Are Movie Theaters a thing of the past?

Who would have thought a virus would change how we entertain ourselves, which sectors to invest in, and dictate our future? Due to Covid19, we have had to change how we entertain ourselves and families during this crisis. One form of entertainment that has been around for centuries are movie theaters. Many movie theaters are still closed or practicing half of their capacity because of social distance. Publicly traded companies like AMC have seen a downward spiral of their stock price losing about 70 percent of their value. However, if we look at online entertainment such as NFLX (Netflix), we see a different story with their PPS rising tremendously because more and more consumers are buying their membership to offset their experience with movie theaters. We are always evolving, and my opinion, movie theaters are going to be a thing of the past, and online film production will be the future for investors.

We would like to spotlight an entry level company called Goliath Film and Media International (trading symbol GFMH) that could have potential in the fast and growing sector of online film production. GFMH is a sales and distribution companies that licenses quality motion pictures and digital content to service high demand niches in the entertainment industry for the purpose of domestic and international distribution as well as specifically targeted content demand. Their website is

The CEO of GFMH is Lamont Roberts, C.E.O. of Goliath Film and Media, Inc. a motion picture production company, is known for being an Executive Producer and Producer of several motion pictures. He works with content spanning multi-genre’s including drama, historical documentaries, romantic comedies, horror, suspense thrillers and science fiction. Mr. Roberts has a BSBA in Finance and an MA in Real Estate and Urban Economics from the University of Florida. 

In conclusion, this company has a phenomenal share structure. 93.1% of the OS is insider held. This means 129 million out of the 138 million OS is being held as insiders. Also, according to their filings, the company is focusing on a possible joint venture or merger soon. With a promising share structure, a joint venture or merger in the future, and a growing sector could GFMH be a huge opportunity for investors?

Disclaimer: Scott Kaufman the author of this article owns shares of GFMH Goliath Film and Media, Inc. his opinions should be considered bias. Please do your own due diligence. and Market News LLC do not own shares of GFMH and have not verified any of the information above. Please read our disclaimer here.

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