Moller Skycar_ The Future of Transportation

The Future of Transportation has Arrived! Ticker Symbol: MLER

Skycars are the future. As a world, we have evolved from numerous ways of transportation ranging from walking, horseback riding, and eventually automobiles. Imagine opening your garage, putting your skycar in reverse, and taking off VTOL into the beautiful blue skies. No more traffic accidents, stop lights or stop signs, and you will not be late for your job. This once dream for everyone, is about to become a reality.

The personal automobile aviation industry is in beginning stages. Major corporations like Google, Uber, and Toyota have been working around the clock trying to become the first company to get FAA approval to bring their skycars to consumers. However, there is one company Moller International (MLER), which has been advancing skycar aviation for 35 years, has the patents and prototypes to be the leader in personal aviation. This is a new industry for investors that has not even been discovered. Everyone is always seeking that one grand slam investment, or a new sector that will have huge opportunity. Will Moller International be the next Ford, Chevrolet, or Tesla in personal aviation? Flying cars will eventually be the future of transportation, and you can be part of this journey.

Moller International (MLER), which was founded in 1983, has developed, designed, and manufactured personal vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. Moller has 4 prototype skycars that have been manufactured, and the M400 has been demonstrated in front of many investors and news networks. Besides the expierence, the main separation between Moller’s competitors are their unique Rotapower Engines. These engines are a Wankel rotary engine. The engines offer a low environmental impact in terms of noise, emissions, and fuel consumption.

A proven team of Visionaries:

When you consider what Moller has accomplished, their team is by far decades ahead of the competition.

Dr. Paul Moller- Chief Executive Officer – A true visionary who has served as the companies President since its formation. He holds a Masters in engineering and PHD from Mcgill University. In 1963, he was called upon by the University of California to spear head and form their Aeronautical Engineering program. In this program, he taught from 1963 to 1975. In 1972, he developed the SuperTrapp Industries which manufactured the most recognizable international name in high performance engine silencing systems. Dr. Paul Moller has put all of his own capital, sweat, and tears into Moller International (MLER) to make Skycars a reality for you and I.

George Stevens- Chief Engineer- Mr. Stevens has over 25 years of technical and managerial experience in developing rotary and two-stroke piston engine technologies and advanced control systems.

Mike Shanley- Director- Mr. Shanley has been a pilot since 1969, serving with the Royal Australian Air Force in Vietnam in 1971 and has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Skycar project since 1987.

Who would have thought at one time you could buy a digital coin named BITCOIN at .001, and it would be worth almost 20,000 in its lifetime? A majority of us missed that opportunity. Now we have the chance to be part of something special. Flying cars will be the future, and you can be part of this journey.


Disclaimer: The Author of this post, Scott Kaufman does own MLER shares and holds them long term as well as flips the stock for trades. His opinion should be considered bias. also owns shares of MLER and holds them as a short term swing trade.

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