If you are looking for just a one day Pump PHGRF is not for you.


 PHGRF-Premier Health group as our top stock of November!

This is a stock that is newly listed on the US markets!


We have put together a due diligence page here.


Here is why we are so excited about the telemedicine industry…..


According to Grandview research group, the Global telemedicine industry is expected to be around 113.1 billion in 2025. It is estimated to have a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 18.3% which is huge!



We were shocked to see this huge growth potential. So we wanted to look into other publicly traded companies that were into the Telehealth sector. The company that we found that has a similar share structure to PHGRF was a company called Teladoc which goes under the ticker symbol TDOC.  Below we have posted a chart of what the stock price of TDOC has done the last 2 1/2 years they have been a publicly traded company.



As you can see by the chart above TDOC went from being under $10 a share to now almost $70 a share in just the last 2 1/2 years. What excites us the most is TDOC has nearly the same exact share structure that PHGRF has. TDOC has 69.54 million Outstanding shares and PHGRF has only 61.16 million. Now obviously PHGRF is still an early stage company and TDOC is more well-established but we think it is a great comparison to what makes this industry and sector so exciting!


“If you want to become wealthy you need to think like those who are wealthy”

 Billionaire and founder of Virgin Group Richard Branson is so confident in Telemedicine being the next big thing, that he invested millions of his own money into the sector!



Is PHGRF right for you? That is up to you to decide but we definitely recommend checking out our page dedicated to PHGRF here.

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