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Stocks posted by members of our Elite Facebook group.

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January/Feb 2018 Poll Results

We are running a poll in our elite Penny Stock traders Facebook Group. This group has over 11,000 members.

The results of the poll were:
  1. IMTV Imagination TV– This is a sub-penny stock in the marijuana niche. It is under the radar currently has low volume but is the owner of the Marijuana Better Business Bureau. This stock has a recent history huge runs that went over 1000%.  A lot of traders believe it is due for another huge breakout.
  2. GRXXF Graphite Energy Group– This is a new company in the graphite mining business. This stock had a very impressive January. Many experts believe there will be huge growth in the Graphite industry over the next 5 years.
  3. POTN PotNetwork Holdings Inc.– This marijuana stock has gone up huge in the last few months. We first mentioned it on Awesome Penny Stocks at .04 and it ran all the way up to .95
  4. LXGTF Lexington Biosciences– This company has just introduced HeartSentry a revolutionary technology for personalized measurement and monitoring of vascular health. It is currently going through the steps for FDA approval.
  5. IFXY Infrax Systems Inc.– This stock is receiving hype because they are in the process of launching an ICO.

Happy new years! It is 2018 and here are some stocks we have on our watchlist for the next few months.


Long-term/Swing plays: 

Ticker Symbol: LXGTF, Lexington Biosciences Inc. 

We still love LXGTF. We believe it will have a break out soon. We still see it going up to around $2 a share. That is just our opinion so make your own investment decision but make sure you keep an eye on the company and do a little DD on it. (Update on January 17th we bought 20,000 shares of LXGTF at the average of .414 we are looking to buy more shares in the future.)

Ticker Symbol: MCIG, Mcig Inc.

This ticker had a huge end of 2017 and for the last two days it has struggled. Looking at the chart we believe MCIG will come down and fill its gap at .175 and from there have a decent bounce.

Ticker Symbol: NMUS, Nemus Bioscience

This is a Cannabinoid-based Biopharmaceutical developer and they just reached terms with Emerald Health Services Inc. which makes cannabinoid products in Canada.  Now they have been loaned 1.4 million that is convertible at shares which matures June 30th. Also Emerald has the option to buy more shares at .10 normally when a company is willing to loan this type of money they plan on driving the price way up. We expect to see a huge market awareness campaign with NMUS which should make a nice long-term swing trade.

High risk/ High potential return lotto sub-penny stocks to watch

Ticker Symbol: IMTV, Imagination TV, INC.

This is a marijuana stock that has been under the radar lately. We have been accumulating shares of this stock in the .0002-.0003 range. This stock had huge burst in 2017. The first burst it went up 1,700% in two days. Then it came back down and the second burst it went up 3,100%.  Now this time around marijuana stocks are heating up and IMTV without most people noticing launched the Better Business Bureau for Marijuana doctors and suppliers. It can be found at and the great thing is not very many people know about that website launch yet.  With it hitting 1,700%, then hit 3,100%, what will it hit this next time 6,000%? Time will tell but we are excited about it. (Update we have started purchasing millions of shares of this stock. We believe the stock will have a significant rise in price per share and we plan on taking profits from the rise in Feb and March. )

Ticker Symbol: EMBR, Embarr Downs INC. (update went up for 400% profit! we are no longer bullish on this stock because we have not heard anything from the company on if their Press Release was real make sure you take profit if you haven’t already.

EMBR is located in California and in 2014 they announced PRs that they were working on something called Hemp fish water. Since California marijuana stocks have been so hot lately we have decided to buy a small amount of EMBR at the .0004-5 range. It only has 300 million authorized shares which is almost unheard for a stock under .001. If the company announces news like it did during marijuana stock runs in then it could be a huge gainer. We decided it is worth the risk throwing some money in and waiting to see what happens. (Update congrats to all those that took a gamble on this stock at the .0004-5 range. We got surprised with a Press Release about a reverse merger. This stock went up all the way to .0018 we will take 400% any day. Unfortunately, after looking at the Press Release we are finding people speculating that the Press Release may not have come from the company. We have tried reaching out to the company but have not had any luck.  Those that are up may want to consider taking profit. We no longer hold shares and have no intention on buying shares until we hear back from the company and have someone verify that the Press Release is legitimate and that the company does plan on doing a reverse merger.)

