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Crednology Holding Corp.  – COHO

Crednology Holding Corp has its headquarters in Gray, Georgia, United States. The company was founded in the year 1998 and it came up with the strategic combination of organic growth and acquisition ideas. The company seeks the global presence at the present times and brings a diversified approach for reduction of the effects of financial variations.

CORO is the parent organization of different technological streams operating in the US. This publically traded company has a presence in the sector of Information Technology. This investment specializes in the identification of the IT segment companies with talent, knowledge, expertise, and experience in leading technology-base. Crednology Holding gives financial support to the small companies and renders an exceptional support level for the experienced managing business. The scope of the company is on the positive side because the management works hard in determining the stats and giving support to the companies having a huge caliber in IT department.

The approach of COHO is to provide collaborative support and management strength in building the institutions and segments mandatory for sustained growth. Control investments are made in the IT field and developments are designed for the organizational growth. The 52-week high price of the stocks is $0.0022 and the low is $0.00010. The present scenario is quite competitive for the company and the developments are possible with the strategic mergers and acquisitions.

Cloud Computing: There is a huge scope for the company in the stream of cloud computing and management. It is the most important segment for Recycling business and electronic waste organization in the Information Technology segment. The main products and services are:

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Cloud computing and virtual environment
  • Services to corporate accounts
  • Recycle and disposal services of E-wastage
  • Data destruction services

The latest acquisition of the company was California Recycles Inc. which was done in the fourth quarter in the year 2016. This E-waste organization is State certified and operated in the long-term agreements of the collection programs and managed events with educational institutes, Local & State municipalities and the corporate entities. The company had a great reputation and had a number of associates relying on California Recycles for the electronic collection by adhering to the HIPPA and government standards.

Crednology Holding Corp. is constantly looking forward to the new business ideas and growth segments for establishing strategic relationships and growth in their field. The businesses and even the individual firms are free to contact the team with their innovative concepts and the company is ready to undertake the new projects. The market cap of the company is $2.5 Million and it is anticipated that the company will have a better growth in the upcoming years with the management of E-waste in the IT segment.

The company deals with these segments:

  • Backup solutions: Offsite storage, restoration, and online data backups
  • Cloud computing: Secured, private and reliable data cloud to save thousands of bucks for IT companies
  • Disaster recovery: These services keep your company’s data safe and secured even if any mishap occurs.


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