DELT – Delta Technology Holdings

Delta Technology Shares Soars

China-based Delta Technology Holdings stock multiplied in recent month’s trading. The shares, exchanged on the Nasdaq under ticker DELT, profited from news that its Q4 deals multiplied from the earlier year’s Q4 figures. DELT shut Wednesday at $0.86 and soared to $2.28 before closure the day at $1.70 on especially substantial volumes.

Delta opened up to the world on the Nasdaq in 2014. Delta Technology Holdings Limited fabricates and offers fine and claim to fame chemicals in the People’s Republic of China using green advancements. Delta Technologies gives strength concoction items to more than 380 customers around the globe.

The organization gives its items to car, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, color and shades, aviation, pottery, covering printing, clean vitality, and nourishment added substance applications.
DELT EPS have been conflicting since 2013 (- $2.21) with positive EPS in 2014 ($0.17) and 2015 ($0.22) yet negative announced EPS in 2016 (- $0.73). DELT detailed deals topped in 2015 with $202 million in announced deals however tumbled to $53.4 million in 2016. Delta Technology Holdings is not trailed by any organizations.

Delta Technology Holdings Limited exchanged with the volume of 2.83 Million in the past exchanging session. The Stock opened its session at $1.68 and shut at $1.74 by indicating increment of 7.68 percent. Delta Technology Holdings Limited has 1 year value focus of $15.13.
Delta Technology topped its 52-week high cost of $3.14 on Jul 28, 2016 and 52-Week Low Price of $0.43 on Jun 13, 2016. The Stock at present has the market capitalization of $18.41 Million, P/E (cost to profit ttm) of 0 and Weekly instability of 17.42% and month to month unpredictability of 22.03% separately.

All penny stocks are risky make sure you do your proper research.

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