This is our list of penny stocks to watch for December also going into 2018.

Long-term investment/swing plays:

Ticker Symbol: LXGTF, Lexington Biosciences Inc. 

LXGTF was the winner of our poll. We have been talking about this stock since it was at .31 It is now at .47 We still believe this stock has the potential to go to $2 a share within the next six months.  The company is experiencing huge growth and they are believed to putting a lot of money into market awareness which will attract new buyers and bring the price up! LXGTF has been busy. They have just started some clinical test so they can move forward with FDA approval. Their HeartSentry technology core research was done over the last 15 years the University of California Berkeley. They have multiple pending patents as well as several issued patents. This could be one of the hottest biotech companies in 2018 and they are just barely started to gain recognition and momentum. 

High risk/ High potential return lotto sub-penny stocks to watch

Ticker Symbol: KALY, Kali, INC

Kali, Inc. is a marine management business that provides services to the $6  billion marine market. The CEO is Charles Yawn who was the formal CEO of American Leisure Holdings, Inc. while it had a huge promotion and skyrocketed. Kaly is a high-risk stock right now at .0003x.0004 we are sitting and waiting for this one to explode. We have been Accumulating shares slowly from .0004-.0006. So far we have accumulated over 10 million shares. We believe it could a pump and go into the .0035-.40 range giving us 1000% ROI off of the current position. Right now the volume is low so we are getting in before a potential pump.

Ticker symbol: MMMW,  Mass Megawatts Wind Power

MMMW is a stock that makes the list because of its low float and a low number of authorized shares. It is very rare to find a stock with under 100 million authorized shares under.01, It is even more rare to find a stock with only 67 million A/S shares hovering at a price at .004 a share. MMMW is very much under the radar. The CEO just started updated the companies facebook page. The company holds proprietary technology that allows solar energy units to increase production by 25-40%. Now 25% may not sound like a lot but when you are talking about an industry estimated to be worth over 100 billion if MMMW were used for just 10% of those companies that could save them 2.5 billion to 4 billion a year! Now going back to the tiny float and authorized shares. If MMMW taps into even a small amount of its potential the stock will skyrocket.  With the potential of saving business and clients billions in cost, it isn’t hard to imagine MMMW becoming worth 100 million as a company if not a lot more. Incredibly has MMMW had a market value of just 67 million that would mean the stock price would be at $1 a share?  Do the math if you invested 1k today in MMMW and it hits $1 a share in the next two years that would turn your 1k into over 200K.  With the popularity growth of bitcoin mining and the mining for other cryptocurrencies they are using mass amounts of electricity and other energy to power those computers, We like to think one step ahead and expect huge growth in the energy sector. That is why we have accumulated over 1 million shares of MMMW.

Ticker Symbol: ADAC, Adama Technologies Corp

This company just launched a digital currency called Cryx.  After going down 70% over the last month. It is bringing in volume and looks to be starting a bounce and an uptrend.  This is a hot sector and we feel this will make a good trade.

Ticker Symbol: BTCS  BTCS Inc.

This is a Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency stock that gets pumped and dumped. This is a great stock to flip.  Use the excitement to your advantage. Pick the right entry on these.

We are conducting a week-long poll where a group of 10,000 investors are voting on which Penny Stocks/ Micro Cap stocks are due for the biggest break out coming into 2018! You can go vote on the Facebook poll here.

So far LXGTF is running away with the lead in the poll currently!

This is our watchlist for 10/30/17 of penny stocks to watch.

Congrats to MMMW (Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc. You came in number 1!

1>MMMW–  Mass Megawatts Wind Power is a company that has been flying under the radar. They have entered the 12 billion dollar US Solar Power market. Mass Megawatts holds exclusive patent rights to the Multi-Axis Turbo system (MAT) for 11% of the global territory, with 50% territorial rights in the United States. Installed wind energy in the U.S. Market is growing by over 25% annually. This is a very low float stock and could be a stock that runs over 1000% if it starts to receive an increase in volume. 
2>LIGA– CEO stepped down just over 3 months ago. Have a Catalyst of naming new CEO. On Oct 30th they updated registration on NVSOS. Look for it to break through the 200 day MA.
3> LXGTF– This has been on our watchlist since .32 It is looking like it will run like LRTTF did which we alerted at .40 and it ran to $1.95
4>CRPGF– This is a new Marijuana stock that has a lot of backing and is starting to gather momentum. Could turn into a cult following type stock.
5>BYOC– This is another Marijuana stock that has been very strong. Watch to make sure .025 holds if it does it could shoot through .03 and beyond. 


