MagneGas (MNGA)

MagneGas (MNGA)

MagneGas Continues to Expand Operations

MagneGas (MNGA) reported a 43% expansion in revenue for the three months finishing June 30, 2016 versus a similar period a year ago. its solid development was because of a blend of gear deals and an expansion in our modern gas deals. On the local front, the organization marked a rent to open another office for its ESSI backup, which will be fourth such area in Florida.

In the second quarter, the organization likewise included a few new wholesalers, including a noteworthy Southeast merchant with more than 20 areas in Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Virginia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

In June, it consented to a dissemination arrangement with Berger Welding Supply of Indiana. Berger will be the favored wholesaler for MagneGas2® for metal cutting in their region and will supply MagneGas2® to a neighborhood Fortune 100 organization.

A month ago the organization reported that a worldwide car fabricating organization situated in the Midwestern United States changed to MagneGas2® as its sole fuel of decision for metal working at one of its top processing plants. The organization picked MagneGas2® to be its elite fuel and to suspend utilization of acetylene.

The organization is likewise extending along the West Coast and universally. In May it declared that Complete Welding and Cutting Supplies, Inc., with different areas in both California and Mexico, will appropriate MagneGas2® and has taken its first fuel orders. As a consequence of this new wholesaler relationship, and others as of now set up, MagneGas2® fuel is currently accessible in most real California metropolitan regions.

Another segment of its system is utilizing existing circulation channels by including new gas items. A month ago, they declared that they turned into an approved wholesaler for Global Calibration Gasses (GCG). GCG, situated in Florida, is a head provider of alignment gasses and custom claim to fame gas blends. This new association with GCG permits it to grow income potential by furnishing its current clients with GCG’s adjustment gasses and custom strength gas blends.

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