Kenergy Scientific Inc. KNSC

Kenergy Scientific Inc. KNSC


KNSC has broken out of its .0004-.0005 trading channel. There have been rumors for months that KNSC would become current. There has been a lot of excited investors that are happy with KNSC ownership in Hibachi. Hibachi is a Panasian Grill and Noodle Bar.



HibachiHabachi 2

This reverse merger is finally gaining traction. Volume has been up. Lots of investors are starting to believe it has a lot of promise.  Here is what some investors are saying on Twitter.

twitter KNSC

KNSC has also moved to a number #1 ranking on IHUB breakout boards.  It looks like it is picking up a lot of momentum and there is a lot of hype.  The most impressing thing about KNSC (besides it going up 100%) was its volume. It had an average volume of just 26 million over the last ten days. Today its volume has gone up 1000%.

Is the KNSC hype train just getting started? Will it have a major run? Time will tell.

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