Congrats MLER Moler International! You came in number 1 in the poll!

1>MLER- Moler International has investors excited for their Vertical Take-off and Landing aircraft the Skycar. Many people believe flying cars will be a big part of our future and Dr. Moller has been mentioned in many magazines as the expert for this technology. MLER currently has just 150 million authorized shares and is sitting at .01. It has a passionate fan base and with the right volume, this stock could explode!

2> LXGTF- Lexington Biosciences Inc. has been picking up steam and a lot of momentum lately. It is a medical device company that is developing HeartSentry which is a non-invasive diagnostic device that measures and monitors cardiovascular health. This is a new technology that many believe is the future of preemptive medical care. Currently, has shares available for just .39 a share.

3> IMTV- Imagination TV is a diverse digital media company with a growing portfolio. Imagination TV delivers integrated digital marketing solutions, as well as the latest in content marketing, video, display and mobile advertising solutions, social intelligence and reporting across all screens. This is a stock currently sitting at .0003 a share and has a history of huge runs.

4>PFWI- Petrone Worldwide, Inc. has over twenty years of dedicated sales, marketing and product development expertise within the hospitality industry; selling and distributing products into worldwide markets; acting as an import/export and master distributor for manufacturers. Today PFWI portfolio includes commercial grade tabletop selections, guest & bathroom accessory solutions, flatware, stemware and textiles.

5>BYOC- Beyond Commerce, Inc. is a Nevada corporation that operates as a holding company focusing on the acquisition of “big data” companies in the B2B Internet Marketing Technology and Services (IMT&S) space. BCI’s objective is to develop, acquire, and deploy disruptive strategic software technology and market-changing business models through acquisitions or organic growth. BCI plans to offer a cohesive global digital product and services platform to provide clients with a single point of contact for all of their IMT&S initiatives. The all-inclusive platform will result in substantial organic growth potential generated through cross-selling opportunities and future expansion possibilities for BCI and its investors. The company was formerly known as BOOMj, Inc. and changed its name to Beyond Commerce, Inc. in December 2008. Beyond Commerce, Inc. is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is a stock that filed a form D and has a lot of investors that are very excited!





We have decided to do something a little different this week for the watchlist. We have found through our years of investing that the main driving force behind penny stocks going up big is penny stock promotion and market awareness. This week we are going to put on watch stocks that we believe will be promoted. This week we are targeting stocks that we believe will be promoted to create liquidity so noteholders can dump their shares. It has come to our attention that Northbridge Financial Inc. has been successfully getting 3(a) (10) exemptions.  These exceptions allow them to have immediate access to selling shares without having to wait for the normal 6-12 month restriction.  Northbridge is believed to be run by Samuel Oshana who was doing the same thing with Rockwell Capital Partners.

Now in order for Northbridge to sell the shares, they must create liquidity in the stock. Listed below are some of the Penny Stocks that have recently given shares to Northridge as part of the 3(a)(10) exemptions.


CRE8TIVE WORKS INC (FILM) on March 14, 2017


COIN CITADEL (CCTL) on March 21, 2017

FLASR INC (FLSR) on March 28, 2017



CRE8TIVE WORKS INC (FILM) on April 4, 2017



RAADR INC (RDAR) on April 4, 2017

Those ae some of the recent ones that have been settled.  Most of them have already been pumped and dumped.

We have noticed a trend though that once they do hit the bottom they do get pumped from .0001 to usually .0005

Therefore we are putting the Following stocks on our penny stock watchlist:

GREY FOX HOLDINGS CORP (GFOX) currently at .0001

A Clean Slate, Inc. (DRWN) currently at .0001

RJD GREEN INC (RJDG) Currently at .0105 (may come lower first)

Saddle Ranch Media Inc. (SRMX) currently at .0063

Metatron Inc (MRNJ) currently at .0001

Warning these are high-risk stocks it is always difficult to tell if they have been pumped yet or not. So trade them at your own risk!

