May Watchlist Update

It is May! Time for a watchlist update!

OXYS– Oxysure Therapeutics, Inc. 

OXYS is is the world leader in short duration/emergency duration medical oxygen and respiratory solutions for mass market use. They are FDA approved and have a few different exclusive patents. On their Twitter @oxysure they announced they are launching and have appointed a CTO ( Chief Technology Officer), effective immediately, who worked for St Jude Medical, one of the largest Medical Device companies in the world.  This company is trading under .10 and has only has a 8.7 million share float according to OTCmarkets. If OXYS market cap grows to some of its competitors in the industry Its share price could reach $5 a share. Not bad for a stock that’s currently under .10 a share!

BKPPF Block One Capital Blok.v

BKPPF has just swapped a small mining operation for 8.9M shares (7.5%) of a major Company that plans to have 10,000 rigs in mining all currencies, owns 100% of a blockchain for Tax reporting and sitting on 10M in cash. This should be a long-term win for shareholders! BKPPF also has investments in Finzat which is a cutting-edge company focusing on using blockchain technology for Mortgages and large ownership in Shopin which is one of the most popular ICOs with already almost 50 million dollars is pre-launch sales. BKPPF is currently trading around .50


LXGTF Lexington BioSciences

LXGTF is in the process of getting FDA approval for HeartSentry, a revolutionary, simple and effective technology for personalized measurement and monitoring of vascular health to detect the potential for cardiovascular disease at its earliest stages. The device is designed to measure the function of the endothelium, the cells that line all arteries and are critical to the prevention of atherosclerosis, heart attacks and stroke. This stock is currently trading around .30

Disclaimer: We have not been compensated for the market awareness of any of these companies. We currently own shares of both OXYS Oxysure Therapeutics and LXGTF Lexington Biosciences and also plan on owning shares in Block One Capital. We are not financial advisors or giving investment advice. This watchlist is for entertainment purposes only. Penny Stocks can be risky so make your own financial decisions. Please read full disclaimer at

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