Should you invest in CINGF- Coinsilium Group Ltd or is it a scam?

CINGF- Coinsilium Group Ltd

With a 52-week range of $2.50-26.75, Coinsilium Group Ltd is leading towards the upper range of the graph with its persistent blockchain concept. Coinsilium is an investor, venture, and enhancer in the field of blockchain technology & the digital token finances. COIN symbol is listed in the NEX market and the company is laying its strong verticals in the ‘Foundation Technology’ termed as blockchain technology.

Now despite being volatile it does seem that CINGF is a real company trying to grow.

The company has partnered with some of the leaders in the segment. The digital assets are increasing in the trend and the token-based models are designed to play a primary role in the market. The stocks are traded on NEX Exchange Growth Market and it is a Recognized Investment Exchange. The accelerator programme of the company works within the blockchain community. They are innovators with the variable product and service guides and the new companies are driving forward to get the most reliable concepts from Coinsilium Group. The company provides excellent coders, entrepreneurs, and developers to explore their ideas and initiate the new technology in the field of Blockchain.

Mr. Eddy Travia is the CEO of the company. The company has recently made its association with Singapore registered company (PLACTAL) to provide the exclusive advisory services in their decentralized sector for the Token Generation Event. A compound of ‘Play Data is Capital’ PLACTAL is the first Dapp created on the blockchain concept by game-playing the data. It will give an allowance to the major game companies to target the game lovers and give rewards to them for sharing the gameplay data in the form of digital tokens. The gaming industry is very vast and its tech-savvy user base gives the use of virtual currency in their gaming experience.

The CEO commented that they are projecting the fastest growth for the highly transparent advertising models in various digital platforms. It will be the tough market to deal with and the company aims to get the perfect solution for reducing the issue within the market. There is ample of experience required by the programmers and technical experts in the field of mobile applications. Asia and South Korea have strong gaming community which requires the digital currency usage. It can move ahead with PLACTAL platform for the best results in terms of digital currency systems.


Coinsilium Group Limited gives the mainstream platform of blockchain technology with the products and services. The company invests in the groups associated with blockchain technology which is the latest trend of today. The blockchain is the new stream and the company has been involved in developing new ventures since the year 2014. The company completed the sale of many bitcoin platforms and has many subsidiaries giving a boost to its stock price. In comparison to the previous times, Coinsilium Group Ltd. has a huge scope of getting better market cap and share price. There are many projections of the company, including the preparation to launch the private fund for digital tokens. Blockchain technology is growing and there is a demand for technical excellence and experience which is the actual strength of the company.


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