We would like to take this moment to thank our veterans and all service men and women for their heroic services! It has been 16 years since our nation suffered a great tragedy. We have not forgotten and will never forget the great sacrifices so many have made. We appreciate everything you do. remember 911

We will be updating this penny stocks watchlist page today and tomorrow with some more charts and stocks we have on our watchlist. We still own shares of LRTTF,MMMW,ORGC, and CRPGF. 

A Subpenny penny stock we believe will see a huge bounce is ETBI. Its Current share price is at .0009 it may see .0007-.0008 but could bounce hard at any time. It’s current Authorized shares at 450 million. The stock has come down huge in the last few months due to toxic financing. We believe most the toxic financing is done and this biotech company may see a huge bounce soon. We bought 300k shares at .0014 just so we had it in our portfolio to watch. We have the intent of buying millions of shares of this company. We have not been compensated for market awareness for this company. We have seen biotech stocks with 450 million authorized shares go from under .001 to over .02 many times. Once we buy we plan on taking profits along the way. Please read our disclaimer. Please make your own investment decisions.

ETBI stock

Our penny stocks to watch for August are :

 #JOEY- This stock has bounced from .40 to .80 and we believe it could see another bounce. We own around 20,000 shares of this stock at an average of .45 We think Joey could see $1 soon. So keep an eye on it and if you aren’t too scared to grab some shares. Update We exited JOEY when level 2 turned toxic. We are watching to see if things get better before we re-enter.

#LRTTF- Is still on fire. We still have all of our shares. I hope you got in at .39 when we sent out our alert. Right now the stock is at .62. We think this is another stock that could go over $1 easily, similar Lithium companies like this have gone over $4. Update we still like LRTTF we believe you could see a majority short squeeze.

#ORGC- This is a high-risk, high reward gamble.  This stock is at .0012 and only has 100 million Authorized shares. That is almost unheard of. We have seen stocks like this go up 4,000% in a week. No one has heard of it yet. It is a shell company but doesn’t be surprised if some pump group comes around and promotes it. We have seen this happen time after time. Don’t be surprised if this turns into a huge marijuana play. The company has the perfect name for it!

#MMMW This stock is another low float low Authorized shares.  50 million authorized shares. and currently under .01 you hardly ever find ones like this.

#CRPGF- This is a Marijuana play that we feel is about to make a huge Splash. It is a Canadian stock. No one has heard of it yet. Get in before the crowd that is our Moto.

Disclaimer we own shares of these stocks. We buy and sell them regularly. We have not been compensated on any of these stocks. We are taking a risk on these stocks because we understand the risk. We never risk what we can’t afford to lose in a penny stock. Everything we write is just an opinion and for entertainment value only. We make money trading stocks and finding stocks because we know what we are doing. If you are new or suck at trading you should probably start studying before you risk any money in the market. We have a free training and we have free alerts to help. We also have a chatroom and Facebook group that people participate in to help them learn.  We have a full disclaimer here.  Make your own buying and selling decisions. Always take profit along the way. You don’t go broke taking profits and you don’t make anything sitting on your hands! Good luck with your trading. Make sure you share this page and visit it frequently. We kick ass and you should too.

Penny Stock Watchlist update

We are still watching ORGC,MMMW,PFSD,LRTTF,IMTV

KNSC has done exactly what we thought it would do and has been a great one to flip. PFSD has reached our buying target at .0008 range. IMTV was at .0001 when we highlighted it and had gone up 900% and still is up big! Congrats to everyone that took advantage of that one on the watchlist! LRTTF is starting to take off. We believe it will see $1 We don’t plan on selling any shares for at least one month. ORGC and MMMW we still like. We believe they are great lotto picks that will be pumped soon. We are on fire!! Anyone that has been jumping on stocks in the watchlist has been crushing it!!!

We have NOT been COMPENSATED for our coverage of LRTTF,ORGC,IMTV,PFSD,MMMW which began on May 31st, 2017 & is expected to end on October 5th, 2017  During this time we will be publicly disseminating information about these stocks including on the Website and other media including Facebook and Twitter. We own  33,984 shares of LRTTF, 361,755 shares of  MMMW, 636,606 shares of ORGC, and 2.2 million shares of PFSD, which we purchased in the open market. We plan to sell all shares of these stocks that we hold during the time the Website and/or Facebook and Twitter Information recommends that investors or visitors to the website purchase without further notice to you. We may buy or sell additional shares of these mentioned stocks in the open market at any time, including before, during or after the Website and Information, provide public dissemination of favorable Information.

