Crystal Rock Holdings, Inc.,

Crystal Rock Holdings, Inc.,

Crystal Rock Holdings Continues to Expand Earnings

Crystal Rock Holdings, Inc., operating through its subsidiary Crystal Rock LLC, markets and distributes water and coffee service, office supplies, refreshment beverages and other break room items to the commercial office and at home markets throughout the Northeast.

The organization have been effectively packaging and offering water for more than 100 years. These deals consolidated with the right blend of different items sold inside its dissemination framework upheld by its way of life of esteeming every last client permits the organization to construct associations with its client base considering repeating reasonable incomes.

Its deals declined in the most recent quarter from a year ago mirror a de-accentuation of non-center items and evading product evaluating. By concentrating new deals endeavors on its center items, the organization have enhanced gross margin and are working a leaner and more proficient working structure. While its working and managerial cost diminishments have prompted noteworthy cost funds, the organization keep on placing its clients first inside its social structure of offering the business’ best in class benefit.”

For the nine month time frame finishing July 31, 2016, the company had net income of $939,000 contrasted with a net loss of $1.3 million. The net profit change of $2.3 million brought about a net income for every share of $.04 in monetary 2016 contrasted with a net loss of $.06 per partake in 2015.

Add up to deals for the nine months finishing July 31, 2016 diminished $6.5 million or 11.7% from similar period in financial 2015. Net benefit for similar periods declined 0.4% or $110,000. Net benefit as a rate of offers was 50.1% for the nine month time frame finishing July 31, 2016 contrasted with 44.4% similar period in 2015.