Cocktail Stocks

Cocktail stocks

A lot of people love cocktail stocks. These are stocks that have a great sales pitch and something that can get an average investor exciting. In a way, most penny stocks are cocktail stocks. Most are glorified sales pitches to excite naive investors. A lot of these cocktail stocks get cult-like followings and seem to go up for some time. Some of the biggest cocktail penny stocks have been marijuana stocks.  You have popular companies like MJNA, VAPE, and Hemp. TRTC was another one that seemed only to go up. These companies ended up crashing pretty hard. There were other stocks like MINE and VPOR which did well. Marijuana stocks are very easy cocktail stocks. There are a lot of people wanting to jump on the bandwagon of buying these over-hyped stocks hoping to become rich.  So what are the next cocktail stocks?

Currently, ELED seems to be turning into a cocktail stock. Bitcoin could be considered a cocktail stock by some even though it is more of a commodity.

BVTK has a ton of passionate investors despite the company continuing to sell shares. Another potential cocktail stock is HWAL. We will watch and see if it ends up getting a lot of hype over the next couple months.

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