Latest Watchlist:


Here is our watch list. Everything is opinion based and for entertainment use only. Please read our disclaimer.


Stocks posted by members of our Elite Facebook group.

May 31st 2017

Congrats to everyone who made bank watching ELED go from .004 in April to .05. If you haven’t done so already it may be a good time to take your profits from that stock. We also had a nice couple day runner with HWAL! Went from .0014 all the way to .006 easy money there!!

Here is the watch list we are watching right now.

  1. ORGC this a lotto play penny stock has very little volume but has one thing that pumpers love….. An extremely low number of Authorized shares! How low? Only 100 million. We took a risk on this shell and have started loading some shares. Right now we have 1.2 million shares and we want to get more. We are big believers in getting in before the pump if possible! Now, this is a high-risk high reward play but we have seen these low Authorized shares stocks explode! ELED had 250 million authorized shares and went to .05 and ORGC has much lower than that!! How high will it go?! We have seen stocks like this go to 10 cents. So we definitely won’t complain if we see 5,000% profit! If you choose to roll the dice with this low float stock don’t be a pig. Don’t buy too many shares. The goal with these is to load slowly. Let some promoter or pump group do the dirty work for you and let them pump it all the way up. Same strategy as with what happened with ELED. Wait and be patient and profit!
  2. PFSD we took a small position of 1.3 million shares of this stock. There has big a large twitter group that has been loading between .001 to .002 range. This is one we may be able to get even cheaper in the .0007-.0008 range.  From there would not be surprised to see .003-.004 this is one we will take profits along the way. The group that we believe has been loading this usually starts taking profits when they are up around 100-200%.
  3. LRTTF This is another stock we have bought shares in. We believe they have some major advertisement and brokers that will push this stock and you could see $1 with this stock within the next 60-90 days.
  4. IMTV  This is a lotto pick. We will be trying to buy shares at .0001 if we can’t get those then we will buy at .0002 The CEO has a lot of pull the OTC world and  His shares come unrestricted in the next few months. This is a wait and see stock. Where you can put a small amount in for a few months and have a shot of turning that small amount into a large amount. Again we believe this is a few months away just one to look out for.
  5. MMMW this is a very low float stock we bought a small amount 200k shares. This has rumors of being pushed by a group. If they push it should be some easy money. Let others be the sucker buying into these penny stocks stories why we take advantage of it.
  6. KNSC there is a group of people now pushing this turd. Rumors of a merger. This is a stock you should be able to load up at .0004 and sell to the naive suckers at .0005. Take 20% profit all day long. How we do this is by sitting on the bid and at the same time selling on the ask. Let the market work for you!

If you choose to join the facebook group remember that there are a lot of pumpers in that group trying to comment with stocks they like. Use the pumpers and their effort from flipping and taken profit. Just like we did with ELED. Don’t drink the Koolaid!! These penny stocks are full of fake promises! Ride the momentum and take profit so you have some powder you can throw at some of our alerts. We are an elite group for a reason! That is because we aren’t buying into all the stories and dreams of these penny stocks. We let the gullible buy into them while we buy low  and sell high.

Penny Stocks Poll concluded for April 2017 conducted a poll over Facebook in which we asked a group over 8,000 penny stocks investors which penny stocks currently excited them the most. Forty different penny stocks received votes. Listed below are the penny stock companies that finished in the top 5.

Finishing number 1for the second poll in a row wasExeLed Holdings Inc. OTCMRKTS:ELED,

ExeLed Holdings Inc. , Has a business model in which their primary focus is on acquiring and growing companies that provide specialized LED lighting. Many investors are excited because they feel this company could blame a big role in the Marijuana industry. Marijuana stocks have seen an increase trend in volume over the last 5 years.

Coming in number is LIG Assets, Inc. OTCMRKTS:LIGA

LIG Assets, Inc, Is an investment company that invest in real estate commodities, and the oil and gas sector of the economy. Oil Stocks have seen massive growth over the last year, many investors believe the Trump administration will help boost profits for oil and gas companies that have been struggling.

