eXeBlock Technology Corp – Is EXXBF a scam or the next big thing?

Is EXXBF- eXeBlock Technology Corp the next big thing?

Let’s first start by talking a little bit about EXXBF

EXXBF is the stock symbol for eXeBlock Technology Corp under the Candian Stock Exchange. This company deals with blockchain decentralized applications termed as DApps. The company aims at providing cost-effective, easily usable and scalable blockchain solutions for global business markets. The headquarters of the company is situated in Debert, Nova Scotia.

eXeBlock Technology Corp is a Canadian software company specializing in the decentralized applications designed with blockchain technology. The company even does customization of the Blockchain Technology services having specialized features required by specific businesses. The requirement of every business is different and eXeBlock Technology Corp. team makes sure that the features included in particular apps are of the best use for the company and its users.

There is a charity fundraising DApp created by the company and another DApp is used in the same is the software designed for the users for conversion of conventional cryptocurrency entities into applications. DApps are integrated with all the applications and other requirements. eXeBlock Technology Inc. is the subsidiary of the company and is used for the important app creations.

The market capitalization of EXXBF is $13.36 M and the 52-week low and high range is $0.195 – 1.79. With the increasing use of self-contained decentralize apps with blockchain technology, eXeBlock Technology works for the benefits of their customers from its transparent, low-cost and accurate solutions. The open source ‘Per-Pay-Use’ model is a way to generate the consistent revenue stream initiated by the third party development.

Blockchain technology development in different industrial segments has led to the need for the most valued and cost-effective plans for the companies to create their applications with blockchain technology. The expertise of the development and analysis of the requirements of a company needs to be understood by the expert technicians and managers. eXeBlock develops the blockchains meeting the anticipation of the customer. It earns revenues from the tokens which are more than 940K at the present time. The goal of the company is to develop their own DApps or Blockchain DApps for any 3rd party.

The business model of eXeBlock is its strength and it involves the DApps (partner and proprietary). There is the announcement of new proprietary options for DApps which involves the development of additive DApps. The traditional ways of conducting businesses are expected to be cost efficient and developed. The application software is serving many telecom and gaming industries in Canada. The applications created are White Label apps which are easier to use. The experienced leaders have the best skills in the industry. The founder of the company is JONATHAN BAHA’I and he has come a long way with the other experts to lead the company towards the successful way.

The present-day range of EXXBF is quite viable of getting a growth towards the higher side and the company is under the observation list of the marketers among the list of blockchain companies on the verge of getting better revenues through stocks. Strong management, transparency & cost-effective concepts are the major plus points of the company.

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