market analysis, superfluity of the educational sources and actionable ideas of trade. This platform allows the traders to form trading schemes, analyze the market and then make decisions accordingly. The new traders in the stock market can learn many tricks from professional and experienced traders.

Simpler Options is a very famous online trade learning platform and the mastermind behind it is a person who has specialized in trading in options for about 25 years. John Carter also trades in stocks and futures along with options. It is not easy to trade alone when new in this business. Training is required so that the trader can take the right decisions at the right time. It helps the trader to gather confidence because that is very necessary to earn gains.

This platform is paid. There are a few packages offered to the customers based on their discretion to choose the right one amongst them. Listed below are the packages offered-

  • The Silver Package

This package is available to the customers at a price of $79 per month. The user will have the right to use trading room archive, premium nightly video and the community of options trading forum.

  • The Gold Package

Available at the price of $147 per month, the user is accessible to all the facilities stated in the Silver package with a few additions such as receiving live trader alerts through email or SMS and live chat room openness. There are some other features that can be easily used. Maximum learning comes from the chat room and it is recommended to go for the Gold package in place of the Silver one.

There are other packages too and some of them are really expensive. It depends how much money someone wants to spend on these sessions. “Ultimate Guide to Trading a Portfolio Margin Account” is the most expensive package with a time duration of 1,145 minutes and is available at the rate of $1,999. In these sessions, John explains in depth and gives strategies and the ways to implement them when using portfolio margin and also how to earn the additional benefit.

These trading sessions are basically for options trading and include interactions with highly skilled traders and also lessons from other sources such as trading books and even Mark Douglas who has authored Trading in the Zone. All this makes joining Simpler Options a worthwhile experience.

This website is for all kinds of traders, from economical to rich. The initial prices are not too high. It is a complete educational program for all those people who dream of becoming thriving traders but do not know which the right path is for them. Over and above, this is a beautiful platform to enhance one, trading skills and become a dignified and accomplished trader in less amount of time.

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