Coming in 3rd is U.S. Stem Cell, Inc. OTCMRKS:USRM

U.S. Stem Cell, Inc. Has a focus on Cell Technologies that treat diseases and injuries. Biotech stocks have been popular for investors for decades now.

Coming in 4th is Liberty One Lithium Corp.OTCPK:LRTTF 

Liberty One Lithium Corp. is a fairly new penny stock. It’s focus is on Alternative energy and using the growing technology of Lithium which some experts believe will one day replace oil as a viable energy source.

Coming in 5th is 1pm Industries, INC OTCMKTS:OPMZ

1pm industries, Inc. has a focus on the selling and distribution of Medical Marijuana under Brans Von Baron Farms. This Marijuana penny stock has received a lot of hype over the past year.

Poll done from 03/10/17 to 03/14/17

We ran a poll asking our elite traders group of over 8,000 Traders which stocks they had on their watchlist and which stocks were they excited about. The Top 5 stocks are …… Drum Beat……….
  1. ELED (great job by Obi on this one, he has been talking about it since .0008)
  2. LIGA
  3. RMGX
  4. ICLD
  5. HEMP, DDDX, and MMEX tied for 5th place.

Stock Watch list: 02/13/2017

From penny stock group:








Potential bottom bouncers:



Stock watch list.  01/30/17

$eari   2017 has been a great year so far for Entertainment Arts Research. Started off the year at .0014 and got as high as .01. Right now current PPS is .007 it will need to break through resistant at .007 to be able to have a continued run. Currently it is a decent play flipping from .005 to .007. If support fails at .005 range you may want to get out and wait for $eari to come back down to .0025-.0035s for a flip.

$amrs  Amyris Inc. had a great trend going from August to Nov. where the PPS  tripled going from .31 to over 1 per share. Since then it has been on a down trend. Short term the stock needs to break through resistance at .65 if it doesn’t get through .65 you may want to consider getting out until down trend stops. In my opinion it makes a good trade at current PPS(.62) for a flip at .75 nice 15-20% profit with a decent amount of volume.

$tvog This stock looks like it is on a decent uptrend currently. Broke through the 50 day and 200 day Simple moving average. In my opinion I would try looking for the entry on the bid at .012 and see if it can break through .016. They currently have a pending name change from Turner Valley Oil and Gas to Turner Venture Group.

$kek.v  The last three months have been incredible for this stock. Went from being under $.20 to now over $1.50. This stock is traded on TSX venture exchange which is a Canadian exchange.  Kek.v will need to hold support at the 50 day simple moving average which is current at $1.50 if supports holds you should be able to flip it for a profit at $1.78

$ungs  Is a triple 0 stock. It just recently over the last two months started getting unusual high volume. UNGS has an A/S of 9 billion and O/S of over 8.1 billion which is high and really risky. The unusually is something to keep an eye on though. A lot of times these triple 000s get pumped up to start adding liquidity to the stock. A trick I have used in the past is sitting on the bid at say .0003 and having sell orders on the ask at .0004 this allows you to effortlessly make 25%. Again very high risk but looks like potential loading is going on.

$biei   This stock is currently at a make break point. Support is at .005 if that supports fails then I wait to see if support at .0035 holds before I buy. If buying picks up you want to see the stock break through .006. Nothing here is making me want to buy yet. Wait and see approach.

$asti  This stock was a Nasdaq darling. Has a great product unfortunately the company seems to want to make its money through selling shares and has been using the products as a tool to sucker in new investors. They however can’t have negative days forever so they will have bounces to sucker in new investors. Last year $asti both increased authorized shares and did a reverse split. This is a deadly combination of scam and dilution. It has a 52 week high of $2.60 a share and saw that tumble all the way down to .0014. The current PPS is now at .0034 I believe they will soon do another pump. Watch the Level 2 closely and watch for market makers hiding shares with icebergs on the ask.


other penny stock to  watch :

$innl, $sing, $icbu, $effi, $ppmh


Stocks that are potential bottom bouncers (my personal favorite)

$ecos ,$olcg ,$erhe, $jpex, $inct, $azfl, $flsr, $libe, $nvic, $aphd


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