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Rennova Health Inc.  – RNVA

Rennova Health Inc. is a vertically integrated public healthcare holding company. The company gives innovative solutions for the healthcare and associated categories. The Market Capitalization of the company is $ 4.901 M and the management is looking for the stockholders to bring the investments towards a higher level.

There is enhanced business, systems and services for supporting the better treatment procedures with cost-effective patient care and revenue streams. There are best services available for accountable, transparent, responsible and regulatory compliances. The diversified solutions offered by Rennova Health Inc. have the diagnostic laboratory testing for precise medication with the sophisticated software solutions meant for comprehensive medical billing. There is enhanced revenue cycle management with the medical billing and financial services.

Rennova Health Inc. also deals with the medical billing systems (MBC: Medical Billing Choices) for the health segment and labs. The modern methods including MBCs include the acceleration of the tasks related to insurance, claims, and collection of payments. The main focus is to maximize the profit and eliminate the extra billing costs. Rennova Health gives single-source healthcare solutions with excellence. The tremendous growth in the field of technology and healthcare has led to the demand of companies to get additive solutions for their clinical services and financial segment.

The diagnostic features are also given by Rennova Health Inc. with a high level of clinical and laboratory services. There are prescription medicines, drugs, and medication monitoring tools designed for the comprehensive clinical testing services. The medical billing solutions also make it simple and efficient to make insurance verifications. There are customer-centered workflow systems established for minimization of errors and streamlining the billing cycles in the most appropriate way. It even helps in maximizing the cash flow of the health care stream. There are simple and special applications designed for EHR (Electronic Health Records), web-based order entries and advanced LIMS (Laboratory Management System). There are information systems meant for delivering the superior outcomes in precision. The financial service solutions help in streamlining the cash flow and acquisition of the accounts receivable for the discount value.

Rennova has integrated the industry-leading diagnostics and it made an announcement for acquiring the second hospital (after closing the previous one) with eighty-five beds and acute care services. There are separate physician practices operating along with the 24- hour Emergency services department. The annual revenues for the company are approximately $15 Million. The acquisition is anticipated to complement the efficiently working hospitals located within one hour drive from the new location. The expansion of the services will probably increase the opportunity and growth for the shareholders. It is indeed a positive ray of hope for the shareholders and the new associates with the company to become a part of the Rennova Group and attain collaborated returns over the investment.

The efficient and effective patient services and superior clinical outcomes have the scope of the increased value of the company’s financial stats. The company has a 52-week range of $ 0.00 – $ 8.23 and is soon going to rise with the projective growth of medical facilities and ventures.

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