Our New Big Triple Zero Momentum Penny Stock Play Is Eyes on the Go, Inc. (OTCBB: AXCG)

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Last year thieves made off with more than $120 billion worth of goods from various businesses across the U.S. and the FBI estimates that every 11 seconds a business is broken into. The situation is grave and business owners are scared out of their wits.

As a result of this multi-billion dollar problem companies that provide security are booming. My latest opportunity provides much needed video surveillance services to those businesses that have either had enough, or simply can’t afford to lose any more money to thieves.

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This massively undervalued play has been showing signs of life recently and traders have sent volume levels soaring.

Market valuation has revved into life and since August more than 75% have been added to the company’s 12-month low.

Gain potential of up to 488% is up for grabs and the technical indicators are pointing to a potential explosion. Needless to say if you want a piece of the action then due diligence needs to be conducted ASAP.

The countdown to profits starts right now.

My Newest Multi-Trillion “Security & Video Monitoring” Play Is…

*** Eyes on the Go, Inc. (OTCBB: AXCG) ***


AXCG Eyes on the Go, Inc. designs, implements, and provides services relating to the remote monitoring of businesses and other facilities in the United States.

AXCG customers monitor their businesses and other facilities through computers, wireless handheld devices, and television equipment using the Internet.

AXCG also offers Gander.tv, a Web site that provides online streaming video and audio images from bars, restaurants, performance spaces, and clubs to consumers.

AXCG markets its remote monitoring and Gander.tv services primarily to business owners and managers in the entertainment and hospitality industries, which comprise restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and performance spaces.

Top Investor Highlights

·        AXCG has added more than 75% to its lower support levels since August 23 and traders seem keen to add more to this ever-growing play.

·        AXCG recently recorded breakout volume of 60 million shares – a staggering 1400% increase over average volume of 4 million.

·        AXCG’s RSI is a very robust 49.71 which gives the play the perfect support for any potential upward price movement.

·        AXCG’s moving averages has seen stunning improvement from the lacklustre numbers several weeks ago. Penny Stocks The company’s 20-day MA is now up 16.67%.

·        AXCG’s recent launch of Gander.TV, a remote monitoring service for entertainment industry companies is expected to yield significant growth in revenue potential.


Global Video Surveillance Market to Grow 80% by 2017

Good news for the security industry: According to a new report from market research firm IMS Research, the global video surveillance market is expected to grow from $12.6 billion in 2012 to $23.2 billion in 2017. That’s a more than 80% increase in the next five years — and a sure sign of even more growth to come.

IMS is also forecasting network video equipment to account for 57% of the $23-billion global surveillance market by 2017. As more end users move from analog to IP and demand greater capabilities like remote access and video analytics, this figure will only continue to grow.

Meanwhile, the North American surveillance market will double by 2017, from $5 billion to $10 billion, IMS estimates. This growth is fueled in part by a burgeoning number of municipal deployments, as well as continuing growth in the education, retail, healthcare and transportation sectors.

As network video surveillance expands throughout the world, the need for reliable, cost-effective storage becomes increasingly clear.

As users grow their networks, invest in higher-resolution cameras and lengthen video retention times, “smart” storage becomes even more necessary, rather than simply adding conventional physical servers and storage. Appliances that incorporate virtualization  —yes, such as Pivot3’s — can cut a user’s power and cooling requirements by 40%, which immediately saves money and resources.

The next five years will see strong, steady growth for the video surveillance market.

As surveillance technology continues to evolve, advanced appliances such as the Pivot3 vSTAC® Watch will help to keep costs in check while also providing the most reliable and scalable storage solution for today’s security deployments.


Video Surveillance Storage Market Set to Pass $5.6 Billion by 2013

The latest data from IMS Research forecasts the world market for video surveillance storage will exceed $5.6bn in 2013. But are the days of the DVR numbered?

IT network storage, in particular IP SANs (Storage Area Networks), is at the forefront of new enterprise surveillance projects. IMS Research’s latest market research report, ‘The World Market for Enterprise and IP Storage used for Video Surveillance,’ forecasts network storage will account for over 30% of world video surveillance storage revenues in 2013.

IMS Research Market Analyst, William Rhodes suggests that “although the market is currently dominated by DVR solutions; network surveillance storage is gaining traction and is more scalable and flexible to the needs of some end-users.”

There is currently a very large installed base of DVRs being used to record surveillance footage. Some end-users will replace DVR appliances with like-for-like solutions; however, more forward looking end-users are requesting new technologies such as network storage or VSaaS. Hosted video or Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) is another area that may drive the decline of the DVR. William Rhodes comments that “The target market for VSaaS vendors is SMB or residential deployments; essentially low-camera count installations with minimal recording capabilities and little requirement for constant monitoring.

The market is currently small and nascent. However, if brought to the market in the right way and at the right time, it has the potential to disrupt the traditional DVR market.”

DVR solutions should not be ruled out, as there will continue to be a sizeable need for a locally recorded ‘plug and play solution’ particularly in low-end applications.

But as demand grows for network storage and as hosted video solutions gain traction, the traditional DVR solution is likely to be challenged in low-camera count installations.

AXCG’s dynamic approach to satisfying customer needs will be a strong asset going forward and I expect the company to compete well in this exploding space.

The combined $19 billion that is available across the video surveillance space is ample validation of AXCG’s growth potential.

Don’t let this massive opportunity pass you by, begin your research on AXCG right now.

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