POTN-PotNetwork Holding


POTN is the ticker symbol for the company PotNetwork Holding and it is dedicated to R&D and distribution of the cannabis products along with some other verticals. The company has been working since 2004 and is selling its products all over the US. The international network of PotNetwork Holding is increasing rapidly and the company’s futuristic approach is quite lucrative.

The CEO of the company is Dr. Richard Goulding and the President is Kevin L Hagen. It is up-listed on the OTCQB and has a good marketing visibility among the investors. The company’s milestone towards the achievement of long-term strategies is always progressive in its own ways. PotNetwork Holdings focuses on the rapid growth of verticals within the global cannabis industry. According to the researchers, there is a projected growth of $31.4 billion of this industry by 2021. The United States is the major player in this largest growing market of cannabis and commands over 90% of the worldwide sale.

POTN subsidiaries are as follows:

  • Diamond CBD
  • PotNetwork
  • Meds Biotech
  • First Capital Venture
  • MediPets
  • Grinders Distribution

The company has 15 well-known brands in CBD market and these are retailed through thousands of stores across the US. There are edible gummies, CBD oils, vape addictives, vape pens, pet merchandise and many more products offered by the company. The range of products is growing and the subsidiaries are very promising in their own way.

The 52-week range of POTN is $0.001 – 0.957. There was stock appreciation noted in the previous year with a drastic increase in network and sales. The further plans of the company aim at initiating revenues for becoming a fully-reporting company for enhancing the present status. The past year achievements are giving a boost to the investors to choose this marijuana stock. Sales have gone high in the previous year and the present scenario also reveals positive responsiveness. There are many new products offered by the company and many are in the queue. There are many unique aspects of the company giving a chance for growth of stock prices.

PotNetwork Holding has the entrusted team of advisors, managers, health experts and business professionals to lead the company to the top. The company is located in the State of Colorado and supplies its products all over the US. The average trading value of the stocks is 8,390,661 and it will increase in the next quarters. The recent announcement of company’s Q1 values for 2018 have been recorded as $6.3 million which is about thrice to the value of stock increase over the same period in 2017. The major growth is driven by the subsidiary Diamond CBD having successful distribution and networking of the products.

With the improvement in sales figures, the stockholders have become very optimistic about POTN and its transparency has increased among the investors for a better visibility in the market. The company also announced its objectives for aligning its corporate identity with core business objecting to become a leader in the CBD industry.

Author: Travis

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