HYSR HyperSolar, Inc.

HyperSolar, Inc. (HYSR) was already looking tanned and rested..and now it’s made a breakthrough in the energy crisis.

HYSRs space-age science turns dirty water into the highest-end fuel of all, pure hydrogen.

Just a few minutes ago, they stunned the world with NEWS they’ve demonstrated the process in action!

They’ve promised a video of the entire experiment on their website. I can’t vouch for it yet though seems like too many traders had the same idea!

We suspected something special like this might be in the pipeline when HYSR finished its commercial prototype a few months ago.

Back then, HYSR surged 115% on THAT piece of news!

Now the chart is already rounding a nice curve to signal that it was done digesting that move and this new development could get the game rolling again!

So what’s all the excitement about HYSR being able to make cheap all-natural hydrogen in a plastic bag?

Things like fuel cells, power plants, and eco-friendly cars all use gobs of this stuff, but it’s murder to manufacture by conventional means.

But take another look at that plastic bag. There’s a special chemical in there that works a little like chlorophyll and yes, HYSR invented it.

Add it to water, shine a light on it, and it breaks up the water into hydrogen and cleans oxygen!

Yeah, HYSR not only makes fuel for a green world, it cleans the air at the same time.

Now don’t get stressed out that HYSR will use up all the water, either. When you burn hydrogen, it rains.

And the water doesn’t have to be fresh! Saltwater, industrial runoff, sewage in theory, HYSR can convert it all.

No wonder UC Santa Barbara is nosing around, hoping to help this technology along.

Heck, no wonder HYSR shares have been bouncing so much as traders try to figure out how much to pay!

This might be the ground floor of the future, so a penny either way isn’t huge.

And in the meantime, the ride will probably be fun, right?

There’s the bell! Get ready to trade!


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