Robinhood Free stock

Robinhood free stock


Robinhood is an application that allows you to buy and sell many things, including stocks. The app is really interesting to use and perfect for small-time investors looking forward to buying a few shares of the companies without paying the brokerage charges. It is fascinating for the investors to look forward to getting the stocks without paying any fee. Robinhood even gives you a free share of the stock up to $200 and you can even earn more by referring your friends. It is a great move and you can play around with your favorite stocks in the way you want.


Everyone loves free stuff and legitimate offers always attract people. Robinhood is basically a free trading application including no fee or commission. It is good for the people who’ve been paying bucks for their stock transactions. It is feasible to buy shares, cryptocurrency, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and much more with Robinhood. There are no issues associated with these stocks and it has been very popular among the new investors. There are no account minimums and hence, you’ll not need thousands of dollars for investment. The earlier you start making investments, the better prospects will come out in the future. Robinhood app can be used on your laptop or smartphone. You can view your investments and make trades at any place.


How is it free?


The newcomers might think about why Robinhood platform is free. It could be skeptical for the newbie investors. Robinhood makes money only from the Gold account investors. This membership can enhance your buying capacity and gives other facilities too. It is similar to a margin account which allows you to borrow the money for investment. Unless you’re sure about making investments, you must not try the Gold package for investment. Robinhood pays no interest for your account balance and it is another way of making money by the company. The business model appeals to investors to date. You need to sign-up and receive your free stock by walking through the process.


How to sign up?


  • You can start up by opening Robinhood through the invite link which gives you access to the Robinhood free stock promotion. Remember, the free stock promotions are valid only on the new accounts.
  • Enter your name, email id, address and the basic information required by the company.
  • There will be verification required for your DOB and SSN. The company is absolutely safe and doesn’t share the info with any third-party. Fill up the information without any second thought in your mind.
  • Link your Robinhood account with your bank account. Don’t add any funds till you’re sure about its working.
  • Submit your information, download the application and sign in.
  • The free stocks would arrive within one day. In case, you think about selling the stocks, it will not be feasible to withdraw the money for 30 days

Robinhood accounts are liked by many investors and the promotions are very tempting. Trading stocks will teach you more than any other mode of knowing the stocks.

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Started investing in 2013 with $8,500 I turned that into 180k within a few months. Every year since I have increased the amount of money made from micro cap stocks and stock options.

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