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DigitalX Limited is an Australian company with its HQ in Perth and another operative office in the New York City. The company provides ICO (Initial Coin Offering) advisory services, blockchain software development and consulting services. The major focus of the company is to deliver the unique products to the worldwide segment. The company has a Market Capital of AU$ 99.57 million and the 52-week price of the stock is in the range $0.02 – 0.44.

DigitalX works in coordination with the high-end companies for optimization of the ICO launching. There are services given to the companies worldwide and the company has a positive relationship with Australia’s largest cryptocurrency group (Blockchain Global). The CEO cum MD of the company Mr. Leigh Travers is the Vice Chairman of the ADCA (Australian Digital Commerce Association). The president Neel Krishnan is another well-experienced person with experience in capital markets and designing the trading and analytics software. The strong team of the company makes it a right choice for the investors to think about investing in this blockchain segment stock with a potential to grow in the right direction.

The company has a large network of cryptocurrency investors and maintains a diverse range of investors based on the higher liquidity and safe investment levels. DigitalX currently has a network of over 50K investors and the number is growing every day. The access to high-quality investors across the Asian and Pacific regions will surely make the company generate better revenues. The credibility of public ICO documents increases the liquidity of tokens on the listing of exchanges.

There are many important requirements for Blockchain companies for their ICO, including developer support, auditing, technical guidance, and security. The direct support of the developers and management team by Blockchain Global can be gathered with the management support. There is close working of DigitalX with the Blockchain Global team to develop the best token-marketing documents and tailor the utilities according to the requirements of the companies. The company offers a wide range of development and security services for testing modules and security services for the technology-based platforms.

The investors trust the company services for their expertise in cryptocurrency trading and blockchain developments to include cryptocurrency concepts into your business. The trading software and cryptocurrency modules are made for the companies based on the software development, financial models, and business opportunities. There are customized solutions meant for the blockchain development with the usage of AirID platform. The management team and the technical teamwork coherently to work in the best way to deal with application management, conceptual ideas, cryptocurrency, commodities, currency trading and regulation of financial markets.

The company has a huge scope in the global payments industry and involves the development of applications for different segments. It has already laid consulting services to blockchain companies and developed customized solutions for retail-based consumer applications. It is analyzed that the growth of DigitalX Limited will be higher in the coming years and the company’s management will lead it towards a better status from the present.

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